Summer Reading

Fourth Grade Reading List 2017-2018

The Cricket in Times Square.  The author is George Selden.

This Newbery Award winning novel will introduce you to Tucker mouse, Harry the cat, and Chester Cricket.  We will reread and study this book in September, so please have your own copy and take very good care of it.  However, during the summer you will:

  1. Read the book
  2. Do some research on crickets and create a little booklet with the below topics  included:
  3. a) write one page of your booklet about the habitat of a cricket
  4. b) another page will be about what your cricket eats and other habits that it may  have
  5. c) you will include a page on how other cultures regard crickets (especially the Chinese culture)
  6. Your booklet will look like a book, with an illustrated cover.  That page will  contain your name.  It should be done in cursive, and please take extra care in     the appearance of your booklet.


In addition to the required reading, if you become enamored with this book’s sweet cast of characters, may I suggest some additional summer choices:

  1. Tucker’s Countryside
  2. Chester Cricket’s New Home
  3. Chester Cricket’s Pigeon Ride

All of the above novels are by the author George Selden.

Additionally, you are strongly encouraged to do the Grade 4 Summer Bridge Activities.  Each section of this workbook covers a wide variety of subjects like math, grammar, science, and geography.  Like the assigned reading, this book is designed to reinforce those basic skills learned during the school year.

Supply List for Fourth Grade

  1. Two composition books; not spiral-bound.
  2. Four pocket folders, no brads.
  3. Crayons.
  4. Two soft pencil pouches.
  5. One “travel bag”, your student will need a tote bag to carry books       and supplies to their classes.
  6. One blue pen and one red pen; no black pens.
  7. Two highlighters; one green and one yellow.
  8. Two boxes of tissues; should not contain lotion.
  9. One container of Clorox wipes.
  10. One pink eraser
  11. Fiskars scizzors and Elmer’s glue.

Students will need the following for Math Class:

  1. One folder
  2. A composition book
  3. No. 2 pencils
  4. A ruler
  5. A protractor

Students will need a composition book and a folder with pockets for Social Studies.  Please have your child’s supplies out of their packaging and ready to go our first day of school.



June 5th, 2017

A Note From Miss Boron

To the parents of rising 4th grade students,

As you have probably already discovered, the supply list and summer reading assignment was enclosed in your 3rd grade student’s report card.  Additionally, I attached a letter to all of you regarding the summer reading.

My supply list was created with my preferences in mind; however, when the children return in August, their new teacher may have some additions to my list.

I would like to wish you and your children a wonderful school year next year.  How exciting it will be for the students to find a new face to greet them when they journey upstairs on their first day of school.  Please be assured that your children will have a quality, first-rate, superior education with Ms. Geene, Ms. Gurn, and our new teacher.

Please help your child’s easier transition into fourth grade by having them do the Summer Bridge Activities workbook, third into fourth grade.  This is an invaluable tool; also, their reading assignment should be done independently with as little assistance as possible.  It is important for our students to accept responsibility for the completion of their own work.  Thank-you for instilling that important life skill.

May your summer be blessed with safety, health, relaxation, fun, and a faith that reminds you how good the good God is when you get to enjoy this time with your children.

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron


May 29th-June 2nd

A Note From Miss Boron

Our final week of school includes the following special activities:

Wednesday.      Sixth Grade graduation Mass.

Thursday.          Room Cleaning day.  Your children will have a short list of cleaning supplies that they need to bring to school on that day.

Friday.                Last day of school; it will be a half-day with an awards assembly in our beautiful church.

That leaves the one-and-only day of Tuesday that will typify a regular  classroom day.  On that day, my fourth grade students will be doing a writing assignment that responds to a prompt I will be giving them.  This assessment is an annual one; it is placed in their permanent record folder to represent their reflective, creative, critical, and articulation communication skills.  Also, library and technology will be attended in the afternoon, as usual.

The fifth and sixth grade students will be meeting with me only on Tuesday of next week.  Actually, Ms. Geene is not certain how much time graduation practice and other pre-graduation activities may absorb, so this week may be their concluding time in English.

During these very hectic “school’s coming to an end” days, let us remind our children that we have not gotten their yet.  Our classrooms remain decorated so that they do not see these concluding days as “we are finished” days.  As long as you are writing those tuition  checks, our students should be of the school mindset (though admittedly, with a few more fun activities tucked in:).

Thank-you for your kind help, support, smiles, and everything else…

Warm regards,

Miss Boron


May 22nd-May 26th

A Note From Miss Boron

Our last full week of school is upon us…reflecting back, the winter months seemed to d-r-a-g along, but after that…zoom!…we are now talking about our year’s end.

