March Newsletter

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

I hope everyone had a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day and that some of you made it out to Scoopy Doo to get some gelato and to see the wonderful artwork done by our students that is hanging there!  If you haven’t made it yet, you can see the art at Scoopy Doo until the end of March!

ART SHOW!!!!!  Don’t forget to mark your calendars for May 9th from 4pm to 7pm for the St. Peter’s Annual Art Show at the SpringHill Suites in the Vista!  Every student will have their art on display at the art show so come and see your child’s art and see what the rest of the school has been working on too

K – 4

Our K – 4 students learned about one of my favorite artists, Pablo Picasso, and how he made some of the faces in his pictures a little abstract!  We then made our own Picasso like faces on these felt hand puppets!  They really enjoyed playing around with these cut out shapes and then coming up with a face that was just what they wanted!

We are also working on our second self portraits of the year.  We did one back in September and are doing one now too, it will be fun to see how they have changed!










K – 5

The K -5 students made these cute paper collages of their hands feeding a fish!  First they had to paint the paper blue for their water, then they had to cut out all of the shapes (I helped with the hands) and glue them down along with a little glitter for the fish food!  Fun!  We are currently working on some painterly lions and I expect that they will do a fabulous job on the lions too!


1st Grade

We finally got our clay fish back from being fired and they look great!  The students did a great job on making them very colorful and happy looking.  We even melted marbles for the eyeballs for a great effect!  We have now been learning about Vincent Van Gogh.  We are making a painted paper collage of the Van Gogh’s famous sunflower painting!  This is always one of my favorite projects of the year.  These will be done soon and I can’t wait to share them!

2nd Grade

The Second grade worked really hard on their paper mache bowls.  It took several weeks to get enough layers on them to make them strong enough to stand on their own!  They look beautiful!  We are now working on a Picasso standing face with paint, wire, cut paper and buttons!

3rd Grade

The third graders are now painting their clay elephant bodies and heads.  We will be making these into colorful and fancy Indian elephants!  They had to wait a long time for the clay to be fired so they are anxious to get working on these.  In the mean time, we learned about the jungle art of Henri Rousseau and they designed a jungle of their own.  We will be painting these jungles when the elephants are done!

4th Grade

The fourth grade students learned about the well known American artist, Norman Rockwell.  We discussed that he did the cover for the Saturday Evening Post magazine for many years and that his illustrations usually told a story about American life and were often humorous.  The students thought about a story that they might be able to tell in an illustration and they are currently working on a Saturday Evening Post cover of their own.  They are really doing a great job on these!

5th Grade

I am in love with the 5th grades Hokusai “Great Wave” paintings!  They all did an amazing job on these!  We learned about the Japanese artist Hokusai and his well known print of the Great Wave.  We gave it our own twist by using only cool colors in the water and painting the sky in all warm colors.  They are stunning!  The students are all excited to get to work on their famous American spoon people!  Thanks to those parents that have agreed to come in and help during the 5th grade art period for this project, we need a lot of hands to help the budding artists, especially with the glue gun!

6th Grade

The sixth grade got their ceramic crosses back from being fired as well and they were worth the wait!  I think they’re amazing and the students are proud of their work.  Way to go 6th grade!  To correspond with their lessons in Ms. Gurn’s class, we are learning about and making African Masks.  We are going to be “carving” them in heavy aluminum and then embellishing them for an authentic African look.

Art Club

The Wednesday art club artists are working on their own version of the famous Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh.  They have really used their imaginations to make these special!  We are also working on some smaller canvases that will hang in a unique fashion!  The Thursday class is learning about art in Peru, we did these amazing llama paintings with oil pastel and watercolors.  I love them!  Now we are working on making our own worry dolls!  Join us in April (there will only be 2 sessions) for mosaic stepping stones!



January and February

 A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

I apologize for taking so long to update my newsletter!  This one will be packed full of pictures so you can see what amazing things the children have been creating in 2017.  It always amazes me to see how much talent this school has.  I feel lucky to be a part of it all!  I have three exciting bits of news!

  1. We will once again be having our student’s art on display at Scoopy Doo Gelato Shop in Five points for the month of March!  I letter will be going home to those student’s that will have their art displayed there, but all families are encouraged to visit Scoopy Doo and see the art from St. Peter’s Catholic School gracing their walls, especially on St. Patrick’s day when the school will get a portion of their proceeds!  Look for more to come on this later!
  2. 2.  New for this year, we will also be holding a very special display of our student’s art at Portfolio Art Gallery in Five Points.  We have been asked to provide student art   to hang on one of their walls in May.  There will be an opening event for this show, look for more information to come home on this as well.
  3. The annual art show has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th at the Springhill Suites Hotel from 4 – 7pm!  Mark your calendars!

