Elizabeth Pasco

Kindergarten 4 Teacher

*B.S., University of Nuevas Caceres, Philippines

Professional Development

*Certificate of Completion: 90 Hour Early Childhood Education Course
*MSDE Certificate of Completion: Validation Process for Implementing Quality Early Childhood Education Program

17 years teaching experience, including pre-kindergarten and kindergarten, most recently Lead Teacher for 3, 4, and 5 year old children, Intelligence Refined Academy, Columbia

“My goal is to provide every child I teach with a solid foundation to enhance their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive skills, so that they are prepared to succeed in their life challenges.”

Pamela Robinson

Pamela Robinson

Kindergarten 4 Assistant

I must say it has not only been a pleasure but a blessing to have been able to work for St. Peter’s for so many years and to be so happy in what I do. My reason for being here so long is the children. I have watched them grow in love and faith through the years. It brings me so much joy when graduates come back to visit, write and call me. Nothing can replace a “thank you”, “I love you” or “I learned that in K4”. The happiness and joy that I have shared with my St. Peter’s family are irreplaceable.

Elissa Visotski

Kindergarten 5 Teacher

• B.A., University of South Carolina
• M.A., Early Childhood Education, S.C. State University (In progress)

Ms. Visotski has teaching experience from Orangeburg Prep and St. Mary Help of Christian Catholic School in Aiken, SC.

"I have recently completed courses towards my Masters of Arts in Teaching Early Childhood Education, and am thrilled to have the opportunity to focus my energy, creativity, and strong communication skills to help the 5-year-old Kindergarten students thrive and fulfill their greatest potential."

Eleanor Moore

Kindergarten 5 Assistant

*Ten years experience

"I have enjoyed working with preschool and elementary school students for the past ten years. I was fortunate to attend a Catholic school in England, where I grew up. I have had my own children graduate from St. Peter’s School. I appreciate the opportunity to work in a Catholic school where the environment promotes both spiritual and intellectual growth. I look forward to encouraging and assisting the children in all areas of their development.

Tera Marsha

Tera Marsha

First Grade Teacher

• B.A., Early Childhood Education, University of South Carolina
• M. Ed., Divergent Learning, Columbia College

Professional Development:

*Annual Faculty Retreats
*Echoes of Faith-I Believe/We Believe, Prayer & Sprituality
*National Catholic Education Association Conference, 2017
*Staff Development for Educators- Pre-K & Kindergarten Teachers
*Learning Disabilities and the Elementary School Child
*Staff Development for Educators- Fitting it All In: Balancing Academic Rigor & Children’s Needs

My faith has led me to St. Peter’s and through my Christian core values I am able to teach children not only academically, but spiritually. I have the most wonderful opportunity at St. Peter’s to support my students’ seeds of faith and help them grow with love, nurture, and guidance.

Shelli Horabik

Shelli Horabik

Second Grade Teacher

• B.A., University of South Carolina
Diocese of Charleston In- Service Retreat
Workplace Blood borne Pathogens
Leader in Me Training
SC Ready

From an early age, I knew I wanted to teach. During my fifteen years working in financial services, I had plenty of opportunity to teach clients to steward their financial resources. But always I felt something missing. I knew I really wanted to teach elementary students. I went back to school, and then worked in the Lexington School District. To work in St. Peter’s is a dream come true. Here my faith and my love of academics come together in a beautiful way.

Marie Phillips

Marie Phillips

Third Grade Teacher

B.S., Elizabethtown College

*12 years teaching experience
*USC Science 18 month Grant Study on Project Based Learning
*Several Online Catholic Religion Courses
*Diocesan Teachers’ Development Conferences
*Served on the Diocesan Social Studies Curriculum Committee
*Served on the SACS Accreditation Team
*Special Expertise:Technology

"I aim to bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and a bright smile to the classroom each day. Through a hands-on teaching method and innovative style, I create an atmosphere that is not only academically rigorous, but morally and spiritually guided to provide the best educational experience for each student."

Mary Margaret Roy

Fourth Grade Teacher

* B.A. LSU, Louisiana
*M.A., LSU, Louisiana

*Seven years experience teaching in public and parochial schools
*Certified in Special Education (Mild/Moderate)
*Glasser Institute Basic Choice Basic Theory Training
*Virginia Society for Technology in Education Conference
*Orton-Gillingham Educator Foundations Training Course, Key Learning Center
*Orton-Gillingham Bridge from Basic to Advanced Course, Key Learning Center
*Plain Talk about Reading Conference
*Leading Professional Development in Classroom Assessment for Learning, Assessment Training Institute

Allison Gurn

Allison Gurn

Fifth Grade Teacher

* B.A., Elementary Education, University of South Carolina

Professional Development:

*National Catholic Education Association Annual Conferences, 2016, 2017

*Academic Committees: Catholic Social Justice and English Language Committees
*Professional Organizations: National Science Teachers Association, Palmetto State Teachers Association),National Catholic Education Association

Special expertise: Teaching the writing process/reading-writing workshop

"My goal and commitment as a Catholic educator is to ensure a solid Catholic foundation is built and fortified every day by a challenging, positive, and creative curriculum. Each child will know they were created in the image and likeness of God, and their actions will be a reflection of that both inside and outside the classroom."

Rachel Geene

Rachel Geene

Sixth Grade Teacher

B.A., Clemson University

*Six years teaching experience
*TEC by Diocese of Charleston (5.5 hours)
*Effective Strategies, Interventions, and Resources for Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Processing Disorder
*Many Students, One Toolbox, College of Charleston
*Revelation and Tradition, St. Peter’s Church
*Campus Security
*Faculty Retreat, 3 years
*Workplace Blood-Borne Pathogens
*Identifying a Special Education Student
*Nature Based Inquiry Professional Development, USC
*Science and Technology Enrichment Program, USC
*ACE Science Curriculum, Diocese of Charleston
*NCEA Annual Conference 2016, 2017
*Academic Committee: Science Curriculum Committee
*Vacation Bible School Teacher, Corpus Christi Church, 2017
*Special Expertise:Science and Math. .

"I care for all my students immensely and I strive to always find interesting ways to immerse them in learning. I love working at St. Peter’s because I can help my students strengthen their relationship with God.:

In addition to being the 6th grade homeroom teacher, I am very excited to teach 4th, 5th, and 6th grade mathematics. It is a great privilege to share Gospel values with my students and to teach in a small, nurturing school. As the oldest continuously running Catholic school in the state, St. Peter’s has a great reputation for its strong academic program. It is also known for being a faith-filled learning environment and a truly caring community.

Monica Wyrick

Monica Wyrick


• B.A., University of Dayton, Ohio

Growing up, I attended Catholic elementary and high schools, the same schools my mother attended as a child. The Catholic school tradition runs deep in my family, and I am very grateful for the excellent education I received. Coming to St. Peter’s to teach is like returning home to the warmth and nurturing environment I experienced in Catholic schools as a child. I am grateful to “come home to St. Peter’s,” where I can share my knowledge and enthusiasm for art and encourage creativity in my students.
In addition to being a muralist and portrait artist, my background includes graphic art work in advertising and children’s book illustration. I taught children’s art for 11 years, and working with children is my most rewarding work. Married 27 years, I am the mother of three fabulous children. I think of St. Peter’s fabulous students as my “second” family!

Jennifer Priester

Jennifer Priester

Technology and After School Program Coordinator

• B.S., University of South Carolina

It is a privilege to teach at St. Peter’s and to prepare our students to use technology in their academic and adult careers. The fact that our classes are small gives our students the opportunity for lots of individual instruction. Each day, I look forward to sharing my knowledge and love of technology with our students. My goal is to create an atmosphere of excitement where students are eager to learn about the many ways technology can help them achieve.

Colleen Fennessy

Colleen Fennessy


• B.A., University of South Carolina

As the St. Peter‘s librarian, I strive to have a warm and inviting environment for reading. I want to motivate the students to read more and to have a real love for literature. I enjoy bringing the stories to life using songs, props, and movement. Knowledge is endless when library skills are sharpened. The library should be a place of excitement, imagination, peace, and discovery. My goal is to bring these elements to the library at St. Peter’s School. I have been blessed with one of the best job in the world!

Marie El-Khabbaz

Marie El-Khabbaz

Librarian’s Assistant

Working at St. Peter’s Library is a privilege for me. Now I know more about books and how important it is for the children to read. Reading keeps their brains working, expands their imagination and their knowledge,improves their vocabulary skills, and their writing skills.

Dr. Andrew Kotylo

School Choirmaster

• B.Mus., M.Mus.,and D.Mus., Jacobs School of Music, Indiana University

I have served in Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopal, and Catholic churches and cathedrals. Most recently, I was Associate Director of Music at the historic Trinity Episcopal Church on the Green in New Haven, Connecticut. There I was involved with every facet of a comprehensive music program that included the state’s oldest choir of men and boys.

As an organist, I have performed throughout the United States and in England. I have been a top prize-winner in numerous competitions, including the American Guild of Organists‘ National Young Artists Competition, the Arthur Poister Competition, the San Marino Competition, and the Ottumwa National Undergraduate Competition. I have been featured several times on American Public Media’s nationally-syndicated radio show, Pipedreams.

Dr. Wendy Valerio

Director, St. Peter’s Music Education Program

B.M. Ed., Baker University
M.M. Ed., Temple University
Ph.D. Music Ed., Temple University

As Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of the Children’s Music Development Center (CMDC) at the University of South Carolina, I teach graduate and undergraduate music education courses and conduct early childhood music development research, which has been sponsored by The Texaco Foundation, The Presser Foundation, University of South Carolina, and Temple University. Through USC CMDC, I and my graduate music education students provide weekly music education classes for children at St. Peter’s Catholic School, the Children’s Center at USC, and Music Play at USC School of Music.
My scholarly work has been featured in Journal for Research in Music Education, Learning from Young Children: Research in Early Childhood Music (Rowman & Littlefield), Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education, Musical Experience in Our Lives: Things We Learn and Meanings We Make (Rowman & Littlefield), Listen to Their Voices (Canadian Music Educators Association), The Development and Practical Application of Music Learning Theory (GIA), Music Play: Bah Bah, Bebop, Beethoven (GIA), and I co-authored Music Play (GIA), and Jump Right In: The Music Series, Kindergarten – Grade 5 (GIA).