St. Peter’s School Parent Teacher Organization

2017-18 PTO Officers:

Kristin Hayes
Shauna Robertson
Tiffany Nettles
Wilda Williamson – Treasurer
Kathy Preston,  School Principal


  • To offer educational information of interest to parents and to advance the education and welfare of all children in the school
  • To promote understanding of mutual educational responsibilities of parents and teachers
  • To provide service to the school where needed
  • To encourage the home and the school to work cooperatively in discharging their respective responsibilities
  • To enhance the community spirit of parents, family and school
  • To promote deeper understanding of Catholic faith and traditions in the school community
  • To organize and promote school fundraisers that support educational programs and curricular objectives
  • To promote collaboration and communication between home and school
  • To act as a vehicle for voicing parents’ concerns