K – 4

We had fun doing some magic art by drawing snowflakes with white pastels and then they magically appeared!  Then we used potatoes  and our fingers to print these jolly little penguins on our snow storms.

In honor of Chinese New Years we make some paper lanterns with some stamped cherry blossoms on them.  They really enjoyed getting messy with this one!  We also have been working on making these watery fish bowls and then glued our paper fish.  Aren’t they cute!


In honor of the Chinese New Years, we painted a branch and then stamped some pretty pink blossoms on it, then cut it into strips to make these gorgeous paper lanterns.  So pretty!

We learned about the famous artist, Wassily Kandinski and all about how he experimented with color by painting different colors of circles next to each other. We made our own Kandinski circle paintings!  They look great hanging all together on the wall!  We are just about finished with our next project which is a paper collage fish bowl!

1st Grade

The first grade did an amazing job making their clay fish, complete with stamped scales, fins and a great big glass eye!  They glazed them and the fish are being fired this week.  We are very excited to get them back and see how they came out!

We learned about Brazilian artist Romero Britto and his famous patterns and bright colors.  We copied his style to make these Britto-esque designs on paper.  I love them!  Right now we are working on a really nice Vincent VanGogh painting.  They have really enjoyed learning about Vincent and his interesting life and art!  I’m excited to see these done too!


2nd grade

We worked really hard on our wintery self portraits and the results are amazing!  I love the hats and scarves and the detail in the faces.  Good job 2nd Grade!  We are almost done with our paper mache bowls too.  These have been a lot of work and really messy too!  They are enjoying the process and the results will be beautiful.

3rd Grade

Back in December, the third grade started our paper sculptures of roller coasters!  This was a great exercise for the imagination as they designed and created their dream roller coaster rides out of strips of colored paper, some of them look like very scary rides indeed!  They even include a little car with the student riding the ride!  These were on display in the library for the month of February!  The third grade has finished the building part of their clay Asian elephant project and as soon as they are all fired we will begin to paint them.  These are a new project for me and I can’t wait to see how they come out!  We also spent some time learning about the art of French artist Marc Chagall and his dreamlike artwork.  He is one of my very favorites!  For this project, we studied his Paris Through a Window painting.  While we are waiting for our clay to be fired, we started our next project, which is a fun imaginative drawing piece where we will be pretending to be in the jungle just like the famous artist Henri Rouseau.

4th Grade

The fourth grade worked together to make a fantastic and large Chinese Dragon for the art room!  We learned a bit about the Chinese New Year celebration and made the dragon in it’s honor! I think it’s great!  Then they each made their own smaller version of a Chinese Dragon, using folded paper, cut paper and some recycled bottle caps.  Great job 4th Grade!


5th Grade

The 5th grade combined a little bit of Language Arts class with regular Art class as we did some Alliterative Adjective Self Portraits.  They came up with an adjective to describe themselves that starts with the same letter as their name.  I think they showed great imagination and talent in these pieces!  I love them and they tell a lot about the student too!  Next, we learned about the famous Great Wave painting of the Japanese print maker Hokusai.  They are using watercolors to paint their own version of the Great Wave, but separating warm and cool colors to make the water and the sky.  I think these will be stunning!


6th Grade

It took the 6th grade many weeks to finish their self portraits because there are so many steps, but they are well worth it.  The students used a photo as an aid in creating the image of themselves and then painted it on a sheet of acetate… backwards.  This is not easy!  As a background, and on a separate piece of paper, they did a colored pencil/watercolor image of where they might like to be in 20 years!  It is really interesting to see what they are thinking about.  Fantastic job 6th grade!  We then did a quick lesson on the polish art of cut paper. Gwizady.  The sixth graders also crafted their own cross designs out of clay.  These are being fired and we will glaze them next week!  They came up with some beautiful designs for this project and I’m anxious to see the finished products!


Art Club

I January’s art club the kids had a chance to do some manual labor as they hammered the nails into painted boards for their string art designs.  These came out so beautifully!  I was so proud of them, this is not an easy project!  In February we studied the Italian art of Millifiori which is rolled and sliced clay designs.  The artists made beautiful vases with their Sculpey clay as well as a pen set!   Join us for art club in March!  The more the merrier!

December 2016

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

The first half of the year has completely flown by!  Here we are, ready for another Christmas.   I hope yours finds you safe and warm with your family, friends and loved ones.  This really is the most wonderful time of the year!  I look forward to the next half of the school year with your amazing children!


Last in K-4 week we used white oil pastels to draw some snowflakes on white paper, and then went over them with water colors making a wintery blizzard scene!  It’s like magic when the watercolor paint makes the snowflake appear!  We will be adding some chilly penguins to the scene when we return in January

We also made our very last clay color mixing monsters, mixing red and blue clay to make purple!  The purple ones were specially fun I think!



