Technology: January

Our Technology class blog:

Here are the January topics for Technology classes:

First: Typing Basics, Fonts, and Printing

Second: Home Row Keys

Third: Formatting in Microsoft Word

Fourth: Keyboarding/Careers in Tech

Fifth: Keyboarding/Careers in Tech

Sixth: Keyboarding/Careers in Tech

Each week, grades 4 through 6 will be learning about a different career path that involves technology. This week, we discussed what an aerospace engineer does and looked at some of the projects they might work on in their job. Also, students in grades 4 through 6 will be using to practice their keyboarding skills and they are encouraged to practice at home.

January’s Coding Club theme is Sports and we will meet on the following Thursdays: 1/12, 1/26, 2/2, and 2/9. **Please note that we will NOT meet on 1/19.

Technology: September

Technology classes for the 2016-2017 school year are off to a great start! Our computer lab has 12 desktop computers running the Windows 7 operating system. We are also fortunate enough to have two iPad carts in our school, which we will use occasionally in Technology class. Here is the weekly schedule for Technology classes:

Monday: Third Grade, Fifth Grade

Tuesday: Second Grade, First Grade, Fourth Grade

Wednesday: Sixth Grade

Thursday: Coding Club

First Grade: With this year being their first year visiting the Computer Lab, the first graders have been introduced to our login procedures, basic computer parts, and mouse skills.

Second Grade: Using our new iPad cart, the second graders were able to use Osmo: Coding during their first two weeks. Osmo: Coding is a combination of an iPad base and an app that allows students to create computer code using tangible blocks with their hands. The base, or the “Osmo”, can detect the blocks when placed near the front of the iPad. The students are able to understand sequence and command organization more thoroughly when they are able to physically arrange the blocks with their hands, rather than using a mouse.

Third Grade: The third graders have completed the first two portions of their Mouse Speed Progress Charts, and have already shown improvement. Mouse Speed improves mouse dexterity, accuracy, and quickness. We have also gone over formatting basics in Microsoft Word. Students are now able to change font style, change font size, change font color, navigate between paragraphs, change spacing, and print pages.

Fourth Grade: Our fourth graders have practiced logging into our accounts using Ctrl + Alt + Delete, and typing in our group password. This group has also reviewed the basics of Microsoft Word: fonts, spacing, and printing.

Fifth Grade: Fifth grade has completed the first section of Kodable, an online program that teaches elementary coding principles. We discussed algorithms, and each student typed out a specific and thorough algorithm using a real-world example.

Sixth Grade: The sixth graders have spent time on the “Made With Code” website, which highlights unique careers that were sparked by varying interests (fashion, music, animation, etc.). The students used their creativity to create their very own GIF. Short for Graphics Interchange Format, a GIF is essentially a short animation. In the “Blockly” programming language, the sixth graders used different blocks to create a short animation in four frames.

I have created a blog specifically for our Technology classes. The main purpose of this blog is to share links with the entire class at once, and for students to have access to these links at home. They are not required to visit the blog at home, but they are encouraged to practice their skills with parent permission. To access our Technology blog, please click here: St. Peter’s Tech Blog

I am really looking forward to the Technology projects that are planned for this year. Please e-mail me at with any questions!


Technology: April

Here are the topics we will be covering in April:

First Grade: Keyboarding Progress, Kodable: Conditions

Second Grade: Keyboard Climber, Using Microsoft Word

Third Grade: Typing Tests, Chrome Music Lab

Fourth Grade: Typing Tests, Image Editing

Fifth Grade: Video Compilation/Editing in iMovie

Sixth Grade: Drawing and Complex Animation in PowerPoint

Please visit our Technology class blog for links!

Technology: February

Here are the topics for February Technology classes:

First Grade: Printers and how they work, keyboard recognition

Second Grade: Name GIF Project

Third Grade: Wi-Fi, Network Introduction

Fourth Grade: Geometry tools on Geoboard and iExcel

Fifth Grade: Andy Warhol Pop Art Project

Sixth Grade: Timeline Project using TimeToast

Please continue to check our Technology class blog for details and updates:

Technology: January

Here is what we have planned for January in the computer lab:

First Grade: Math Fact Trees

Second Grade: Kodable

Third Grade: Multiplication Racing

Fourth Grade: Zimmermann Telegram

Fifth Grade: Binary Code

Sixth Grade: GeoBoard

Please check our Technology blog for links, details, pictures, and videos!

Technology: December

Happy National Computer Science Education Week!

We kicked off this week with the first St. Peter’s Hour of Code. Thank you to all 62 students who participated yesterday, with an eager and positive attitude. A special thank you to the 8 “gurus” who assisted me yesterday: Christian, Ray, Sophie, Josh, Steven, Cliff, Harrison, and Conner B.

In the weeks leading up to the holiday break, here is what we will be working on in Technology class:

First Grade: Symmetry Christmas tree practice (working on mouse and math skills!)

Second Grade: Creating holiday cards using Google Docs

Third Grade: How to create our own custom holiday clip art

Fourth Grade: Holiday tour on Google Earth

Fifth Grade: Introduction to Excel formulas

Sixth Grade: Researching and presenting on holiday traditions in different countries

Over the holiday break, if you would like extra Technology practice, please download the Kodable app for free! There are also several links on our class blog that would be useful for practice. Here is our blog:

Technology: November

Here are the projects we are working on in Technology class this month:

First Grade: “Thankful Trees” in Google Docs

Second Grade: Kodable Introduction

Third Grade: Using conditional events in “Scratch”

Fourth Grade: Cathedral Tour on Google Earth

Fifth Grade: Google Earth Flight Simulator

Sixth Grade: Patron Saints Project, using events and animation in Scratch

Please visit our Technology blog to see details, photos, and finished projects! St. Peter’s Tech Blog

Technology: October

There are many exciting projects planned for Technology classes in October! Now that the younger students are able to log in individually and navigate the blog by themselves, they are able to work on their own to complete assignments. The older students have been refreshed on keyboarding and home row keys, and have started their first major project of the year. I am very excited about two programs the older students are using this year that we did not use last year: Scratch and Kodable. Both of these programs teach basic computer science skills while challenging creativity, organizational, and design skills. While I am continually impressed by how quickly the students understand challenging ideas and concepts, I am even more impressed by their excitement to take on these challenges.

Please visit our Technology class blog for details and updates on all classes: St. Peter’s Technology Blog

The new Coding Club theme for November/December is Music & Sound. There are bright orange registration forms with more information in the office.

Technology: September

There are so many exciting projects planned for our Technology classes this year with our 12 NEW computers in the computer lab! Here is the Technology schedule:

Tuesdays: Sixth Grade

Thursdays: Third Grade, Fourth Grade

Fridays: First Grade, Second Grade, Fifth Grade

For new parents, and as a reminder to returning parents, please check our Technology blog each week to see what your child has been working on in class: The blog format and content was updated over the summer break. Last year’s posts are still able to be accessed through Archives on the right toolbar. I will be posting student’s projects, PowerPoints we went over in class, photos from the computer lab, and details about our lessons. I try to update the blog for every grade level after each class so please check it out! Students are familiar with the “Student Links” section, which contains links to sites that will help strengthen technology skills at home.


Jenny Priester