Great Job on Saint Reports and Costumes.  Check out our St. Peter’s Facebook Page for photos.

Saints, continued

The Parts of the Mass

Jesus calls us to serve and do His Work


(Consonant Diagraphs: th, sh, wh, ch, tch)

Basic Words: dish, than, chest, such, thin, push, shine, chase, white, while, these, flash, which, then

Bonus Wordswould, should

Spelling Test on Friday


Setting a purpose for writing

Focus Trait of Writing: Organization: Beginning Middle and End

Main Idea/Topic Sentence

Action Verbs

Proofreading: CAPS (Capitalization, Agreement, Punctuation, Spelling)

Writing Descriptive Paragraph using Imagery and Onomatopoeia


Setting a purpose for Reading.

Reading like a detective: looking for clues to understand a story or a nonfiction story.

Informational Text: Integrated with Religion, Science and Social Studies

Text to Text Comparisons

Going back into the text for vocabulary and comprehension.

Using strategies for word attack.  What do I do when I come to a word that I don’t know?


Thermometer in Fahrenheit Degrees

Leaves change colors; What do we observe?

Butterfly Life Cycle

Ugly Vegetables

Push and pull

SOCIAL STUDIES:Family Traditions and Customs

How do we honor veterans?

Thanksgiving Traditions


Creating Fact Family Stories using more, all together and some, some went away

Time:  to 5 minutes.

Money: Counting Change

Counting by 3’s, 4’s and 5’s (thinking about multiplication)

Odd numbers and even numbers


Math Fact Flashcards (flashcards are in their backpacks):  Fill out Math Flashcard Log.

Read Together and discuss books! Fill out Weekly Reading Lo

 Reminders & Important Dates:

Please send in earbuds and a water bottle

Wednesday Mass Uniform

Thursday PE Uniform: Arrive by 7:50!

Monday, 11/12:  Veterans Day Parade: 10:15-12:30

Monday, 11/12: Early 2:00 Dismissal; Faculty Meeting

Thanksgiving Break: Wednesday, Nov.27th-Return Monday, December 2nd