Next week will be “normal”, meaning that all special school-wide events and activities have already been celebrated.  However, our fourth grade class is quite excited about our Show and Tell day on Friday, May 26th.  We decided that we all have special things in our lives that we would like to share with each other; I have already decided what I am going to bring.  Oh…there is one stipulation.  Live animals cannot be brought :).

I would like to share those lessons that are “catch-up” lessons, review lessons, or new ones.

Fourth Grade

Religion.    We will begin next week finishing a lesson begun this week.  The seventh, eighth, ninth, and tenth commandments about our relationships with our neighbors will be reviewed.  After discussing how our choices can affect many people, we will design advertisements promoting the Ten Commandments.

Reading.      Our advertisements are not quite done yet.  Therefore, we will continue these next week (field day being tomorrow).  Actually, the students have chosen some great products–all the way from cereal to coffee!

I will use the last two weeks of school to have our class read selections about America, about 150 years before the United States came into being.  “The Voyage of the Mayflower” gives us an opportunity to question why people would take such a risky journey, and then to learn how the children aboard the Mayflower experienced very different things than we do today.

English.           In preparation for our end-of-the-year writing activity, the class and I will share the characteristics of narrative writing.  The prompt that I will be giving them to respond to has to do with the expression of their own experiences and feelings regarding something we have talked about in religion class and has been a permeating theme in our classroom.

Also, we will have a lesson on pronoun contractions and those that are combined with verbs.  Examples of these are they’d, we’ve, they’ll, she’d, and you get the idea…

Spelling.            Our spelling test will be given on Tuesday.  After that, I will use the last days to complete pages that review skills I feel need extra attention and review.

***By the way, parents, over the summer, encourage your child to do any of those undone pages.  It is excellent practice for them and a way to keep their skills from experiencing any staleness.***

Fifth Grade

Catching up a bit from last week,  we will finish up some work began on the meanings of words containing number prefixes.  Examples of these are multicolored, quadrangle, megaton, and the like.

Switching gears, we will have a lesson that again exemplifies the power of words.  In our study of fact versus opinion, the students will become familiar with those words that signal an opinion:  believe, think, should, mightiest…Time permitting, we will do book reviews incorporating those words.  During presentations of their reviews in small groups,  classmates will assess whether  opinions are substantiated by the facts given to support that opinion.

Sixth Grade

I think that next week is my final one with these dear students.  With Monday being Memorial Day and Tuesday their cleaning/prepare for graduation day, something tells me that I am deducing this correctly.

In preparation for an end-of-the-year writing assessment that they will be given, Monday will be spent reviewing the characteristics of good narrative writing.  Tuesday, the prompt will be given to them.  These papers will be given to Ms. Geene for her review, and then to Mrs. Preston for hers.

Rounding out the week, I will have the class doing another writing activity that will be a chance for them to write to themselves.  More specifics will be given to the class on Wednesday…

This day is Field Day eve…oh, dear…I have my sneakers dusted off and ready to go, though I remain unsure about whether I am ready to go.  I offered to sell Kool-Pops as my activity, however Mrs. Phillips was not buying it.  Anyway, I may see some of you there, so that will be nice.

May your weekend be spent happily.  As Marcus Aurelius said, “Very little is needed to make a happy life.”  I think if we keep those words close, we will have much to smile about on Saturday and Sunday.


Miss L. Boron




May 15th-May 19th

A Note From Miss Boron

It was fun seeing so many of you at the music program yesterday; by the smiles I saw in the audience, it was an enjoyable evening.

While taking my class to PE a few minutes ago, I saw some preparations already being made outside for our school’s annual family picnic.

Yes, it is that time of year.  With next Friday being Field Day, my below plans are for four academic days.

Fourth Grade Next Week

Religion.     Our faith week begins with homage to the Blessed Mother of Jesus.  Our May crowning will be on Monday; please have your child come to school with their rosary (one will be provided if your child does not one) and flowers for Mary.  On Tuesday, your child will be reciting The Memorare to me.  The remainder of our week will be focused on those commandments that keep us directed and mindful about how to treat others; those are the fourth, fifth, and sixth commandments.

Reading.       “We Will Be Right Back After These Messages” has taken us into an unexpected directed, but happily so.  After talking and reading about the world of advertising, the class decided that making posters to sell a product would be fun.  We are starting the process today; their small group will be jointly working together to create a poster and then, to present that advertisement.  Also, our reading of this article gives us a great opportunity to search for facts presented; these are distinguished from opinions.

English.         Yesterday, we began diagramming sentences containing possessives and subject complements.  We will continue work on the diagramming of sentences next week.

Spelling.        I have chosen the final “Review” unit for our last spelling test.  The words are challenging and encompass a variety of patterns that we have learned about.  The words will be presented on Monday or Tuesday of next week, with an assessment given the following week.

Fifth Grade This Week

After concluding our work on rambling versus run-on sentences, we will do some work with word prefixes.  We will use those meanings to help us determine the meanings of unknown words.

Sixth Grade This Week

Just a note…four of my students in this class were servers at Miss Danko’s father’s funeral mass.  Wanting all of them to share in the thoughts and love we feel for this incredibly lovely person, I had the remainder of the class make sympathy cards.  After discussing the illustrations and words that could adorn their cards, I must tell you that they were simply beautiful.

I will be repeating a lesson on correctly using quotation marks and commas next week; test grades reflect a need for this.  I am thinking that part of the problem was related to rushing through our work, but just to be sure, some review will be done.  Then, we will move to sentence diagramming, giving us an opportunity to dissect sentences based on parts of speech, the function of words, and their relationships with one another.

I have not completed all of my thank-you notes for your lovely sentiments shared with me last week. Until they are all completed, I wanted to use this opportunity to extend my heartfelt appreciation to you for thinking of me in all of the ways you did.

May your weekend be enjoyable as you get to spend time with your precious children.


Miss L. Boron

May 8th-May12th

A Note From Miss Boron

With our internet attempting to start its summer vacation early, I am happy to say that our tech gentlemen fought the good fight and prevailed…hence, this is coming to you today rather than last week…

As you are well aware, our week is a busy one.  Today we will be off-campus most of the day, practicing for our music program.  With after-school special activities abounding (yikes!, I am using some fancy words today 🙂 like the Art Show this evening, the music program Thursday evening, and the annual “Family Picnic” on Friday, we are mindful of the significance of this time of year.

Though we are “winding down”, it is essential that our students do not interpret that as being “done” with this school year.  Trying to keep academics front and center is especially challenging in May, however, I know that you continue to pay tuition for this month, therefore, we will continue to work.  With that said, please note the below.

Fourth Grade This Week

Religion.  Your children have been given a copy of The Memorare, a prayer to the Blessed Mother.  I typed it in a fashion that should make memorizing it a bit easier.  Their oral presentation will be given to me on May 15th, the same day as our annual May procession in honor of Mary.  One of my students, Skylin, will be offering a special prayer on that day, with her mother accompanying her.

More of this newsletter to come…I will return to it later…


May 1st-5th

May 2, please go to Thank you for your donation to the school.

Good day to all of my parents,

This week should be a nice, calm, and stay-on-schedule kind of week before the flurry of activities begin the second week of May.  Therefore, we should get much accomplished.

Fourth Grade This Week

Reading.  What a coincidence!  The most recent Time For Kids I received to share with the class has as its cover story an article about Gorilla doctors; these veterinarians treat gorillas that require medical treatment in the wild.  Since we have been reading about the gorilla, Koko, in our reading series, I am happy to have the children read this story.  If you have your child visit the website

they can watch a video related to Gorilla doctors.  The issue is a special one, focusing on environmental issues:  saving the jaguar, coral reef survival, providing safe drinking water around the world, product designs to help keep our earth clean, and the controversy about plastic bag use.  It is a great issue, and I know the diverse, yet related topics, will be enjoyed.

Spelling.  Our unit test will be on Thursday, May 4th.  A small number of students received accelerated lists to study in addition to the original list of words.

English.   We will be concluding our structured lessons on punctuation and capitalization with an open-book test that will probably take two or three days.  However, the importance of this skills in the mechanics of our language will have the children reviewing the skills in their “Jumpstart” editing activities and other things that I come across as being helpful tools.  I would like to begin diagramming sentences with possessives and adjectives at week’s end.

Science.  I will have the class begin to study their class notes on biological hierarchies starting on Monday, May 1st.  I plan to have a quiz on Friday, May 5th.  Also, they will be creating their own food web as a part of that assessment.

Grade Five This Week

Our week will begin by concluding a lesson begun the prior week on adverb and verb suffixes.  I am not certain if we will be done by Tuesday or Wednesday; however, when that skill is accomplished, we will focus our learning on correctly revising rambling sentences.  Yes, those are the famously written sentences that go on and on and on without a piece of end punctuation in sight.  Hopefully, we will become much more aware of that tendency and give our sentences more direction and have them “head home” in a shorter amount of time.

Sixth Grade This Week

A quiz will be given on Monday.  The content of that quiz contains the content of lessons 7.6-7.8.  Also, we will do lessons on apostrophe and hyphen use.

Well…as I get ready to conclude this short missive, may I wish you a day where you are reminded how very good the good God is 🙂

Warm regards,

Miss Boron


April 24th-April 29th

A Note From Miss Boron

May 2, please go to Thank you for your donation to the school.

Easter is a time of new beginnings, rebirth, and the promise of a new eternal life for each of us.  It is my hope that your Easter was a day filled with the joy that those offerings promise us.   Sadly, however, it is at that time of the calendar year when teachers realize that their year is coming to an end.  Our school calendar for April also reminds us of this as we will come together on Thursday, April 28th, for our last PTO meeting.  The sixth grade students will be presenting on their recent trip to Washington, D.C.  Additionally, Mrs. Preston will do her annual “year in review” and “looking forward” presentation.  I hope to see you there.

