March 19th – 23rd

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A Note From Mrs. Phillips

It was great seeing so many brave the rain on Saturday to march with St. Peter’s!  What a beautiful tradition we have.  As we get closer to Easter, we think of tradition and how we celebrate many things.  In our home, the first thing we say on Easter morning is that “H” or “A” word that we cannot say during Lent.  Then we reflect on how our Lenten sacrifices went those forty days as we eat breakfast.  The best part is being able to celebrate this amazing day with our church family as we come to Mass.  Easter baskets and egg hunts, which are always fun, are found after we return from church.  Later in the day, as a family we sit and eat a wonderful meal and count the many blessings we have.  It is these traditions that keep our family close and something for everyone to look forward to as Easter nears.  Through it all, we never lose focus of what Easter is truly about, our redemption.  I wish you and our family the most blessed of Easters.

As always, especially during this Lenten season, I encourage you to visit us for the school Mass on Wednesdays at 8:30am.  We would love to have more parents attend with your children.

In class this week…

Religion: In religion this week, we will discuss St. Joseph and how important he was in Jesus’ life.  We will discuss the rolls our dads play in our lives and how wonderful they are!

Reading: The class will finish “Little House on the Prairie” by Wednesday!  We will all test with the online AR test for the book so the students also receive Feed Your Mind Cafe points.  The rest of this week, we will focus on smaller reading comprehension passages based on Easter.

Language Arts:   The students will have Easter themed spelling words and we will test next Tuesday, March 27th.  The students will begin adjectives this week!  We will also continue with our daily journal writing.

Math:  The class will test on division on Monday.  We will move into fractions this week!  The class will continue to work in their math groups, as this has proved to be beneficial to all students in the class.

Science: In science the students will finish animal life cycle projects.  Each group is researching a particular species and will present on their life cycle in the form of an Edupuppet.  The class will continue work on pulling important information out of a non-fiction text.  These projects will be emailed to you as the finish!

Social Studies:  The students will begin explorers this week!  We will learn how South Carolina was discovered and by who.  We will also discuss how are Catholic faith played a part in creating South Carolina.



Thursday, March 29th- start of Spring Break

Monday, April 9th- Classes resume

Tuesday, April 10th- Report Cards issued

Wednesday, April 11th- Class picture day

Thursday, April 12th- Field trip to State House read-in (more info to come)

Monday, April 23rd- 2:00 dismissal

Thursday, April 26th- PTO Meeting

Friday, April 27th- USC Field Trip

Saturday April 28th- First Holy Communion 5:30pm

Monday April 30th – Friday, May 4th- MAP Testing

What is K5 Doing This Week? March 12 – 16

Hello K5 Families,

We have a fun-filled week of learning planned! This week we are learning about the church and St. Patrick’s Day. After Monday morning prayer, Mrs. Preston gave K5 a tour of the church. The students as well as the teachers learned so much!

Also, on Saturday St. Peter’s will march in the St. Patrick’s Day parade. All students and families are invited to join us.








Week of March 12 – 16:

Theme and Unit of Study: St. Patrick’s Day

Language and Literacy: Letter sound Rr

Comprehension skills and strategies such as finding the author’s purpose and figurative language within a text.

Sight Words: be, that, who, your

Math: Subtracting numbers in vertical form

Identifying addition and subtraction patterns

Religion: Church is Good

Important Reminders

  • Wednesday, March 14 – Mass
  • Monday, March 19 – 2pm Dismissal (Aftercare Available)
  • Wednesday, March 21 – End of 3rd Quarter
  • Thursday, March 22 – 4th Quarter Begins
  • Friday, March 23 – Donuts With Dad
  • March 29-April 6 – Easter Break

K5 loved learning about butterflies last week!



Have a great week!

Your K5 Team: Mrs. Creech and Ms. Moore


March 12th – 16th

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A Note From Mrs. Phillips

St. Patrick’s Day is coming!  I hope to see all of you at the parade on Saturday!  Information will go home in the Tuesday folders this week.  Come out and support St. Peter’s rain or shine!

As always, especially during this Lenten season, I encourage you to visit us for the school Mass on Wednesdays at 8:30am.  We would love to have more parents attend with your children.

In class this week…

Religion: In religion this week, we will discuss St. Patrick and what his mission for God was.  We will discuss the Irish history of our school and how it relates to St. Patrick.

Reading: The class will continue “Little House on the Prairie”.  This week we will focus on how the story is wrapping up and make predictions on how it will end.

Language Arts:   The students will have their spelling test on Friday of this week and all spelling homework is due on Friday.  The class will work on writing about kindness this week.

Math:  The class will finish division this week and test next Monday.  The class will continue to work in their math groups, as this has proved to be beneficial to all students in the class.  Each group has a small amount of practice problems each night for homework to be turned in the next day.

