Entries by Tera Marsha

May 21-25

A Note From Mrs. Marsha This week the students will finish up our two-digit subtraction unit. They greatly impressed me with their excitement and motivation to regroup! WOW! Although they still need guidance with this multi-step problem solving skill, they are applying their knowledge of place value and subtraction like second graders! On Friday St. […]

May 14-18

A Note From Mrs. Marsha The kids and I had a great time at the zoo, some of them knew their way around better than I! This week we will dive into double digit subtraction. The students will also be reading and summarizing the well known best friends Frog Toad. Have a great week! In […]

May 7-11

A Note From Mrs. Marsha This Tuesday the students will take MAP Math. They did so well with their reading test, I am  so proud of them! Again, please make sure they have a good breakfast and arrive to school on time! Thank you for your partnership in their school success. May is a very […]

April 30-May 4

A Note From Mrs. Marsha It’s that time of year again! Please donate to our last fundraiser of the year Midlands Gift. The online donations will begin on Tuesday, May 1st. Our goal is to have 165 donations to celebrate 165 years of St. Peter’s School! If we reach our goal we receive $3,300 bonus […]

April 23-27

A Note From Mrs. Marsha Dear Families, This week the students will end our measurement unit and begin 2-digit addition. The students will have phonics and a fluency passage homework based on the vowel pair ai and ay spelling rule. This is more difficult so please encourage them to do their best! In Class This […]

April 16-20

A Note From Mrs. Marsha Dear Families, Happy Earth week! This week the students will continue our space unit and extend further with learning about the Earth and the special gift it is from God. The students will also continue the measurement unit. Please make sure your child is being responsible for their spelling journal […]

April 9-13

A Note From Mrs. Marsha Dear Families, I hope you had a relaxing Easter break. Everyone should be well rested and ready to tackle the 4th quarter. The students will be finishing up their plant observations this week. They will begin our space unit. On Tuesday report cards will be sent home along with a […]

March 26-28

A Note From Mrs. Marsha Dear Families, As we begin holy week the students and I will continue the Easter story and discuss the greatest miracle of all, Jesus’s resurrection, Alleluia! This has connected with our plant and life cycle unit so well with the big idea being; new life. I hope you and your […]

March 19-23

A Note From Mrs. Marsha Dear Families, I enjoyed seeing the children’s excitement for St. Patrick at school on Friday and at the parade on Saturday! The students will continue our plant unit and finish up the math money unit. On Tuesday we will walk over with 2nd and 3rd grade to Rita’s Ice, what […]

March 12-16

A Note From Mrs. Marsha Families, The students will continue the Lenten journey with resurrection eggs. The 12 eggs represent each station of the cross. This week we will continue counting coins and the sneaky e with long o. The students will also begin a plant unit. Have a great week. In Class This Week […]