December 4-8

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A Note From Mrs. Roy

I can’t believe that it is already December! This week, we will be taking a field trip to the Koger Center to view “’Twas theImage result for advent Night Before Christmas.” We will then celebrate the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, which is actually one of two feast days in December in which we celebrate Mary. This will be a very a busy month, as we prepare for the birth of Jesus.

In Class This Week

Grammar: We will continue with nouns this week. There will be a quiz on Tuesday on the following topics: common and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, and irregular plural nouns. We will complete a review for this quiz in class on Monday.

Spelling: Our 14 words this week are a continuation from our list of commonly misspelled words. These are difficult, so it is important to study hard each night. Due to the field trip, our spelling test will be on Thursday. The list can be found here.

Reading: We will continue reading Holes in literature circles. We will also complete comprehension questions after every few chapters. We will focus on the characters this week. There will be a quiz on chapters 11-20 on Wednesday; students should study their comprehension question sheets to prepare.

Religion: We will continue to discuss Advent this week. To prepare for the birth of Jesus, we will focus on a different prayer each week that will accompany our morning prayer. We will also begin our study of the Beatitudes. Students will have to memorize the Beatitudes to recite to me on December 19. This will take some time to prepare for, so it’s best to do a little each night.

Science: We will continue with electricity this week, but we will focus on circuits. This can be a tricky topic, so we will be using a lot of pictures to help get a better idea of how these work.

5th Grade Grammar/Writing: In preparation for our test on Tuesday, we will finish reviewing  on Monday. Students have a practice test to work on this weekend, which we will also go over in class on Monday. Beginning Wednesday, we will start with our next writing assignment: a How-To article.

6th Grade Grammar/ Writing: Students will have a test on Tuesday on our nouns unit. We have been reviewing in class and will continue to do so on Monday. Students have a practice test to work on over the weekend. On Wednesday, we will start with our next big writing assignment: the focus will be on descriptive writing.

Important Dates & Reminders

Sunday, December 3: Advent Begins

Wednesday, December 6: Mass (Dress Uniform)

Friday, December 8: Field Trip to Koger Center

Friday, December 8: Mass (Dress Uniform)

Monday, December 11: 2pm Dismissal (After Care Available)