May 1st-5th

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Good day to all of my parents,

This week should be a nice, calm, and stay-on-schedule kind of week before the flurry of activities begin the second week of May.  Therefore, we should get much accomplished.

Fourth Grade This Week

Reading.  What a coincidence!  The most recent Time For Kids I received to share with the class has as its cover story an article about Gorilla doctors; these veterinarians treat gorillas that require medical treatment in the wild.  Since we have been reading about the gorilla, Koko, in our reading series, I am happy to have the children read this story.  If you have your child visit the website

they can watch a video related to Gorilla doctors.  The issue is a special one, focusing on environmental issues:  saving the jaguar, coral reef survival, providing safe drinking water around the world, product designs to help keep our earth clean, and the controversy about plastic bag use.  It is a great issue, and I know the diverse, yet related topics, will be enjoyed.

Spelling.  Our unit test will be on Thursday, May 4th.  A small number of students received accelerated lists to study in addition to the original list of words.

English.   We will be concluding our structured lessons on punctuation and capitalization with an open-book test that will probably take two or three days.  However, the importance of this skills in the mechanics of our language will have the children reviewing the skills in their “Jumpstart” editing activities and other things that I come across as being helpful tools.  I would like to begin diagramming sentences with possessives and adjectives at week’s end.

Science.  I will have the class begin to study their class notes on biological hierarchies starting on Monday, May 1st.  I plan to have a quiz on Friday, May 5th.  Also, they will be creating their own food web as a part of that assessment.

Grade Five This Week

Our week will begin by concluding a lesson begun the prior week on adverb and verb suffixes.  I am not certain if we will be done by Tuesday or Wednesday; however, when that skill is accomplished, we will focus our learning on correctly revising rambling sentences.  Yes, those are the famously written sentences that go on and on and on without a piece of end punctuation in sight.  Hopefully, we will become much more aware of that tendency and give our sentences more direction and have them “head home” in a shorter amount of time.

Sixth Grade This Week

A quiz will be given on Monday.  The content of that quiz contains the content of lessons 7.6-7.8.  Also, we will do lessons on apostrophe and hyphen use.

Well…as I get ready to conclude this short missive, may I wish you a day where you are reminded how very good the good God is 🙂

Warm regards,

Miss Boron


April 24th-April 29th

A Note From Miss Boron

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Easter is a time of new beginnings, rebirth, and the promise of a new eternal life for each of us.  It is my hope that your Easter was a day filled with the joy that those offerings promise us.   Sadly, however, it is at that time of the calendar year when teachers realize that their year is coming to an end.  Our school calendar for April also reminds us of this as we will come together on Thursday, April 28th, for our last PTO meeting.  The sixth grade students will be presenting on their recent trip to Washington, D.C.  Additionally, Mrs. Preston will do her annual “year in review” and “looking forward” presentation.  I hope to see you there.

Fourth Grade

After preparing for Easter with our Lenten journey booklets, we will be doing some additional work with the memorization of some beautiful prayers.  Upon review of the fourth grade standards, The Divine Praises are to be introduced to my students.  I will present this prayer to my class on Tuesday, April 25th; each student will receive a printed copy of the prayer so that they can begin their study of it.

In Spelling, our list will be comprised of words that name continents and nationalities.  The students that do well on the pretest will be given a list of bonus words to study; they will not be related to the theme of geography, just words that I have chosen because of their complexity.

After reading selections about survival, I believe the class will enjoy reading “Koko’s Kitten”.  This story is in the anthology of communication; it is a true story about Koko, the gorilla, and her ability to use sign language to communicate with humans.

Our “Jumpstart” learning packets have become a favorite way to combine many English and Reading skills on one worksheet.  I will continue to use these throughout the remainder of the year, in addition to the use of our English textbook to present skills on the mechanics of our language.

Upon returning from Easter vacation, we will continue our study of food webs, food chains, and the biological hierarchy.  The students will also begin to review their notes for an assessment to be given the first week of May.

Fifth Grade

The week’s beginning will review the work done with root words.  The students are reminded that the essence of these lessons has been this:  the meaning of the root helps to determine the meaning of the entire word; also, many, many words share roots and therefore, have meanings that are also in the same universe.  After our two-day review, we will change our attention to suffixes.

Sixth Grade

On Monday of this week, we had just begun taking notes on quotation mark use.  Because I used today, Tuesday, to do preparatory work for tomorrow’s retreat activity, we will resume our study of quotation mark use on April 24th.  Then, the correct use of apostrophes will be taught.

If you are reading this after Easter, may I extend my wishes that the deep joy of Jesus’ Resurrection will remain within us.  The daily devotion that I read to my class today before lunch had such a sweet message.  Jesus reminded us to enjoy today, because He created it special just for us.  So…enjoy today!

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron



April 10th-April 14th

A Note From Miss Boron

Our Lenten journey is almost accomplished.  As I have shared with the students on many different occasions, doing small things (like giving up recess) for God, makes them really great.  As you know, our school-wide Lenten retreat day is on Wednesday.  By definition, these are times away from our everyday lives when we deepen our faith and pray more than usual.  It is the perfect way for our children to enter the Triduum of Holy Week.

Below, please find the topic or theme of my retreat day activity for the three different grade levels.

Fourth Grade: The five Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary

Fifth Grade:     Jesus is the “ONE” way to Heaven

Sixth Grade:     Responding to passages from the book The Last Days of Jesus.

God bless your families as you honor and celebrate His Son’s Resurrection and triumph over death.

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron

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April 3rd – April 7th

A Note From Miss Boron

This is our last full week prior to celebrating our Lord’s Resurrection.  I have enjoyed my Lenten journey with the children; Friday Mass is especially touching to me.  Father Bernard commented to the children in his homily that seeing them at Mass on the Fridays of Lent has been very special to him.  Evidently, he spends much time at Providence Hospital visiting patients; seeing my students on these days in particular,  gives him happiness.  When he was so sweet to share that with my class,  I know his words meant so much to them.

Fourth Grade This Week

In addition to continuing our daily Lenten activity, we will talk about the gospel message of April 2nd’s liturgy.  Throughout life, we will learn, Jesus calls us to life over and over again, every time we are awakened to the gift of our faith.

Our reading lessons will continue our work on “Two Tickets to Freedom”.

In English,  correct quotation mark use in direct quotations will be our objective.

Our final test will be taken in Spelling on Thursday.

Our “Forest Food Web” will continue to be built in Science class.  Along with that, the students will become familiar with the meanings of words particular to food chains and webs.

Fifth Grade This Week

The fifth grade class will begin the unit on root words.  The students were asked to be certain that dictionaries accompany them to class next week.

Sixth Grade This Week

After their absence while in Washington, D.C., we have a little catching up to do.  Therefore, prior to our test on Tuesday, April 04th, we will spend class time reviewing key concepts taught in lessons 7.1-7.5.  Upon completion of our assessment, a continuation of Unit 7 will take us into lessons on the correct use of semicolons.

I have a favor to ask of you.  In the next few days, Ms. Gurn, Ms. Geene and myself will be reflecting on ways to make our students’ retreat day as meaningful as possible.  Please pray for us so that the Holy Spirit may infuse our thoughts with those ways…thank-you.

Miss Boron

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March 27th-March 31st

A Word From Miss Boron

Is your week going well?  It is my hope that it is as we continue our Lenten journeys; also, we welcomed Spring on Monday, and though our winter has been a very mild one, all of the new life that nature shares with us at this time of year is a reminder of how good the good God is.

Fourth Grade This Week

Religion.  As the class and I share the messages of each day’s Gospel readings, some of the most interesting conversations have developed.  I enjoy hearing the children share those innermost thoughts and/or questions that they may have.  Coupled with our “Jesus Calling” reflections, I hope my class is feeling the specialness that this time of the liturgical year gifts us with.

Reading.   Clearly, the class is enthusiastic about Anne Frank.  The diary book covers that most of them chose to do was completely a voluntary weekend homework assignment.  I was putting up their chosen quotations and merely mentioned how the addition of little plaid diary covers would add to our display, and before I knew it, almost every student was in line to get the special drawing paper.  The amount of time and work that they invested was so impressive–most especially because it was done voluntarily.

I told this sweet class yesterday about my retirement at the end of this school year and how blessed I was to end my career with them as my students.  The above mentioned diary covers is a testament to how they have this way of doing things that touch my heart.

English.  We are taking our time as we sojourn through the proper uses of periods, commas, apostrophes, and quotation marks.  Because this unit on mechanics is quite intricate, more time is being spent on it than on parts of speech, for example.

Spelling.  A big “whoops”…I have not introduced the new unit that I had mentioned last week.  However, that works out well, because I will have more teaching time with my fourth graders since the sixth grade class will be in Washington, D.C.

Fifth Grade This Week

After completion of some work that did not get completed this week, we will begin studying the meanings of root words.  Working with those meanings, we will learn how they determine the meaning of the whole word.  Also, we will be discovering the origins of some words.  Your students will be using their dictionaries, so a reminder will be written in their agendas about that.

With the weekend right around the corner, it will one that promises some warmer temperatures and sunnier skies…always two nice things to celebrate when we have some time to enjoy more of life’s pleasures.



Miss Boron

March 20th-March 25th

A Note From Miss Boron

Brrrrr…this is being written on a cold Wednesday afternoon…my class just came in from recess a short while ago with the reddest cheeks… Father’s homily at Mass this morning was about our hearing things that we do not necessarily want to hear.  Well…the weather reports lately have certainly put that message to the test.  Think of how much we are going to appreciate those sunny, warm days.

Please find below some lessons that I have planned for next week.

Fourth Grade Next Week

Religion.  As we start each day with a message/reflection from our Totally Lent booklets, I will also be having a lesson that correlates with Sunday’s Gospel.  The message to us is that hardship and difficult times may cause us to question God’s presence.  Just as the Israelites questioned that presence when they were fleeing slavery in Egypt and faced many challenges, so may we.  Hmmm…perhaps it is those times that God is expecting to hear more ardently from us, thus creating a greater closeness.

Reading.  “Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl” activities will continue next week.  By the way, your children found some beautiful quotations to share.  They are going to be placed on our Words to the Wise bulletin board once we have them scripted nicely on “fancy” paper.

English.     Our work continues on the capitalization/punctuation unit.  Our more recent work with comma usage is progressing well; some students are needing more time mastering the placement of commas in a compound sentence versus a simple sentence.  But, we are getting there.  After commas, we will direct our attention to apostrophes:  apostrophes in contractions and those in possessives.

Spelling.      A new unit of words, those with the soft g spelling pattern, will be introduced.

Science.       In our introduction to ecosystems, we will begin with the creation of a chart depicting the biological hierarchy of living things.  There are six levels that begin with the individual and go to the biosphere.  This chart will also allow their creativity to be engaged as they illustrate each level.

Fifth Grade Next Week

Though the grammar part of our lessons on adverbs is going to be completed this week, we will start next week with the diagramming of sentences containing adverb clauses.  Then, focus will be transferred to the power of well-chosen words.  We will concentrate on choosing more exact verbs in our writing (how nice to find more expressive ways of saying said/run/told…).  Also, using synonyms carefully chosen to augment the context of one’s writing will be studied.

Sixth Grade Next Week

Happily, we are getting closer to finishing our unit study on the mechanics of correct punctuation, capitalization, and appropriate  interjection use.  Our Thursday lesson will be sharing our work on the debate resolution:  Schools should have bake sales.  Some preliminary discussion today about this topic allowed for some personal and shared reflection on this.  As you can imagine, I am looking forward to their finished work.

In closing, please receive my wishes for your Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  I know many of you will be celebrating on Saturday–I will pray for warmer temperatures and well-being for all of you.  Have so, so, so much fun…

Warm regards,

Miss Boron


March 13th-March 17th

A Note From Miss Boron

Though I only heard from a few of you, I hope that the family novena prayer I enclosed in your child’s Tuesday folder the other day is one that you find comforting as each new day is faced.

Below, please find a brief summary of the lessons, skills, or activities that I have planned for the third week of March.

Fourth Grade Next Week

Religion.  We continue using our Totally Lent booklet to help make each day of Lent more meaningful as we read Gospel passages on each page and do a related activity.

Reading.   We began talking today, Thursday, a bit about the Holocaust in preparation for our next reading selection called “The Diary of a Young Girl”.  The following activities will hopefully be done next week:  building background, characteristics of nonfiction, vocabulary building, and silent reading.

English.    As our unit on punctuation and capitalization progresses, we move onto the world of correct comma use.  We will focus on using commas correctly in these ways:  in compound sentences, when they separate words used in a series, and when commas are needed in direct address.

Spelling.   Our test on frequently misused words will be on Tuesday.

Science.     As an introduction to our studying about ecosystems, we will create a biological hierarchy beginning with the individual and progressing finally to the biosphere.  After each of the six levels are defined and written about in our notebooks, we will think of ways to illustrate each level.

Fifth Grade This Week

We will be concluding our work on Unit Five next week, not this week like I had initially planned.  Our whole-unit assessment will be on Thursday, March 16th, rather than the 15th.

Sixth Grade This Week

In repairing some work previously done on linking verbs and interjection meanings, we are going to be concluding  that work on Monday.  The remainder of the week will have the students working with homophones and homographs.

In conclusion, I would like to share a favorite quote of mine.  During the Lenten season, we are reminded to practice almsgiving–giving of our time to help someone with either their spiritual or corporal needs, and sharing our material goods with those less fortunate.  As an homage to Anne Frank, let us remember…

No one has ever become poor…by giving.

God bless your Lenten journeys,

Miss Boron


March 6th-March 10th

A Note From Miss Boron

With our being absent from school on Thursday and Friday, I am writing to you earlier in the week.  Before proceeding, please receive my thanks to the parents who shared our Ash Wednesday Mass with us this morning.  Wasn’t Father’s homily wonderful?  I hope that all of us grow to love God more during this Lenten season, and at its conclusion, feel the joy of our journey.

Fourth Grade Next Week

Religion.  The source of each day’s lesson will come from our book, Totally Lent.

Spelling.   While going through some of my files and units of study that I squirreled away through the years, I found a list of words that I would like my class to learn.  They are words that are easily confused and frequently misused by child and adult alike.  Examples of these words are there, their, they’re; to, too, two.  Clearly, spelling them correctly will not be challenging.  Learning their meaning and uses will require more diligent study.

Reading.  For a change of pace, we are going to spend our week studying a poem…yes, one little ol’ poem.  It is about a grasshopper, and studying it, will permit us to review the reading skills of making analogies, reading with expression, creating a poem.

English.    Today, I had the class write down in their agendas pages that need to be studied for their next test.  The date of this test is next Thursday, March 9th.

Science.     Because of our schedule, we did not get a chance to finish all of our weather presentations.  We have about five more that need presenting.  As of this early writing, I have not yet determined what I would like us to do upon completing these.  I think it may be the Time for Kids article on the health hazards that too much sodium causes our young people; I had planned on us doing this earlier.  However, when reading “McBroom and the Big Wind”, I took the weather/climate detour.  Since then, the students learned about a porcupine, Ereth’s, love for salt in a book I read to them called Poppy.  This might be the perfect time for us to now visit this topic in science.

Fifth Grade This Week

In our unit of study on adverbs, we will be examining words that are called “troublesome” because  of the frequency with which they are misused.  Also, though this sounds very simplistic, we will be using the phrases “There is/There was/There were/ and There Wasn’t” correctly.

Sixth Grade This Week

Our new unit of study on Punctuation and Capitalization will be begun.  I know that I had indicated it would begin this week; however, our assessment took two periods (Monday and Tuesday).  Today, I decided to have the students do a creative writing exercise related to a picture of their choosing.  The face on each picture was that of Jesus.  After our beautiful Mass this morning, I felt a desire to extend their attention and adoration with this activity.  Some of the students chose to share, and I was astounded once again, by some of the writing talent that is housed in this wonderful group of students.

Getting back to next week,  our new unit begins with lessons on interjections and their meanings, correct period uses, and the recognition and correct use of homographs.

May the rest of your week be pleasantly spent.


Miss L. Boron



February 27th-March 3rd

A Note From Miss Boron

As you know, Wednesday, March lst, begins the season of Lent.  During that special time of becoming more aware of God’s presence in our lives, my class and I will share a sacrifice together–our Friday recess.  For the past 21 years, my students and I have offered up our recess to Jesus; for the past nine years, I have done that with my students at St. Peter’s.  For the past four years, my class and I tried to attend the noon Mass on the Fridays of Lent and then, go to lunch.  When we return to our classroom after lunch, we find some quiet and meditative way to quiet our minds and hearts, and give some minutes to Jesus.  I look forward to sharing this Lenten devotion with your children.

Also notable, next week is an abbreviated week for your children.  Because of a diocesan sponsored workshop, our students will not be in school on Thursday and Friday.  In that three days, I have the below planned for my students.

Fourth Grade Next Week

Religion.  On Tuesday, we will have our quiz on the meaning of the beatitudes.  Your child will be bringing their notes home today (Thursday) to begin their studying.  Wednesday, after our Ash Wednesday Mass, we will begin our Lenten journey workbook.

Reading.  We will continue our work on “The Big Wave”.  This will include our oral reading of the selection and a literature circle discussion of its meaning, what we learned from the story, what may have confused or concerned us, and what we enjoyed.

English.  Our work on the road maps of writing, capitalization and punctuation, will be continued.

Spelling.  Because of our shortened week, a new spelling pattern will not be presented until the following week.

Fifth Grade Next Week

The comparative and superlative forms of adverbs will be presented.  This will be followed by an introductory lesson on using correctly words that frequently misused.  Examples of these:  good/well, real/really, and no/not/never.

Sixth Grade Next Week

My sixth grade students will begin their week with a written assessment on our unit study of adjectives. Then, by popular demand, (translation:  what the students felt they needed most help with), we will begin the unit on punctuation, capitalization, and the correct use of conjunctions.

As I conclude this on a beautiful Thursday afternoon, may I thank my fourth grade parents for their expedient return of the progress reports.  Also, I look forward to the possibility of seeing you at our Mass on Ash Wednesday.

May your weekends be blessed with all good things,

Miss Boron



February 21st-February 24th

Fourth Grade This Week

Religion.  We are continuing our work on the meanings of each Beatitude.  With my two morning absences the week of February 13th, I was not able to present this work to my class.  We have four more to do.  After all of our notes are completed on the eight, the students will be doing some artwork and independent studying relative to what they learned.

Reading.  After enjoying the story “McBroom and the Big Wind”,  the class will be shifting gears and reading a piece of realistic fiction, “The Big Wave”.  Written by Pearl Buck, it is a poignant example of survival and in this story, a beautiful testament to the blessing that friendship is.  I know I often say this about reading selections, but this is one of my favorites 🙂

English.  Writing titles of works needed extra time to be mastered by more of my students, so my plans of teaching correct capitalization of calendar words and measurement words did not get done.  Therefore, we will begin our new week with a written assessment on titles of works, (I spent today going over errors that were made on a previously done assignment), and then we will progress to the aforementioned skill of correct capitalization.

Spelling.  Our final test on the weather words and sentences will be on Thursday, February 23rd.

Science.  I think each of your students chose their project well.  I was impressed that some are going to use their poetry writing talents when they write an acrostic.

Fifth Grade This Week

Having completing our unit test on adjectives, we will begin a new unit on adverbs–words that describe verbs.

Sixth Grade This Week

Happily, this class will conclude their unit on adjectives.  The creative writing detours we took were wonderful; I hope my students are more aware of the value that sensory and figurative language has.  Anyway, our next assessment will be on Monday, February 27th.  The skills tested will be all those related to adjectives.

Thank-you for taking time to read this newsletter.  Have a wonderful, restful, and sneeze-free, runny-nose-free, and sore-throat free weekend.

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron