October 10-13

A Note From Mrs. Roy

We had a wonderful Grandparents’ Day and are grateful for all of the grandparents, parents, and special friends who joined us. Porkchop Productions was absolutely fabulous, and everyone loved the play (and laughed a lot, too!). Remember, we don’t have school on Monday because of Columbus Day. I hope that y’all have a great, long weekend!

In Class This Week

Grammar: We been focusing on subject and predicates for the past few weeks. There will be a quiz on Thursday on the following topics: simple subjects and predicates, complete subjects and predicates, and compound subjects and predicates (lessons 1.4 through 1.7). We will review together in class on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Spelling: Our twelve words this week focus on words with the long e sound. There will be a test on Friday, and we will do activities to prepare for this in class. The list can be found here.

Image result for the one and only ivanReading: We are more than halfway through our novel, The One and Only Ivan. As always, we will spend Tuesday reading in pairs and Friday reading it as a class. Comprehension questions are answered as students read; all of these are pulled directly from the reading. We will also spend a good bit of time focusing on Point of View this week. We will practice reading passages from various points of view, and we will then discuss what point of view The One and Only Ivan is told in and why this is unique.

Image result for rosaryReligion: As we prepare for our living rosary on Friday, we will continue to learn more about the power of the rosary. We will also learn more about various saints as we get closer to All Saints Day.

Science: We will continue to learn about magnets, with particular focus on magnetic fields. We will spend some time “playing” with magnets and getting a better understanding of the interactions between magnets.

5th Grade Grammar/Writing: We will start to wrap up our unit on nouns with nouns in direct address and nouns that can also be used as adjectives or verbs. We will end the week practicing diagramming.

6th Grade Grammar/ Writing: We have finished our first unit on sentences. There will be a test on Thursday (chapter 6 from our Voyages textbook). We will spend class on Tuesday and Wednesday reviewing for our test, and there will be a study guide for students to complete in preparation for the test.

 Important Dates & Reminders

Monday, October 9 – No School (Columbus Day)

Wednesday, October 11 – Blessing of the Animals 2:30pm on the soccer field

Friday, October 13 – Living Rosary 9:30am-10:15am on the soccer field