K 5

We read the Tomie Depaola book “Indian Paintbrush” and learned about painting with watercolors to make a sunset scene!  We also learned about symbols that are used by some Native American tribes.  We drew a teepee, some traditional Native Americans and put symbols on the teepee.  Then we went over it with our water colors making a beautiful sunset scene!  We are presently working on some snow men in a snow globe!



1st Grade

The first graders got all of their “Me and My Shadow” self portraits finished and they will be going up in the hall this week.  They look great.  This week we used envelopes to make an envelope city, turning each open envelope into our house on Christmas Eve!  It was fun!  We also read a book about the great American artist, Grandma Moses!  In January, we will begin a project about her.


2nd Grade

Second graders just finished up a fun project in which we learned how to draw a chameleon!  With a little guidance, each student drew their own version of a happy little chameleon on a branch.  We then used watercolors to make them very colorful, and to finish them off we gave them a ribbon tongue with a little plastic fly for a treat! (yuck)  We are now beginning to work on our wintery self portraits.


3rd Grade

The third grade is having a great time working on their roller coaster paper sculptures!  They are designing some truly terrifying rides and having a ball with this project!  As soon as we get their pictures taken, they can sit in the coasters and we will be done!  Up next for 3rd Grade is Chinese New Year dragons!


4th Grade

The fourth graders read “Nine in One, Grr! Grr!”, a traditional folktale from the Hmong people of Laos.  We  learned about the Hmong tradition of making beautiful and ornate “story cloths” to tell these folktales on.  We made our own story cloths by cutting felt to make an animal in the center, and then carving a stamp in foam and printing this stamp on the fabric all around our animal.  These are really stunning, excellent job fourth grade!


5th Grade

The 5th grade is working on our self portraits, but with a different twist!  We are using alliterative adjectives to describe ourselves, such as “Hungry Henry” or “Athletic Aiden”.  They had a lot of fun choosing an adjective for themselves, and now they are illustrating these alliterative adjectives!

6th Grade

The sixth grade is also working on their self portraits, which consist a painting of ourselves (with a little help from photos) and a background of where they might want to be 20 years from now!  These take a lot of work but are worth it!


Art Club

November Art Club was fantastic!  The older artists painted some beautiful spirit animals on a gorgeous sunset background.  I wanted to keep these for myself!  The younger artists made some fun and beautiful Indian stick games, art can be a lot of fun!  December finds our Art Clubbers making a family of owls out of pinecones and felt, also they will be bringing home some very special ornaments!  My Art Club kids have so much talent and I am always so proud of them!  Way to go!



November 2016

Happy November!  Wow, this year is zooming by!  It was wonderful to see some of you at the Auction this weekend!  The children’s art on the Christmas cards sold, so now they are all successful selling artists!  Thank you for all of your support!

K -4

The K-4 artist have been doing a variety of projects all month.  First, we made a musical little maraca that they all enjoyed very much.  We also mixed colors of clay together to make the color orange and then used our orange clay to make a fun and friendly monster!  We worked with oil pastels to make a sun face.  Next week we will use watercolors to paint a blue sky behind our sun.


K 5

The K -5 artists did a fantastic job on their self portraits!  We first talked about how to draw a person without leaving out any of the important parts!  After finishing our drawings, we made a fun rainy day background by blowing water color paint through a straw!  I just love these!  We also spent on week making some noisy maracas just for fun!

k5-group-rainy-day            k5-single-rainy-day

We read the book”The Legend of the Indian Paintbrush” and we are now working on a sunset painting with and Indian scene done in black oil pastels.  These should be done soon!

1st Grade

Our first grade just finished their “Me and My Shadow” self portraits.  I liked these so much from last year that we did them again!  I love to see what they do with lots of paint, a big piece of paper and freedom to paint what ever they want in the background!  They did a great job!  We are reading a book about Grandma Moses and will begin our project about her art after Thanksgiving!


2nd Grade

The second grade class finished their Alexander Calder standing mobile projects.  We made circus lions much like the lion that the artist Calder used in his traveling circus, the body is stable but the head and tail are balanced and move!  They are an example of kinetic art!  Great job second grade!  We are now working on our color study project by drawing and painting some fun and colorful chameleons!



3rd Grade

In the third grade we talked about how to draw faces, and that there are many ways to draw faces to show many different emotions.  The artists drew three pictures of themselves, each showing a different emotion.  They then colored in the background with colors and patterns that portray the same  emotion that the face does.  These are great fun, they really enjoyed this project.  Up next for the third grade is our 3D paper project…. roller coasters!2nd-emotions-portraits


4th Grade

Fourth graders learned about the beautiful and elegant portraits of Modigliani.  His long necks, almond eyes and tilted head are unique and graceful.  We did our self portraits in his style using chalk pastels and I think the results are stunning!  Great job 4th graders!  Now we are working with fabric and stamping to make some colorful story cloths in the tradition of the Hmong people from Vietnam.  I can’t wait to see these finished!