Fourth Grade

After preparing for Easter with our Lenten journey booklets, we will be doing some additional work with the memorization of some beautiful prayers.  Upon review of the fourth grade standards, The Divine Praises are to be introduced to my students.  I will present this prayer to my class on Tuesday, April 25th; each student will receive a printed copy of the prayer so that they can begin their study of it.

In Spelling, our list will be comprised of words that name continents and nationalities.  The students that do well on the pretest will be given a list of bonus words to study; they will not be related to the theme of geography, just words that I have chosen because of their complexity.

After reading selections about survival, I believe the class will enjoy reading “Koko’s Kitten”.  This story is in the anthology of communication; it is a true story about Koko, the gorilla, and her ability to use sign language to communicate with humans.

Our “Jumpstart” learning packets have become a favorite way to combine many English and Reading skills on one worksheet.  I will continue to use these throughout the remainder of the year, in addition to the use of our English textbook to present skills on the mechanics of our language.

Upon returning from Easter vacation, we will continue our study of food webs, food chains, and the biological hierarchy.  The students will also begin to review their notes for an assessment to be given the first week of May.

Fifth Grade

The week’s beginning will review the work done with root words.  The students are reminded that the essence of these lessons has been this:  the meaning of the root helps to determine the meaning of the entire word; also, many, many words share roots and therefore, have meanings that are also in the same universe.  After our two-day review, we will change our attention to suffixes.

Sixth Grade

On Monday of this week, we had just begun taking notes on quotation mark use.  Because I used today, Tuesday, to do preparatory work for tomorrow’s retreat activity, we will resume our study of quotation mark use on April 24th.  Then, the correct use of apostrophes will be taught.

If you are reading this after Easter, may I extend my wishes that the deep joy of Jesus’ Resurrection will remain within us.  The daily devotion that I read to my class today before lunch had such a sweet message.  Jesus reminded us to enjoy today, because He created it special just for us.  So…enjoy today!

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron



April 10th-April 14th

A Note From Miss Boron

Our Lenten journey is almost accomplished.  As I have shared with the students on many different occasions, doing small things (like giving up recess) for God, makes them really great.  As you know, our school-wide Lenten retreat day is on Wednesday.  By definition, these are times away from our everyday lives when we deepen our faith and pray more than usual.  It is the perfect way for our children to enter the Triduum of Holy Week.

Below, please find the topic or theme of my retreat day activity for the three different grade levels.

Fourth Grade: The five Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary

Fifth Grade:     Jesus is the “ONE” way to Heaven

Sixth Grade:     Responding to passages from the book The Last Days of Jesus.

God bless your families as you honor and celebrate His Son’s Resurrection and triumph over death.

Warm regards,

Miss L. Boron

May 2, please go to Thank you for your donation to the school.

April 3rd – April 7th

A Note From Miss Boron

This is our last full week prior to celebrating our Lord’s Resurrection.  I have enjoyed my Lenten journey with the children; Friday Mass is especially touching to me.  Father Bernard commented to the children in his homily that seeing them at Mass on the Fridays of Lent has been very special to him.  Evidently, he spends much time at Providence Hospital visiting patients; seeing my students on these days in particular,  gives him happiness.  When he was so sweet to share that with my class,  I know his words meant so much to them.

Fourth Grade This Week

In addition to continuing our daily Lenten activity, we will talk about the gospel message of April 2nd’s liturgy.  Throughout life, we will learn, Jesus calls us to life over and over again, every time we are awakened to the gift of our faith.

Our reading lessons will continue our work on “Two Tickets to Freedom”.

In English,  correct quotation mark use in direct quotations will be our objective.

Our final test will be taken in Spelling on Thursday.

Our “Forest Food Web” will continue to be built in Science class.  Along with that, the students will become familiar with the meanings of words particular to food chains and webs.

Fifth Grade This Week

The fifth grade class will begin the unit on root words.  The students were asked to be certain that dictionaries accompany them to class next week.

Sixth Grade This Week

After their absence while in Washington, D.C., we have a little catching up to do.  Therefore, prior to our test on Tuesday, April 04th, we will spend class time reviewing key concepts taught in lessons 7.1-7.5.  Upon completion of our assessment, a continuation of Unit 7 will take us into lessons on the correct use of semicolons.

I have a favor to ask of you.  In the next few days, Ms. Gurn, Ms. Geene and myself will be reflecting on ways to make our students’ retreat day as meaningful as possible.  Please pray for us so that the Holy Spirit may infuse our thoughts with those ways…thank-you.

Miss Boron

Important Date, Please Mark Your Calendar

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