January and February

 A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

I apologize for taking so long to update my newsletter!  This one will be packed full of pictures so you can see what amazing things the children have been creating in 2017.  It always amazes me to see how much talent this school has.  I feel lucky to be a part of it all!  I have three exciting bits of news!

  1. We will once again be having our student’s art on display at Scoopy Doo Gelato Shop in Five points for the month of March!  I letter will be going home to those student’s that will have their art displayed there, but all families are encouraged to visit Scoopy Doo and see the art from St. Peter’s Catholic School gracing their walls, especially on St. Patrick’s day when the school will get a portion of their proceeds!  Look for more to come on this later!
  2. 2.  New for this year, we will also be holding a very special display of our student’s art at Portfolio Art Gallery in Five Points.  We have been asked to provide student art   to hang on one of their walls in May.  There will be an opening event for this show, look for more information to come home on this as well.
  3. The annual art show has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 9th at the Springhill Suites Hotel from 4 – 7pm!  Mark your calendars!

K – 4

We had fun doing some magic art by drawing snowflakes with white pastels and then they magically appeared!  Then we used potatoes  and our fingers to print these jolly little penguins on our snow storms.

In honor of Chinese New Years we make some paper lanterns with some stamped cherry blossoms on them.  They really enjoyed getting messy with this one!  We also have been working on making these watery fish bowls and then glued our paper fish.  Aren’t they cute!


In honor of the Chinese New Years, we painted a branch and then stamped some pretty pink blossoms on it, then cut it into strips to make these gorgeous paper lanterns.  So pretty!

We learned about the famous artist, Wassily Kandinski and all about how he experimented with color by painting different colors of circles next to each other. We made our own Kandinski circle paintings!  They look great hanging all together on the wall!  We are just about finished with our next project which is a paper collage fish bowl!

1st Grade

The first grade did an amazing job making their clay fish, complete with stamped scales, fins and a great big glass eye!  They glazed them and the fish are being fired this week.  We are very excited to get them back and see how they came out!

We learned about Brazilian artist Romero Britto and his famous patterns and bright colors.  We copied his style to make these Britto-esque designs on paper.  I love them!  Right now we are working on a really nice Vincent VanGogh painting.  They have really enjoyed learning about Vincent and his interesting life and art!  I’m excited to see these done too!


2nd grade

We worked really hard on our wintery self portraits and the results are amazing!  I love the hats and scarves and the detail in the faces.  Good job 2nd Grade!  We are almost done with our paper mache bowls too.  These have been a lot of work and really messy too!  They are enjoying the process and the results will be beautiful.

3rd Grade

Back in December, the third grade started our paper sculptures of roller coasters!  This was a great exercise for the imagination as they designed and created their dream roller coaster rides out of strips of colored paper, some of them look like very scary rides indeed!  They even include a little car with the student riding the ride!  These were on display in the library for the month of February!  The third grade has finished the building part of their clay Asian elephant project and as soon as they are all fired we will begin to paint them.  These are a new project for me and I can’t wait to see how they come out!  We also spent some time learning about the art of French artist Marc Chagall and his dreamlike artwork.  He is one of my very favorites!  For this project, we studied his Paris Through a Window painting.  While we are waiting for our clay to be fired, we started our next project, which is a fun imaginative drawing piece where we will be pretending to be in the jungle just like the famous artist Henri Rouseau.

4th Grade

The fourth grade worked together to make a fantastic and large Chinese Dragon for the art room!  We learned a bit about the Chinese New Year celebration and made the dragon in it’s honor! I think it’s great!  Then they each made their own smaller version of a Chinese Dragon, using folded paper, cut paper and some recycled bottle caps.  Great job 4th Grade!


5th Grade

The 5th grade combined a little bit of Language Arts class with regular Art class as we did some Alliterative Adjective Self Portraits.  They came up with an adjective to describe themselves that starts with the same letter as their name.  I think they showed great imagination and talent in these pieces!  I love them and they tell a lot about the student too!  Next, we learned about the famous Great Wave painting of the Japanese print maker Hokusai.  They are using watercolors to paint their own version of the Great Wave, but separating warm and cool colors to make the water and the sky.  I think these will be stunning!


6th Grade

It took the 6th grade many weeks to finish their self portraits because there are so many steps, but they are well worth it.  The students used a photo as an aid in creating the image of themselves and then painted it on a sheet of acetate… backwards.  This is not easy!  As a background, and on a separate piece of paper, they did a colored pencil/watercolor image of where they might like to be in 20 years!  It is really interesting to see what they are thinking about.  Fantastic job 6th grade!  We then did a quick lesson on the polish art of cut paper. Gwizady.  The sixth graders also crafted their own cross designs out of clay.  These are being fired and we will glaze them next week!  They came up with some beautiful designs for this project and I’m anxious to see the finished products!


Art Club

I January’s art club the kids had a chance to do some manual labor as they hammered the nails into painted boards for their string art designs.  These came out so beautifully!  I was so proud of them, this is not an easy project!  In February we studied the Italian art of Millifiori which is rolled and sliced clay designs.  The artists made beautiful vases with their Sculpey clay as well as a pen set!   Join us for art club in March!  The more the merrier!