March 12-16

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A Note From Mrs. Roy

The fourth-grade students have started our curriculum with Junior Achievement. We are fortunate enough to have two students from the USC Business School coming to teach the kids. Students will learn about the various aspects of businesses, along with how business has an effect on the economy in the United States. Be sure to ask your child what he or she has learned in this program!

In Class This Week

Grammar: We have finished our unit on pronouns and have started reviewing for the test together. Our Unit 3 (pronouns) test will take place on Wednesday. We will continue to review together on Monday and Tuesday in class. I’ve also put a list of links below (of a practice website) for students to practice using pronouns.

Vocabulary: Our vocabulary words this week are pulled from our new novel Frindle. These words are pulled from the first six chapters, which we will read this week. The test will be on Friday; we will complete practice activities together throughout the week. The list can be found here.

Image result for frindleReading: Now that we have learned about the various text features within informational texts, we will be putting this knowledge into practice. Also, we will begin our new novel Frindle. Ask your child all about what this word means!

Religion: We will continue our studies of the seven Sacraments this week. We will spend more time focusing on each Sacrament, including who can receive it, the symbols, and much more.

Science: We will wrap up our unit on Light as Energy. There will be a test on Thursday. We will complete the study guide together in class.

5th Grade Grammar/Writing: Students will finish up their most recent writing assignment this week. Each child is writing a book review of his or her favorite book. We will then begin our newest unit on Adverbs; this is a fairly quick unit.

6th Grade Grammar/ Writing: We will continue with our Verbs unit. This week, we will focus on the various tenses of verbs. Because of the Washington, DC trip, we will only have class on Monday and Friday.

Important Dates & Reminders

Monday, March 19 – 2pm Dismissal (Aftercare Available)

Wednesday, March 28 – School-Wide Lenten Retreat

Thursday, March 29-Friday, April 6 – Easter Break (No School)

Pronoun Practice Websites: