February 12-16

A Note From Mrs. Marsha

Dear Families,

Wednesday begins the season of Lent. We will continue the spelling choice board for your child to choose an activity to practice each night with their spelling and high frequency words and should be recorded in their spelling journal. Students should keep the list of their spelling words in their folder, especially if they’re in aftercare. There will also be a leveled reader, Mystery Valentine. Your child may bring Valentine’s Day cards for their classmates. However, we will not be having a class party because of Lent falling on Wednesday as well. Instead we will focus on Ash Wednesday and Saint Valentine. 🙂  Have a great week!

In Class This Week

Religion: Ash Wednesday

Language Arts: The students will ;

Practice high frequency words: been, never, own, brown, of, very, know, out

Spelling words: match , batch, which, whip, booth, strap

Phonics skills: digraphs tch

Comprehension: sequence of events

Writing: I can write to inform

Grammar: commands

Math: Students will apply previously learned math skills in inquiry based centers

Science: Students will understand and apply the scientific method


Monday- spelling choice board, leveled reader

Tuesday- spelling choice board, leveled reader

Wednesday, 10 more 10 less 1 more 1 less number puzzles

Important Dates & Reminders

February 14- Ash Wednesday

February 16- In service, No school

February 19- President’s Day, No school