March in the Art Room

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

Happy March everyone!  As the days get warmer and the trees begin to bloom, the art room changes from penguins to lambs and flowers.  We are also starting to get ready for the end of year art show.  Dates will be announced very soon!  So be looking for that and be sure to plan to come to the art show to see what all of our students have been working on all year!

K – 4

The K – 4 students had a great time making their own robots complete with moving arms and legs!  This was a great exercise of the imagination and just plain fun.  They did a wonderful job.  Then we did some paint stamping and practiced our cutting to make these adorable lambs to help welcome the spring time.  We will be painting our clay hands  next and learning about the art of Pablo Picasso!



K – 5

The K -5 class read the award winning book “Beautiful Blackbird” and then we did a little project to share what we learned in the book.  Great job K – 5!   After that we learned about lines and drew our own bird cages using straight and curly lines.  We then our own little pet birds to keep in the cages.  How sweet!  UP next for K-5 we will be learning about the art of Georgia O’Keefe and her beautiful large flower paintings!


1st Grade

We read the Caldecott award winning book by Faith Ringgold “Tar Beach”. We learned what a story quilt is and then we each made our own designed paper, cut it into squares and shared our squares with the whole class so that each student could make a shared  “quilted border” for their artwork.  The middle art features the student flying through the sky like the author does in the book.  I love these!  Next we will be painting our clay birds.  They are very excited about this.

2nd Grade  

The second grade learned about the Indian tradition of painted elephants .  We learned ways to draw elephants and then drew and pointed our own complete with jewels and gems. We are also nearly finished with our paper weaving project in which we make a field of grass and s bunch of snakes to weave in and out of the grass!  Next up is learning about Picasso faces and making a standing crazy Picasso face.

3rd Grade

The third grade worked on a weaving project after Mrs. Younginer visited us with her weaving looms.  It was really helpful to see how a real loom worked.  First they painted the plates  with a symmetrical design then we wove a small circle in the center.  Great job third grade!  Next we will be painting our ceramic peacocks and then we will learn about the artist Henri Rousseau and his jungle paintings.

4th Grade

The fourth grade also did some weavings after Mrs. Younginers’s visit.  Theirs were a little more complicated because they had to weave back and forth, changing directions and making a tree out of the weaving.  They did a fantastic job!  After that we learned about the art of Salividor Dali, especially his surreal elephant paintings that had giraffe like legs.  We combined  parts of different animal pictures to make some surreal animals of our own in imaginative settings.  Next of is the art of Gustav Klimt!



5th Grade

The fifth grade learned about the large flowers painted by American artist Georgia O’Keefe.  We then drew large flowers like hers using clear glue on black paper.  We used colorful chalk to fill in the flowers.  These are gorgeous fifth grade!  And now we are working on the much anticipated famous American figures using wooden spoons, soda bottles and a lot of other odds and ends!  So far, so good!

6th Grade

Our ceramic crosses have been fired and the glaze has arrived so we will be glazing the crosses as soon as everyone is back from D.C.!  In the mean time, students have been working on their large self portraits in the Fauvist style (using bright, emotional colors).  These are nearly finished and they are looking really good!  Next we will be working on a mosaic project for the school.  More news to come on that later!