Science: In science the students will work on their animal life cycle projects.  Each group is researching a particular species and will present on their life cycle in the form of an Edupuppet.  The class will continue work on pulling important information out of a non-fiction text.  These projects will be emailed to you as the finish!

Social Studies:  The students will finish Native American’s this week by discussing what their contributions were to the beginning of South Carolina.


Saturday, March 17th- St. Patrick’s Day parade

Monday. March 19th- 2:00 dismissal

Thursday, March 29th- start of Spring Break


A Peak at Our Week

K5 Week of December 18 – 20

Dear K5 Families,

I am very proud of the progress K5 students have made since my arrival. It has been such a blessing to be a part of this chapter in their lives. I am excited to see what 2018 has in store for them. Ms. Moore and I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We hope you all have a terrific break!

This Week in K5:
Week 3 of Advent: Jesus: The Gift of Joy
“Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy.” — Psalm 47:1


Advent Season and Christmas

Sorting, counting objects, and patterns

Language and Literacy:
Letter and sound recognition of Christmas sight words


  • Wednesday, December 20: Polar Express Day in K5! Parents are welcome to join! Please refer to email from Mrs. De Jesus. Dismissal at 11:30am. There is no after school program.
  • Wednesday, December 20: Mass. Students must come to school in their dress uniforms. They will change into their pajamas after mass. Please put your child’s pajamas in a ziploc bag.

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”

Merry Christmas!

Your K5 Team: Ms. Visotski and Ms. Moore

December 12, 2017

Dear Parents,
During this joyous and special time of the year our thoughts and conversations seem to slow down and we begin to think about our relationships: with Jesus, our Church, families and friends. Thoughts such as love, giving, sharing and compassion stand out as guiding rays of light and seem to take on a special sense of importance. We talk to our children about these values and their importance to each of us and to those close to us. This time of the year brings out the best in us and we seem to be more apt to share with others who don’t have as much as we do. The Giving Tree project at St. Peter’s Catholic Church is a wonderful opportunity for the children to really experience this.

Listening to Christmas stories and singing Christmas Carols help us to get into the spirit of Christmas. Last Friday we all watched the Ballet presentation of “Twas Before Christmas” at Koger Center and it was indeed fantastic and the 4K children started to show their high jumps and spin movements when we got back to school. The children will be participating in our Christmas Music Program later this week.

All of us at St. Peters Catholic School wish you and your family a very Merry, Merry Christmas!


Week 16 and 17 – December 11 – 21

Advent Season       The First Christmas

Language Literacy:

Review – Letters upper case or lower case / Letter sound

Review – Numbers 1 to 12


The Gift of Christmas               The Night Before Christmas

Merry Christmas Curious George         The Crippled Lamb


 Important Dates to Remember:

December 11 Monday – K4 Class Caroling at 9:30 to 11:30
December 12 Tuesday – Christmas Music Program rehearsal schedule at 8:30 to 10:30 am
– Mass at 6:00 pm. Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. Party will follow.
December 13 Wednesday – Mass with Bishop Robert E. Guglielmore
– Educational Technology Apps on iPads with Mrs. Phillips 3rd Grade Class
December 14 Thursday – “Christmas Music Program” in the church, 7:00 pm;
teachers with students in Neglia Hall at 6:30 pm. No After School Program
December 15 Friday – Christmas Gift and Cookies Exchange at 10:00 am
– Farewell Party for Emma at 2:15 pm.
December 20 Wednesday – 11:30 school dismissal, no After School Program
December 21 to January 2 – Christmas Break No School Days
January 3 – School Resumes / Wednesday Mass

Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson

December, 2017

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A Note from Mrs. Preston

Dear Parents and Friends of St. Peter’s School,

The beautiful season of Advent is upon us! During this time of preparation, we focus on the many gifts given to us by God -most especially, the Christ Child humbly taking on our humanity to free us from sin.

The hectic nature of this time of year seems ironic as the greatest gift we have to give and receive is the gift of peace! Know that it is the desire of the faculty and staff to provide a peaceful environment for the children at St.Peter’s throughout these weeks that are filled with special seasonal activities – rehearsals, decorations, parties, and shopping.

Speaking of shopping…I would like to suggest some gift ideas for your children that may seem counter-cultural to the electronic gifts that I am certain will be the big attraction. Please consider toys and games that will encourage active participation, socialization, cooperation, imagination and creativity.

Games: family board games such as Scrabble, Boggle, Life, Pictionary, checkers and chess and outside games that include balls, hula-hoops, bean bags, and jump ropes.

Building materials: blocks, Legos, magnets, crafts, and tools.

Books, magazine subscription, journals, scrapbooks – anything that encourages writing and reading.