5th Grade

The fifth grade has been working really hard on their Aztec Calendars.  They were well worth the wait!  We learned about the origin, mystery and meaning behind the ancient Aztec Calendar. We talked about the designs on the calendar and then made our own using glue on black paper to make the outlines and then colored in the Aztec shapes with chalk pastels, learning about blending as we worked.  The center of the calendar features the sun god’s face which we did using metal tooling with sharpies. These are on display in the office if you’d like to see them!  Great job.  Next up for 5th grade is self portraits using alliterative adjectives!


6th Grade

The 6th graders are working on their self portraits.  We are doing a reverse painting of ourselves on acetate over a painting of where we think we might like to be in 20 years!  These portraits have many steps but are worth the wait!  Keep at it 6th grade, they are a talented bunch!


Art Club

October art club was great and there were some fantastic clay pieces that went home!  November was also  wonderful.  The younger artists made a fun Indian Stick Game and sewed a pouch to keep it in.  We then made a couple more games, all using sticks and creativity!  Lots of fun!  The older kids make some stunning sunset paintings with silhouettes of their Native American spirit animals on them.  Then we made some cool ornaments for the Christmas Tree!  Up next for December is an owl family with pine cones!  Join us for the fun!

October in the Art Room

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

Things are busy for everyone in the art room this October!  All students have been working on the Christmas card designs for this years set of Christmas cards.  This year we will be selling the framed art work for these cards as well as packages of cards at the Silent Auction on November 11th!  Below I have several pictures to give you a tiny sneak peek of what the cards will look like!  Come to the auction to see the real art and maybe even take it home with you!

k4-xmas-card-hint k5-and-1st-xmas-card-hint6th-grade-xmas-card-hint4-and-5-xmas-card-hint


K – 4

The K -4 class spent some time learning about the beautiful gardens of Claude Monet and how he loved to paint pictures of them.  Using colored chalk, pastels and tissue paper, we did our own version of a Monet painting, complete with lily pads!


We are also learning about how to make secondary colors out of primary colors!  We mixed red and yellow clay to make orange monsters and then gave them crazy eyes and arms and legs!  We will be doing more colors soon!k4-how-to-make-orange


K – 5

The K – 5 class spent several classes working on our wonderful paper birds that can really flap their wings when your pull their string!  First, they made patterned papers by stamping paint in primary colors and then mixing the primary colors and stamping the secondary colors.  Then they drew and cut out the birds parts and glued on  some fun feathers to top them off!

We are now working on some fun rainy day self portraits!  They are doing a great job!



1st Grade

I have to say a great big thank you to all of the grandparents, family and friends that came to help with the scarecrows on Grandparents Day!  You were all such troopers, helping the children with their ideas, stuffing the straw and making crazy hair out of yarn!  It was such fun and the scarecrows look amazing!  What a clever bunch!


The first graders also learned about the Swiss artist Paul Klee and his love of color.  We learned about his famous painting of a cat and a bird.  We then used water color paint and black ink to make our own version of the Paul Klee painting. I just love them!



2nd Grade

The second grade has been working hard on their lion sculptures done in the style of Alexander Calder!  Mr. Calder was famous for his mobiles,  but he is also well know for his traveling circus that he created and put on shows with, this circus included an amazing lion!  We are almost done and the children are excited to have these on display in the library soon!


3rd Grade

The third grade class is learning about the designs and meanings of ancient Greek vases.  We also learned about symmetry and cut out their own vase shape.  We sponge painted them to get an ancient look and then decorated them with a picture that tells a story and with Greek inspired designs.  We also learned the three main kind of columns in architecture and are making a column to put our vase on!


4th Grade

The fourth grade has finished their unit on the color wheel and have painted two complete color wheels by mixing all of the colors starting with only the three primary colors.  We decided to make these color wheels actual wheels by turning them into unicycles and designing a fun person or animal to ride the color wheel!  These are fun!  They will be on display in the library if you’d like to stop by and see them


We are now learning about the Italian artist Modigliani and his famous style of portraiture.  We are doing self portraits in the style of Modigliani!


5th Grade

The fifth grade is learning about the ancient Aztec stone calendar.  This is a beautiful carving and full of mystery.  We are using the Aztec designs to make our own calendar design using glue, chalk and metal tooling for the center.  These are a lot of work and take a long time but I think they will be worth the wait!

6th Grade

We learned about the massive and beautifully shaped Banyan trees in India.  We also learned about analogous colors on the color wheel and then combined these two lessons to make these stunning banyan tree pictures using black paint and oil pastels.


We will be starting our self portraits this week!


