April 9, 2018

Dear Parents,
Welcome Back! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter Break.
In Religion we will discuss the importance of “listening” as God’s gift to us. Good listening habits are a way of showing respect, love and consideration towards others. It is important that children develop this skill as part of their readiness to learn. Children will experience the benefits of listening through several listening activities.
Children are going to continue learning short vowel sounds, consonant blend sounds, clapping on syllables in words, as well as, more sight words. In Mathematics, children will continue to learn numbers 1 to 25 and identify quantities of numbers using terms like greater, less and equal.
Your children have grown in so many ways! Just think, 2 more months and this school year will be over. As always, we welcome your visits.

April 9 – 13, 2018

Religion: I Can Love
I Can Listen

Language and Literacy:
Review Alphabet letters name and sound
Vowel – a, e, i, o, u & y
Consonant blend
Sight Words (what, when, where, why)

Spring Season
Seeds and Plants

Number – Review 1 to 25
Missing Numbers
Greater, Less and Equal

Important Dates to Remember:

Monday – April 23 – Early Dismissal 2pm/After School Program Available
Thursday – April 26 – PTO Meeting 5:30pm – 7:30pm