Yet, it is my ardent wish that the true gifts of Christmas are simple and focused on the faith filled messages of Advent and Christmas. As a family, take time to attend church each Sunday in Advent, light the candles on the Advent wreath, read the many spiritual and beautiful versions of the Christmas story, and listen to the words as you sing Christmas hymns.

Silent night, holy night, Son of God, loves pure light

Radiant beams from thy holy face, with the dawn of redeeming grace,

Jesus, Lord at thy birth, Jesus, Lord at thy birth.”


Wishing you and your family the many blessings of the Christmas season.

Kathy Preston



November 27-December 1

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A Note From Mrs. Roy

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break, filled with time spent with family and friends. Quarter 2 Progress Reports will be going out on Tuesday; please review them carefully with your student and return them to school in the Tuesday folder. If you have any questions about them, do not hesitate to ask me.

In Class This Week

Grammar: We will continue with nouns this week. There will be focus on common and proper nouns, along with singular and plural nouns.

Vocabulary: Our 14 words this week are from our novel Holes. There will be a test on Friday, and we will do a good bit of practice for this test in class throughout the week. The list of words can be found here.

Reading: We will continue reading Holes in literature circles. We will also complete comprehension questions after every few chapters.  As a group, we will focus on the characters and the setting. There will be a quiz on chapters 1-10 on Thursday; students should study their comprehension question sheets to prepare.

Religion: We will learn about Joshua and Jericho, and then turn our focus on to the law. This will include Paul and the Spirit of the Law, along with the Two Great Commandments. There will be discussions about how we can incorporate these laws of God into our daily lives.

Science: The week will be spent digging a bit deeper into our unit on electricity. There will be an open-notebook quiz on Thursday to “check in” on what we’ve learned so far.

5th Grade Grammar/Writing: We will finish up our unit on pronouns with contractions and various forms of pronouns. There will be a quiz on Wednesday on lessons 2.7-2.11. Our final few classes of the week will be spent reviewing for our unit test, which will take place next Tuesday ( December 5).

6th Grade Grammar/ Writing: This week will be spent continuing to look at possessive nouns, followed by appositives. We will end the week by looking at how nouns can be used as verbs or as adjectives.

Important Dates & Reminders

Tuesday, November 28 – Progress Reports

Wednesday, November 29 – Mass (dress uniform)

Sunday, December 3 – Advent Begins

Friday, December 8 – Field Trip (‘Twas the Night Before Christmas play)








November 20-21


A Note from Miss De Rhodo

Dear Parents and Families,

I am very excited to focus on Thanksgiving this school week (2 days). We will focus on the history of the holiday and the symbols and celebrations of it in America.

The students will also be sharing their own Gratitude Bags over these two days, and I am eager to hear what they are thankful for! I believe this will be a great opportunity for the students to share what is meaningful to them; the students will be able to get to know each other even better than they already do. Furthermore, I hope that creating this bag was a reflective experience for the children, helping them realize all the wonderful blessings in their lives.

Furthermore, it has been a pleasure working with each and every one of your students! I will miss them very much and have my St. Peter’s family in my prayers! Thank you again for giving me the opportunity to teach your precious children.


In Class this week:  November 20-21

English Language Arts:

Sight words: This week, we will be reviewing all sight words learned so far. They will become familiar with certain Thanksgiving words.

Full list: I, a, and, like, the, is, come, we, to, see, me, be, am, an, no, it, has, you, this, have, he, she, do

Reading: predicting; Listening to informational texts and telling facts learned from it; main idea and details about informational text

ELA: sounds at certain parts of words (beginning, middle, and end); ABC order

*Here is a link to a letter name and sound activity we are doing as well: “Phonercise” Dr. Jean


Writing: Students will work on writing their sight words, names, and using the skill of sounding out words (at least their first sound) to write words. Students are working on writing on lines, writing what a picture represents, and writing simple sentences.

Religion: Prayer and praying with families

Math: review of counting up to 30; counting in the 30s; counting by tens to 30

*Here is a link to a song that helps students practice counting aloud in the correct order that we will be using this week (1-20): “The Number Rock” by Etc Language Resources 


Social Studies: the history of the first Thanksgiving

Books this week:

Happy Thanksgiving , Written by: Maragaret McNamara and Illustrated by: Mike Gordon

Thank You, THANKSGIVING , by: David Milgrim

The Very First Thanksgiving Day, by: Rhonda Gowler Greene and paintings by: Susan Gaber

Let’s Celebrate Thanksgiving , by: Peter and Connie Roop and Illustrated by: Gwen Connelly

Important Dates & Reminders

November 20 – Students’ personal “Gratitude Bags” are due.

November 22 – November 24: Thanksgiving Break. No school on these days. Happy Thanksgiving!


*Please send your child with one snack for snack time each day. We are trying to keep snack time as just a time to briefly recharge and not linger with many food items. Thank you!


