March 12-16

A Note From Ms. Gurn

The fifth graders have been working so hard on their research papers. I can’t wait to begin the writing process in the computer lab.
This week, we will be taking a small field trip to Memorial Park Tuesday to see their World War II monuments. We’re very excited!

Please join St. Peter’s in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade this Saturday. We will start on Devine Street.

Join us for Stations of the Cross 11:00-11:30 this Friday in the church.

Have a blessed week. See lesson topics below.


This Week In Class

Reading/Writing Workshop: This week we will begin moving our outline to the computer. How do we create an outline format on Google Docs? Then, we will begin the writing process with our introduction paragraph.The structure of an introduction: hook, background information, thesis.

Spelling Words: The spelling words this week are words that are commonly misspelled (part 2). The words are: familiar, commitment, knowledge, privilege, separate, definitely, Wednesday, grammar, agreeable, address, accept, independence, interesting, business and embarrass.  Test this Friday!

Science:  This week we will be creating our biome shoebox project! Each child will write interesting facts about their biome and represent it using creative materials! Students will present their project at the end of the week.   Quiz on biomes Thursday.

Social Studies:  This week we will begin our new unit; the Civil Rights Movement. What caused the Civil Rights Movement? Why was Dr. Martin Luther King so effective to bring about change in America?

Theology: This week, we will learn about all of the laws and rules God has given us; The 10 Commandments, the Beatitudes, the Law of Love, etc.

4th Grade Social Studies:  The students have done an amazing job explaining what the Preamble of the Constitution means line by line. This week, we will study the Bill of Rights. In your opinion, what is the most important right? Preamble recitation: this Friday (16th).

6th Grade Social Studies: This week I will not see sixth grade Tuesday- Thursday due to the Washington, D.C. trip. When the students return, we will do a final mini project on Ancient Rome to end our unit.

Reminders & Important Events:

March 13-15- Sixth Grade Washington, D.C. Trip
March 17- St. Patrick’s Day Parade
March 19- 2:00 pm dismissal
March 21- 3rd quarter ends
March 22- 4th quarter begins
March 25- Palm Sunday
March 26- Rice Bowl collection
March 28- School Wide Lent Retreat
March 20-April 6- Easter Break/No School