Paying It Forward: Investing In The Future Of Our Children

Career day instills love of scienceSt.Peter’s School is about the future: the future of our children, which truly is the future of us all.  Our mission is to prepare our students for a bright future, a life that is faith-filled, virtuous and motivated by the desire for excellence in all they do.  All are invited to invest in this mission, in our children, and in a bright future for us all.

While tuition and fees are our largest single source of revenue, those funds don’t cover the full cost of educating our students each year.  The following  sources of supplemental income allow us to continually improve the school while keeping it affordable for families.  

In recent years, the Annual Fund has provided for upgrades to the computer room and library, as well as upgrades to the playground and equipment.  It is our sincere hope that everyone with a stake in St. Peter’s School—from parents to faculty to alumni to community friends—will participate with a gift to the Annual Fund.

St. Peter’s School offers Financial Aid to those who qualify.  Donations to the Tuition Assistance Fund come from parents, parishioners, and members of the local community. Donors understand the importance of keeping Catholic education accessible to all who seek a quality education in a safe and faith-filled environment.  If you have received a Catholic education and understand the benefits and blessings it has brought to your life, please consider investing in a child, who may not be able to come to St. Peter’s without your help.

Gifts to the Annual Fund and the Tuition Asistance Fund may be made online.  Click here to go directly to the Online Giving Page of St. Peter’s Catholic Church website  On the right side of the page, under “Gift Information,” please choose “School Tuition Assistance” or “Annual Fund.”  Thank you for your generosity in paying it forward and investing in the future of us all.

Would You Like To Contribute?

If you would like to learn more about giving opportunities, please contact Development Director Mrs. Alana Jordan, 586-0774, or please use the contact form below.  We welcome your financial participation in the stewardship of our school, and we are always in need of volunteers.  Please make checks to: St. Peter’s Catholic School, 1035 Hampton St., Columbia, SC 29201.