*Cubby space is getting a little crowded! Please send students with a small blanket for nap time, and if they do bring a stuffed animal from home, please make sure it is a smaller one.



There will be no homework this week! Enjoy time with family!

If you have some down time and would like to practice some academic skills with your child, you can practice sight words, rhyming, and counting to 40 (counting aloud and counting objects).

Thanks for all you do to support your children and our classroom!



Miss De Rhodo and Ms. Moore

November 13th – 17th

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A Note From Mrs. Phillips


Our class had a wonderful week last week.  I couldn’t compliment the class enough on how well they were learning, asking questions, being insightful, acting in kindness, and using their good listening skills.  We are making progress in leaps and bounds.  For that, I am grateful.

Tim Miller to visit St. Peter’s!  We are excited we will have a local meteorologist visit to speak to third, sixth, and the K5 classes about all things weather.  How grateful I am!

Continuing our theme of being grateful, our class will put on another set of reader’s theater plays focusing on Thanksgiving.  Such a dramatic (in a good way) class we have.  Several budding drama majors possibly?  I have loved watching them take their roles and make it their own.  Such a treat for me.

In Class This Week…

Religion: In religion this week, we will continue our month long lessons on the saints.  Each student has been assigned two letters in which they will choose a saint that goes with that letter to research this week.  We will finish our research and writing our informational pages on each of these essays by Thanksgiving break.  The students have really loved learning about their chosen saints!

Reading: The class has LOVED acting out our readers theater.  We have some budding actors in our class!  This week, we will break into groups again to work on plays based on the Thanksgiving spirit.  We will then present these to the K4 class next week.

Language Arts:   The students will finish plural nouns and begin possessive nouns with this week.    The class will have a spelling list based on Thanksgiving words to compliment our reader’s theater parts.  STAR homework will be due Friday and we will test on these words Friday as well.

Math:  The class has begun multiplication.  This is a crucial point in our math curriculum in third grade.  I cannot stress enough to practice, practice, practice at home as much as possible.  We discussed learning our facts were just as important as learning our sight words in kindergarten.  This is a mathematical foundation to base many more lessons on in their years to come.  I love the School House Rock multiplication songs and how they also incorporate our religion into our math lessons.  I will post many here for you to watch with your student.   Please continue to use the website for basic fact practice each week.  I only ask for 2 nights, however your child can use this site each day for more practice.

Science: In science the students will begin climates around the world.  We will have a visit from Tim Miller of the WIS TV weather crew on Wednesday here to speak to the students about all things weather.  Such a great opportunity for us to ask questions of him and to learn about his career.

Social Studies:  The students will continue the branches of our government.



Monday, November 13th- 2:00 dismissal

Wednesday, November 15th- Tim Miller from WIS TV visits third grade!

Wednesday, November 22nd – Friday, November 24th- Thanksgiving Break

November 6th – 10th

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A Note From Mrs. Phillips

Thanks therefore be unto God for his unspeakable gift.  2 Corinthians 9:15

My gift is a wonderfully supportive group of parents and amazing children to teach.  Thank you for a lovely conference day.  I enjoyed speaking to each of you, even in a short time frame.  And thank you for sharing your children with me.  I continue to learn each day from them.

This month we will have a theme of gratitude.  Many of the activities we will do will incorporate this theme throughout.  I urge you to discuss gratitude and being thankful with your children at home.  This can make for some wonderful dinner or car ride discussions.

In Class This Week…

Religion: In religion this week, we will begin our month long lessons on the saints.  In November, each child will research a saint in class and we will create an A to Z saint book to be displayed in the library.  We will also discuss the 10 Commandments this week, as the first reading on Wednesday at mass will be about these.

Reading: The class will begin learning about reader’s theater.  The class will be broken into groups this week to work on and show a reader’s theater story based on gratitude.  We will then showcase our talents to another class.

Language Arts:   The students will continue with nouns this week.  We will focus on plural nouns and our spelling list will not include vocabulary, but will be all plural nouns.  STAR homework will be due Friday and we will test on these words Friday as well.

Math:  The class will finish subtraction and test on Tuesday.  We will continue our candy corn math this week for practice.  After subtraction, we will focus on how to solve word problems (puzzles) and strategies we can use.

Science: In science the students will finish their science lab on floods.  We will discuss lightening and hurricanes.  The students will test on weather hazards on Friday.  Check on Tuesday for a study guide in binders.

Social Studies:  The students will begin the branches of our government.  We will complete a study guide in class and discuss how a bill becomes a law.




Monday, November 13th- 2:00 dismissal

Wednesday, November 15th- Tim Miller from WIS TV visits third grade!

Wednesday, November 22nd – Friday, November 24th- Thanksgiving Break