May 14th – 18th

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A Note From Mrs. Phillips


Whew!  We have a packed week ahead.  Monday is a 2:00 dismissal.  Tuesday we have practice most of the day at the USC Band Hall.  Wednesday is Mass day.  Thursday evening is our spring concert.  The end of the year is in full swing and I will be sure to keep the students schedule as normal as possible, but learning flexibility is a great lesson to learn.

In class this week…

Religion: In religion this week, we will discuss Mary and the rosary.  The class will break down each mystery this week and next and create a beautiful way to remember each.

Reading: The class will continue with writing poems in our journals.  We will also continue to work on reading non-fiction text and taking notes.

Language Arts:   The students will finish adjectives this week and test later this week.  Because of the nature of this week, I have not picked a day yet, but will let you know via assignment books.  There will NOT be spelling this week due to the events.

Math:  The class will continue geometry this week and work with angles and shapes.

Science: In science the students will work on decomposers, producers, consumers, herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores.

Social Studies:  The students will continue settlers this week.  We will learn about how slavery was part of our history and how we can learn from our history.  The class will also discuss our top crops of rice and indigo.  See the video below to watch how indigo is created.


REMINDERS: and lots of them!


Monday, May 14th- 2:00 dismissal; Catholic Schools Music Concert at Cardinal Newman 6:00pm

Tuesday, May 15th- Music practice for our concert- off site at USC Band Hall

Thursday, May 17th- Spring Music Program 7:00pm USC Band Hall

Friday, May 25th- FIELD DAY!!!!

Sunday, May 27th- 11am mass for Mrs. Preston

Monday, May 28th- NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, May 30th- 6th Grade Graduation

Thursday, May 31st- K5 Graduation

Friday, June 1st- 11:30 dismissal- LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!