December 4-8

A Note From Ms. Gurn

As we begin Advent, it is a perfect time to reflect on the amazing gift of the birth of our Savior. I know the children love this time as much as I do. Each day, we will gather around our Advent wreath, read scriptures, and sing Advent hymns to prepare for Christ’s coming. See video below!


This Week In Class

Reading/Writing Workshop: This week the students will become journalist writers.I am excited about this lesson because it inspired the newspaper club to develop last year! The children will learn about the 5 W’s in article writing. They will be writing news stories about St. Peter’s, learning how to be concise and clear.

Spelling Words: The words this week come from our novel, Tuck Everlasting. They are: meadow, accessible, wander, cease, gallows, disturb, thrust, conceal, appearance, vanish, curious, dawn, intrusion, disaster, trespass, immense, twilight, cross, patience and squat. Test next Friday.

Science:  The final test on the human body will be this Thursday! Our focus this week involves the two most important organs; the heart and the brain. What parts of your brain hold your memories? How many chambers does the heart have?

Social Studies:  This week we will learn about the car industry through a study of Ford Motor Company. How did the invention of the Model T change how societies were run? We will be involved in a simulation, where students will learn what it’s like to be in an assembly line at Ford.

Theology: This week we will learn about Jesus’ parables. What is a parable? Why did Jesus choose to teach his people in this way? What is your favorite parable? See Advent video below.

4th Grade Social Studies:  This week the students will read the Mayflower Compact. What was the relationship like between the Native Americas and the settlers? We will also be finishing our Life of Pocahontas books.

6th Grade Social Studies: This week we are starting a new unit- Ancient Greece! This unit proves to be a favorite. We will learn about the first Greeks- Mycenaens and Minoans. What were the differences between these two groups?

Reminders & Important Events:

Sunday, December 3 – Advent Begins

Friday, December 8 – Field Trip (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas play)