September 18th – 22nd

A Note From Mrs. Phillips

DRESS DOWN DAY!!!  I REPEAT…DRESS DOWN DAY!!!  If you want your child to have a dress down day, all you have to do is be at the PTO meeting on Thursday night!  It begins at 5:30 in Neglia Hall.  Join us for dinner first- $5 per person or $20 for a family.  I would love to see our whole class there!  Any child I see from third grade will also earn 2 reading tickets!

Please be sure to turn in all chocolate sale money.

In Class This Week…

Religion: In religion this week, we will finish the story of  Jacob and Esau and their relationship with their father Issac.  We will then get into our religion books and learn about how great God is!

Reading: The class has begun reading “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”!  The students are loving delving into this world of Charlie Bucket.  We are working on comprehension and story elements.

Language Arts: This week, the class will continue practicing sentence structure.  The spelling and vocabulary test will be Friday.  STAR homework is expected to be turned in with the minutes read and Xtramath completed.

Math:  The class will continue practicing the concept of rounding this week.  Such a hard concept to grasp, but the class seems to be doing well!  Copy and paste the link below to play a review game on place value and rounding!

Kahoot! link:

Science: The class will discuss what a meteorologist is and what tools they use to predict the weather.

Social Studies:  In Social Studies, the students will continue to learn about the five regions of South Carolina.  The class will be creating presentations based on these regions this week and next.


Thursday, September 21st- First PTO meeting!  5:30 in Neglia Hall

Monday, September 25th- 2:00 dismissal

Tuesday, October 3rd- Progress reports sent home in Tuesday folders