May/June 2014

It is good to be back with the students this month, however, due to slow healing I will not have any classes with K-4 and K-5 for the remainder of this school year.  I look forward to working again with them in the next school year.

1st grade:  We are working on adding new vocabulary words about items in our lives such as foods, places and animals and will enjoy hands-on activities that give the students an opportunity to use these words in some brief conversation.

2nd and 3rd grades:  These students have been putting together small booklets that introduce them to new everyday vocabulary.  These booklets give them an opportunity to learn new words, read and pronounce the Spanish words correctly and work on fluency in reading.

4th grade:  Classroom directions and expressions have been the focus and after quizzing on these, we are intent on using them as much as possible in class instruction.  We will also be adding more simple vocabulary and focusing on pronouns and some simple grammar for sentence construction.

5th grade:  May instruction will focus mainly on grammar, such as pronouns, possessive adjectives and correct sentence structure using the vocabulary we know and what is in our texts.

6th grade:  Verbs are on the horizon, and we will have a brief introduction to conjugating ar, er, and ir verbs.  They should be ready for middle school Spanish with the background we have worked on this year.  The text they have is great to use over the summer to if they wish to gather even more information.