Art Club

In September the Art Club used all sorts of wooden shapes and their imaginations to make their own Mexican Animalitos.  These guys never fail to impress me with what they can come up with!  We had everything from a porcupine to a unicorn to a dog with a unicorn horn!  I just love to see them really stretch their imagination!  Great job Art Clubbers!


October is clay month!  Join us for art club if you want to get some extra art fun time!


A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

Welcome back to the art room!  I hope that you all had wonderful and fun filled summers and are ready for another great year at St. Peter’s Catholic School!   I spent much of my summer looking for inspiration and new ideas for projects for the students.  I miss all of my artists and am so ready to see them all again and start creating some masterpieces!

2016 classroom   2016 bulliten board

  K – 4

We will start the year off by drawing pictures of ourselves.  We will talk about all of the things that we can include in these pictures…. two arms, a nose, a neck, a smile!  When these are finished we will put them in a time capsule until the end of the year when we will draw ourselves again and see how much we have grown and changed!  After that we will be experimenting with mixing colors using clay!


K – 5

K – 5 gets to come up to the art room for art class this year!  Yay!  We will learn art room procedures and then read a great book called “The Dot”.   We will spend the next couple of weeks painting all kinds of dots with paint, we will be mixing colors and using several techniques to make our dots!  When we are done dotting lots of paper we will use these painted papers to make something really special!


1st Grade

We will start the year out with a quick cooperative art project in which the artists will work together in teams to make some beautiful floral designs.  We will talk a bit about warm and cool colors while we do this!  Then we will get into our first project, learning about the art of Paul Klee, specifically his Cat and Bird painting.  We will be making our own version of this piece!


2nd Grade

I always like to start the year out with a fun Alexander Calder project for this grade!  We will learn about Calder’s famous mobiles and stabiles and his kinetic circus!  We will then use some of his techniques to create our very own circus lion stabile!


3rd Grade

The third grade will start the year with a classic project, Greek vases!  We will learn a bit about the history of ancient Greece and the important and beautiful art that they produced.  We will paint our own vase using the designs and patterns of the ancient Greeks.  In addition, we will learn about the different types of columns and make a paper column to hold our vase!


4th Grade

The 4th grade will be studying color wheels and color theory, learning the relationship of colors to each other and making all the colors on a complete color wheel!  But to make it more fun we will make our color wheel an actual rolling wheel on a unicycle!  Who says color theory has to be boring?


5th Grade

We will start the year out by learning about the ancient Aztec calendars from Mexico, their history and significance.  We will then create our own colorful Mexican calendar using pastels and in the center some metal tooling for an authentic Mexican look.


6th Grade

We are going to start with a review of everything they know about color, and how to blend colors.  To do this, we will be making some stunning Banyan Tree drawings.  The Banyan Tree is the national tree of India and is an unusual and distinct tree, perfect for drawing!


After School Art Club

Join us for the afterschool Art Club!  This month we will be making colorful wooden animal sculptures in the style of the traditional Mexican Animalitos!  These creations are a great imagination stretcher, the sky is the limit when it comes to building these!  We will also be working a paper project from Mexico!

Grades K-5 through 2  come to Art Club on Thursdays right after school from 3:45 to 4:30 (snack provided)

Grades 4 through 6 come to Art Club on Wednesdays right after school from 3:45 to 4;30 (snack provided).

Grade 3 can come either Thursdays or Wednesdays.



  A Note From Mrs. Wyrick




Well here we are at the end of the year again.  Time really does fly.  I have enjoyed each and every one of the students at St. Peter’s this year.  It gives me great joy to see them expressing themselves in their art and I appreciate the opportunity to work with these special children.  I will miss them all over the summer and I hope that you can find some time to work a little art into your busy summer schedule.  I will be dreaming up new ideas for the kids for next year!  I hope that all of you have a happy and blessed summer!  See you in the fall!






We made a flowing windsock out of paper designed by the little artists and then they glued tissue paper streamers onto the ends to fly in the wind.  One day it was so beautiful outside that I just let them loose with a big box of colored chalk on the sidewalk at the school entrance. You might have walked on some of their art when you visited the school.  This kind of big muscle art is really good for them.  Maybe they can practice this over the summer too!


K4 windsock





K- 5


The K-5 class helped me to use us a big pile of painted paper scraps by cutting them into flower petals and creating these gorgeous standing flowers.  They looked like little Eric Carle creations!  We also had some fun making ice cream cones out of fluff paint and real ice cream sprinkles!

K 5 eric carle flowers




1st Grade

We learned about the art of David Hockney and how he painted swimming pools very realistically!  We then drew ourselves swimming in a pool and used white oil pastels and blue watercolors to make the water look really real!  We also learned about Claude Monet’s garden and did some absolutely gorgeous paintings of us in a boat with Mr. Monet at his garden in France.




