January 9, 2918

Dear Parents,

Now that we are experiencing the coldest weather of the year we will be talking about the winter season. Children will be learning about hibernation when animals such as bears, woodchucks, and other wild animals spend the winter in sleep or inactive conditions. We will discuss migration, the special journey made by birds due to seasonal changes.

During story time children will look at the cover and illustration clues to locate books that pertain to a particular topic or answer a question.

We have introduced to the K4 children the Educational Technology Apps on the iPads with Mrs. Phillips 3rd Grade Class. Once a week for 45 minutes our children have their “Tech Buddies” from the 3rd Grade class come to our room to help us go over various Language and Math computer activities using the school’s iPads. The children really enjoy this learning activity and look forward to it.

Week 18 – January 8 – 11, 2018

Religion: I Discover God’s Gift
God Gave Us Fish
I Can Share

New Year

Language and Literacy:
Story Sequencing
Identify words that rhyme.
Letter of the week- Dd
Sight Words – the, I am, at, and, are
Practice writing letters

State of Matters: Solid, Liquid and Gas

Number – 13 thirteen and 14 fourteen
Number Before and After
Identify AB – ABC – AABB – Pattern
Ordinal Numbers – First 1st, Second 2nd, Third 3rd, Fourth 4th, Fifth 5th
Color – black, white, gray and brown

Important Dates to Remember:
Friday, January 12 – In-service Day/No School – Enrichment Program
End of Second Quarter
Monday, January 15 – Martin Luther King Day/No School
Tuesday, January 16 – Start of Third Quarter
Monday, January 22 – Early Dismissal 2 pm/After School Program Available
Thursday, January 25 – PTO Meeting 5:30 pm Neglia Hall
Sunday, January 28 to February 2 – Catholic School Week

Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson