Dear Mrs. Preston:

Prior to enrolling our daughter Katie in the first grade, my wife Kristy and I researched and visited private schools in the Columbia area, as well as the public school in our neighborhood.  After our first visit to St. Peter’s, we knew that we had found the perfect school for our daughter.  The teachers, staff members, parents and students we met created what we believed would be the best environment for our daughter’s education.  While we are not Catholic, having Katie attend a Christian school that is also academically competitive was a major factor in our choosing St. Peter’s.  Katie is learning so much; but more importantly, she is getting the education in a traditional Christian environment.  As you already know, we are so thankful she is attending St. Peter’s!

The teachers and staff at St. Peter’s are exceptional.  As Katie is now in the second grade, she has had the fortune of being taught by both Mrs. Spell, who has decades of experience, and now by Miss Shelley, who is a first-year teacher.  Despite the teachers’ different levels of experience, Katie’s transition from first to second grade has been seamless.  We have had parent-teacher conferences with both teachers over the past year and a half.  During those meetings, both Mrs. Spell and Miss Shelley showed an in-depth knowledge of Katie’s progress in their respective grades.  They listened openly to any concerns we had, and they provided constructive, honest feedback.  This is a testament to the consistency and unity provided by the school.  And because of the small class sizes, all the teachers and staff at St. Peter’s seem to know all the students.  We already know the teachers Katie will have in the upcoming grades, and they know us!

We could send our daughter to a public school less than a 1/2 mile from our home; however, we choose to pay extra so she can attend St. Peter’s Catholic School.  It is very important for us that Katie be surrounded by teachers and staff who share the same values we do.  In today’s climate, even the school-wide celebration of holidays like Christmas and Easter at St. Peter’s is something we do not take for granted.  And we are able to provide her with this educational environment for the cost of a monthly car payment.

Katie absolutely loves going to St. Peter’s.  Not once have we regretted sending Katie to St. Peter’s Catholic School.  Thank you for all that you and each one of the staff members there do every day!


John P. Egan