1st monet in boat

1st david hockney group







2nd Grade


Flowers are popping up everywhere so we learned about radial symmetry and how it works in flowers!  We learned how to draw many different kinds of flowers and then did a big flower drawing.  And where there are flowers there are bugs so we added a great big bug (of their choosing!) under a magnifying glass!

2nd bugs w magnifying glass single


3rd Grade

Since summer is here, we learned about David Hockney, and 1960’s artist that became famous for painting people in swimming pools.  We did our own David Hockney inspired pool paintings.

3rd david hockney single


4th Grade

The fourth graders learned about the art of Salvidor Dali and his Surreal style of art.  This is a great chance to really stretch the imagination.  The students chose a photo of a dog and then put it into a surreal setting.  They were really clever!

4th surreal dogs

5th Grade

We ended the year with a real challenge for the 5th graders.  We learned about the art of M.C. Escher and his amazing tessellations.  We made our own tessellation and then tried to find an image within it to duplicate in a pattern.  They did an amazing job!

5th tessalations 2016

6th Grade

Boy am I going to miss this terrific group of students next year!  They were a really fun bunch and quite talented artists as well!  We ended their art days at St. Peter’s with a quick review of the color wheel and a little lesson in perspective to boot!  We took pictures of the artists and included them in the “color wheel vortex”!  These are really beautiful!

6th vortex


Art Club

We had our last Art Club meeting of the year!  Boo Hoo!  But they were all great artists all the way through the last class.  The younger group made some beautiful flowing jelly fish and some great glow in the dark firefly paintings!  The older kids focused on dragons by making a sculpture of a dragon.  These were really impressive!  They we worked on our drawing skills and shading by drawing a close up of a dragon eye!  And of course we all made our end of the year Art Club T-shirts!   I will miss all of my great artists over the summer!  I hope to see some of you at my summer camp at Row Gallery.

art club dragon eyes   art club jelly fish art club lightening bug



A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

It’s been a very busy Spring in the Art room!  We had our annual Art Show at the SpringHill Suites on April 13th.  Every student had their work displayed in the show.  I was so proud off the art works our children have created this year.  They are a very talented bunch and it is really amazing to see it all together.  They should all be proud of themselves.  We had great attendance at the show and I thank every single one of you that came out to share in the fun and see your child’s work!  Thanks also to those parents that helped me to take the art down at the end!  It takes a village!

art show

I have so many more projects that I still want to do and only a few weeks left!


The K-4 class had a lot of fun making these colorful and fun fish lipped  fish out of empty soda bottles!  They painted inside the bottles and then we cut them into a fish shape.  They made great big fishy eyes and fins and they are ready to hang!  We also spent one sunny art class outside drawing with sidewalk chalk to get those big muscles moving and the creativity flowing.

k4 hanging bottle fish


We learned about the beautiful national bird of India, the peacock!  We painted our own peacocks using big marshmallows & little marshmallows for the feathers and the side of our hands for the body.  I just love the colors in these!  Great job!

k5 peacocks

The kindergarten class also did a wonderful job on our foil sea turtles in the ocean.  They first drew on foil over a texture to get a great turtle texture, then they painted a lovely ocean using 3 shades of blue, then finished it with some twisted tissue paper coral.  These will make you want to head to the beach!  We are now finishing our Eric Carle style flower vases which I am very excited about!

k5 foil turtle 2

1st Grade

The first graders learned about the beautiful and colorful traditional Mexican Oaxacan painted wooden animal sculptures.  We then made our own version of these by painting our paper lizards in the Oaxacan style and making them stand up like a sculpture.

1st lizards

We also drew and used watercolor paints to make some adorable “song birds” right on some old sheet music.  I love using unusual materials to make art!   We are finishing our Monet and Me paintings, which are maybe my favorite project of theirs all year!  Then we will work on some underwater drawings in the style of David Hockney.

1st songbird

2nd Grade

The second graders learned about the art of Pablo Picasso and the difference between realistic art and abstract art.  We created parts of faces and then they chose to put theirs together to make a realistic face or an abstract face. Picasso did both styles so they were painting just  like the famous artist either way! 2nd picasso

They also worked on self portraits, done right on the pages of an old dictionary.  These are drawings of them reading their favorite book.  I think these are really great and it was really interesting to see what books they were all reading.  Right now we are working on different ways to draw flowers and making a piece of garden art with something special in it!

2nd selfies with book

3rd Grade

The third grade has been super busy, this class is full of great artists and their work is amazing.  We learned about the national bird of India, the peacock and did some outstanding oil pastel and watercolor resist drawings of the birds.  I just adore these.

3rd peacocks

The third grade also did an excellent job working with clay this year, making our little sitting birds.  They made a pinch pot shape for the body, added some eyes, wings and a beak and then painted their own funky bird.  After they were fired they beaded some wire for the legs and gave them a fun feather topper!  I just love these!  We also  finished with our chalk Book Worm drawings on dictionary pages.  I love to use different things to draw on to keep them on their toes!  We are currently working on some 3-D cut and folded paper fish!

