3/11/19 – 3/15/19

Note from Mrs. Russell:

I hope you are having a good Lent. No matter what your Religious Tradition, the practice of Prayer, Fasting and Giving is good to promote. For second graders, this may look like intentionally praying more as a family, fasting by giving something up for Lent, and your child serving you by doing extra chores so they can put change in their Rice Bowl.


Celebrating Lent: Pray, Fast & Give

Moral Choices & Conscience-God’s Inner Voice of Right and Wrong

WWJD: What would Jesus do?

SPELLING: Base Words with endings -ed, -ing

running, clapped, stopped, hopping, batted, selling, pinned, cutting, sitting, rubbed, missed, grabbed, mixed, going

Bonus Words: St. Patrick’s Day; Lent


Phonics: clapping syllables and adding endings to words

Short vowels/long vowel sounds

Limericks: Rhyme and Rhythm in Poetry

Playing close attention to the details in stories.


Writing St. Patrick’s Day Limericks


Elaboration: Story Details



Geometry continued: Congruent Figures, Lines of Symmetry, Slides and Flips, Turns, and Patterns

Math Geometry Quiz On Wednesday: check the Tuesday folder to go over the work that comes home.

Math Centers: Time and Money



Following Signs on a Road

Heroes Then and Now


Super Soil


Work with your child on Time and Money at home.

Math Flashcards

Check the Tuesday folder to go over the work that comes home.

Read a book and discuss nightly. Take turns having your child read aloud, or you read to them.

Reminders & Important Dates:

8:30 Ash Wednesday Mass: Best Uniform

PEHP Thursday: PE Uniform

Group Pictures: Wednesday, March 13th. Your child will already be wearing his/her BEST uniform. No off color hair bows, please.

Saturday, March 16th: St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Please join us!

Monday, March 18th: 2:00 PM Dismissal

Monday, March 18th: End of Third Quarter

Tuesday, March 19th: Beginning of Fourth Quarter- Re-registration deadline