October 10-13

October 10-13, 2017

A Note from Miss De Rhodo

Thank you to all who participated in our Grandparents Day events this past Friday. The K5 class and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing our classroom and spending time with our special guests.

I am excited to begin another week in Kindergarten, and this one is going to be very exciting! We have the Pet Blessing, the Fire Safety Parade, and the Living Rosary.


This Week In Class

Reading: We will be reading and discussing the job of fire fighters and how we can exercise fire safety. Our sight words for the week are is, see, we, to, me, and come. Please practice these at home with your child throughout the week. You can spell out the words, sound them out, clap them out, use them in a sentence, write them, etc.

Books we will be reading in class this week- Everybody Works by Shelley Rotner and Ken Kreisler, A Day at the Fire Station by Richard Scarry, Fire! Fire! By Gail Gibbons, Firehouse Dog by Amy and Richard Hutchings, and Firefighters by: Norma Simon.

Math: We will count and name how many objects are in a set of 0-10, practice writing numbers, and work on counting by ones to 20.

Science: We will learn about our brain, lungs, and heart.

Social Studies: We are learning about various jobs in our community at the beginning of the week, and we will focus on learning about fire fighters’ duties.


Important Dates & Reminders

This week we be having our Fire Safety Parade field trip, Thursday, October 12.

Our Living Rosary will be Friday, October 13.

Blessing of the Animals (As part of honoring the Feast of St. Francis) will be taking place on Wednesday, October 11. If the children would prefer to not be around animals and are uncomfortable in this setting, they may stay inside while it occurs. Please ask your child about this; you can let me know in your blue folder if you would like your child to remain indoors during the pet blessing.