October 10, 2017

Dear Parents,
A very special “Thank You” to all of the Grandparents who visited our K-4 class last Friday! Your presence gave the children another good reason to know that they have very special people in their lives.
Beginning on October 11, the K4’s are joining the Wednesday Mass. A jumper for girls and a tie for boys is required attire for Wednesday Mass.
This week, children will be gaining a greater awareness and appreciation for their sense of sight. The children will be able to express thankfulness to God for their sense of sight through scripture, music, and prayer.
In Language Literacy, children will now be learning about Rhyming Words. We will challenge them to identify words that have the same ending sound from the songs and poems and be able to repeat rhyming words.
In Mathematics, children will continue learning about their numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, more or less, and things that go together. Play with your child by comparing groups of objects of no more than 6 objects/group and use quantitative vocabulary to describe them, such as, (Which has more or less?).

The theme this week will allow children to share what they know about the Fall Season, Such as: What is the weather like? Activities and sports we enjoy. Holidays we celebrate and the various types of clothing we wear during the Fall Season? What happen to trees and plants around us when the Fall Season progresses?
How leaves change color? What do insects do during the Fall Season?

Week 8 – October 10th – 13th

I can See – Sense of Sight

Then Jesus touched their eyes and
they were able to see.
(Cf. Mt 20:34)

Fall/Autumn Season

Language and Literacy:
Letter of the week- Nn
Practice writing: letters
(Mm, Tt, Ff, Bb, Aa, Hh)
Rhyming Words

Identify and Draw Shape – Pentagon
Number 6 – six
Color – black
Size – Small, Medium and Large
More and Less
Things that go together

Autumn Days
Apple Picking Time
The Apple Picking Party
Growing Trees
Trees Count
Pablo’s Tree

Important Dates to Remember:

October 11 – Pet Blessing 2:25 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.
October 13 – Living Rosary 9:30 to 10:00 at the Soccer Field
October 18 – Picture Day
October 23 – Early Dismissal 2:00 p.m.
October 24 – Parent/Teacher Conference Sign-up sheet available in the office
October 26 – PTO Halloween Party 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at Neglia Hall

Your K4 Team: Mrs. Pasco and Mrs. Robinson