3rd clay birds3rd bookworms

4th Grade

The fourth graders learned about the Indian tradition of the painted elephants.  We talked about different ways to draw elephants and then drew and painted our own painted elephants in the Indian tradition.  We are now learning about the art of Salvidor Dali and his Surrealistic style of painting.  We are making our own surrealistic drawings which include some cute puppies!

4th elephants

5th Grade

Once again our 5th graders did a smash up job on their Famous American figures.  Each student chose a famous American to make from soda bottles, wooden spoons and all sorts of odds and ends.  I never cease to be amazed by the clever ideas they come up with to create the things  they need for their figure.  Excellent work 5th grade!  We are presently working on our tessellations and learning about the art of M.C. Escher.  They are having fun with these even if it is a bit tricky to figure out how the tessellation works!

5th spoon people more5th more spoon people5th spoon people

6th Grade

The 6th graders really wanted to continue what they were learning in Social Studies about Greeks masks so it seemed like a natural to make that the theme for our clay project this year!  I have to say that I was really impressed with both their enthusiasm for this project and for the results!  We looked at many different style of Greek masks and then the students created their own.  After they were fired the students aged them using bronze paint.  We also finished our Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.  This project took many weeks to complete because there were multiple steps, they were well worth the wait and I think the students were really proud of their work.  We also got all of our shirt tie dyed and ready for Field Day!  I hope everyone’s fingers have returned to their normal colors by now!

6th greek masks    6th egypt

Art Club

March Art Club was full of fluffy white stuffing and a little sewing that created a whole gang of cheerful and fuzzy monsters!  I think the kids had a great time making their monster pillows.

art club monster pillows

April brought flowers, of the handmade clay and button variety!  We also repurposed some old classroom beakers into beautifully painted vases!

art club clay flowers



February 2016

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

Well spring is almost here and I hope you are enjoying the warmer days as much as I am!  Warmer days mean that it’s a great time to have some ice cream, or maybe even some Gelato!  Please stop in at Scoopy Doo Gelato Shop in Five Points to see our St. Peter’s  student art work that is on display there for the entire month of March.  What an honor for our students to have their art on display for the whole city to enjoy!

Please remember that the annual school Art Show will be held on April 13th at the Spring Hill Suites from 4 – 7pm.  Please plan to come and see what our students have been working on all year!

K -4

The K-4 class did a super job on their under water fish scenes!  We colored the background with markers and then squirted water and watched as the colors bled into a beautiful ocean scene!  They we made fish out of paper and let them swim in the ocean.  What happy little fish!  We also have been working on a special clay project!

K4 fish bowls

K – 5

We learned about the colorful art of Wassily Kandinsky in the K – 5 classroom!  His circle paintings are well know, so we did our own versions of the Kandinsky circles by making them into these beautiful trees!  They water colored the backgrounds and stamped metallic gold paint to continue the circles into the background.  Gorgeous!

K5 kandinsky

We also talked about symmetry and made these beautiful symmetrical butterflies!

K5 reflection butterflies

1st Grade

The first graders learned about reflection and symmetry in this drawing lesson.  They designed their own cities full of playgrounds, banks, toy stores and even castles!  They then colored them in markers, wet the other half of the paper and saw a reflection of their city as the markers bled to the other side.  They thought this was very cool!  We are now working on a clay project!  Clay is always so much fun!

1st grade city reflections

2nd Grade

We have finished our paper mache bowls and they are stunning!  The students used real bowls as a mold and patiently  layered small pieces of colored paper and paste to create these beautiful and surprisingly sturdy bowls!  They also made clay feet on the bowls to keep them steady.  We are now learning about the work of Pablo Picasso and working on some Picasso style portraits.

2nd grade bowls

3rd Grade

After painting our flower design, the third graders  learned how to weave using colorful yarns and made a center for their beautiful flowers!  These always brighten up a room and they did a great job.  We have also started our clay projects, which they are quite excited about!  We are now waiting for these projects to be fired.  While we wait, we are working on some oil pastel peacocks!

3rd weaving

4th Grade

The fourth graders had a chance to use their imaginations during our recycled robot project.  The back table was covered with all sorts of odd materials, tin cans, keys, bottle caps, screws, washers, old tapes etc….   Their job was to create a robot out of this pile of junk.  They had to have a function in mind and reasons making it the way they did.  If you get a chance, please come in and see these creative masterpieces on display in the library.  Each student has also written a card about what their robot does and how it works!  I only wish they could really do all of the amazing things the kids created them to do!  We are now working on a foam stamp design!

