Principal’s Monthly News and Weekly Class Newsletters

Principal Mrs. Kathy Preston
Principal Mrs. Preston

Once a month, our Principal’s Newsletter will tell you about important events, improvements being made in the school, and updates on ongoing projects.  Please check your child’s class newsletter every week to make sure you know what is being taught week-to-week in our classrooms.  The most recent weekly Class Newsletters, K4 to 6th grade, appear below.   Please click the icon to the left of the newsletter to see the full newsletter for the week.

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Principal’s Letter

April 2017

A Note from Mrs. Preston Dear Parents and Friends of St. Peter’s Catholic School, There are so many opportunities throughout the Lenten season when we are able to teach important lessons that support character and moral development. Our students in St. Peter’s Catholic School learn about sacrificial love, putting the needs of others before themselves, […]


April 24th – 28th

                                    A Note from Mrs. Hart Dear Parents and Grandparents, I hope you enjoyed Easter Break with your little one. Our students are doing very well with following classroom procedures and rules. They’re growing in more ways than […]


April 24th-April 28th

A Note From Miss Stanford Dear Families, Welcome back!! I know your children enjoyed having last week to play and re-charge their batteries to finish off the school year as Kindergartners! I have seen so much academic growth as well as physical; the kids have sprouted over night! This week the children will be scientists […]


May 1st- May 5th

Classroom News Religion: The children will understand that Jesus rose from the dead, making new life possible. Language Arts: The children will:    Practice high frequency words: baby, begins, eight, follow, learning, until, years, young    Spelling words: (r-controlled vowel er, ir, ur) her, fern, girl, sir, stir, bird, fur, hurt, turn, third Phonics skills: […]


May 1st –May 5th

A Note From Mrs. Horabik It is hard to believe that it is already May! As we are nearing the last weeks of school please encourage your student to stay focused in class. Also please do your best to arrive on time each day . The class will be taking a field trip to the […]


April 24th – 28th

  A Note From Mrs. Phillips He is risen!!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and are feeling refreshed after a week off!  I was eager to return and begin teaching again.  With only 29 more days to learn, we have a lot to pack in to the end of third grade! In blue folders […]


May 1st-5th

Good day to all of my parents, This week should be a nice, calm, and stay-on-schedule kind of week before the flurry of activities begin the second week of May.  Therefore, we should get much accomplished. Fourth Grade This Week Reading.  What a coincidence!  The most recent Time For Kids I received to share with […]


May 1-5

A Note From Ms. Gurn On Tuesday, our biggest online fundraiser, Midlands Gives will begin! Please make a donation by going to If we get 180 different donors, our school will receive $10,000! Please make sure your child has our last novel, “Wonder” by Monday. Thank you!   Please see below for the lesson […]


May 1-5, 2017

A Note from Miss Geene I can not believe we are in May already! It seems like only yesterday I saw each student’s bright face on the first day of school. With only one month left, please keep in mind this month is going to be our busiest yet. Let’s continue to work together to […]