4th grade robots 4th grade robot single

5th Grade

We celebrated Mardi Gras and learned about the tradition in the 5th grade!  We made our own Mardi Gras masks and even had a King Cake to celebrate with!  We are now working on our Famous American wooden spoon/plastic bottle sculptures.  I am so happy to have the help of some of our fantastic parents with this project.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming in to help our students make the most of their creative ideas!

5th grade mardi gras masks better 5th grade class with masks

6th Grade

The sixth graders have been working really hard on their Egyptian God/Goddess project.  First they drew their chosen God/Goddess and painted it.  Then they made a foam stamp of an Egyptian symbol and stamped a background.  Now we are working on the frame which is made of heavy gauge aluminum.  They are tooling it with hieroglyphics and other designs and then we will age the metal.  I can’t wait to see these all finished!  They are really doing a wonderful job on this difficult project!

6th grade egypt

Art Club

In February Art Club we played around with wire, using it to create some amazing sculptures.  We learned about Alexander Calder and how he used wire to make the first mobile style pieces of art.  These children never fail to amaze me!  The younger club combined wire with clay to make some fun insects and the older club used only wire to make their masterpieces.  In March we are making ugly monster pillows!

art club bug sculpturesart club wire cat sculpture

January 2016

   A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

Greetings to everyone from the art room! We have been busy this new year and I am excited to share the students newest works with you. But first I want to let everyone know that the ART SHOW has been scheduled! It will be held on Wednesday, April 13th from 4pm- 7pm at the SpringHill Suites on Lady street in the Vista. I hope everyone is able to come by and see all of the art that our St. Peter’s students have been working on all year!


One of my favorite projects to do with the K-4’s is self portraits, and they did a great job as always. This year, I also asked them to do their very best job writing their name and them combined the two to really capture themselves as they are right now. I think they’re adorable.

K4 self portraits

We also had a lot of fun blowing watercolor paint through a straw and then making scary monsters out of the paintings. YIKES!

K4 blow paint monsters

We are now working on some large painted paper flowers and are about to begin a clay project!


We learned about American artist Georgia O’Keefe and the beautiful flowers she was famous for painting. We then learned about painting in a “painterly style” and painted these stunning big poppy flowers. They did an amazing job on these!

K5 Poppies

We are now learning about symmetry and making beautiful “reflection butterflies and then we will be learning about the art of Wassily Kandinsky.

First Grade

The first graders did a great job on their “Me and My Shadow” self portraits. They painted a gorgeous free style background for their portrait and a little shadow sets them off beautifully.  I love these!

1st self portrait sammy   1st self portraits group

And since it’s been so cold outside, we drew some darling polar bears in the snow using chalk and charcoal. Brrrrr!

1st polar bears

The students are very excited because the clay has arrived and we have begun to work on our clay turtles!

Second Grade

The second graders learned about icons created throughout history, specifically the icons of our patron saints that have been painted on wood. We learned about the symbols used in these icons that represented each saint. The students chose one saint to make their own icon of and included that symbol for their saint. The results were great!

2nd Icons

We are now nearly finished with our paper mache bowls and then we will begin our Picasso inspired self portraits.

Third Grade

The third grade did a really amazing job on their line drawings of St. Peter’s Church! I was so impressed by how hard they worked on these and the focus they showed while working. It really payed off in the results! These are one of my favorite projects this year!

3rd St Peters Church    3rd st peters chruch single

We are finishing up our weaving project and will begin clay soon!

Fourth Grade

One of my favorite winter visuals is the Aurora Borealis!  I’d love to see the real thing one day, but for now, I am happy looking at the beautiful chalk on black paper versions that the 4th grade made!  They are beautiful, and check out the one below that shows the titanic approaching an iceberg!

4th aurora harrison

4th aurora borealis

The 4th grade is nearly finished with their robot sculptures which have been a real exercise in creativity. This class has lots of that to go around and I’m excited to show you the finished robots!

Fifth Grade

The fifth graders finished their self portraits and they are great reflections of each individual!  First the students created a beautiful background using staining tissue paper, then they drew themselves with ink in the center.  They got some help from all of their classmates for the last part, when each student wrote something that they admire about the other students on a slip of paper.  These became the collage background for the portrait!  We are now finishing up our Mardi Gras Masks and then we will begin work on a fun Mona Lisa Project!

5th self portraits

Sixth Grade

We finished our self portraits and they are a great way to learn about our students!  The sixth graders painted themselves on a sheet of clear acetate using acrylic paints. They then made a background in colored pencil that shows where they would like to be and what they would like to be doing  in 20 years.   These students are going to be all over the world!  We are now working on an Egyptian God and Goddess project!

6th self portrait madison6th self portraits cliff



Art Club

In January we learned about the art of American artist Jackson Pollock.  We painted in his style and turned our art into a functioning clock!  February will bring wire sculptures to Art Club!  Join us!

art club clock