Affordable, Excellent Christian School


St. Peter’s Catholic School aims to steward our resources wisely, without compromising excellence. 

We accept new students, year-round, on a space-available basis.  The current tuition is $5,250 for parishioners of St. Peter’s Church and other local Catholic churches.  There is also a second child reduced rate of $4,500. The third child rate is $4,250.

Tuition for non-parishioners is $6,550 with a second child reduced rate of $6,100.  The third child rate is $5,600.

You will receive information about payment options upon acceptance of your child in the school.  Questions about tuition payments may be directed to the front office at the school. 

Tuition Schedule 2018/2019

Financial Aid

Here at St. Peter’s we recognize that a Christian education, though priceless in value, does entail a significant financial commitment.  If you think you lack the assets and income to pay full tuition, we encourage you to please apply for Financial Aid.   If you have questions, please use the email contact form at the bottom of this page and select Mrs. Alana Jordan, Development Director, or call Mrs. Jordan at 803-252-8285.   She will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in applying for aid.

When you apply for Financial Aid, all financial information you submit is completely confidential.   An independent company, FACTS Management, evaluates your financial situation and recommends to St. Peter’s the amount of aid you qualify for.

To apply, please see Applying for Financial Aid Through FACTS Management.

What Parents and Students Say

“Our son gets in the car every day thanking us for sending him to St. Peter’s! It is a wonderful school and community, high-class education, and phenomenal support system– truly a Godsend to our family!” Jennifer Roberts, parent

“Amazing teachers and support faculty! An education second to none. Mrs. Preston is an exceptional principal and creates an atmosphere of mutual respect that engages faculty, students, and parents. GREAT SCHOOL!” Catherine Norris, parent

“St. Peter’s makes me feel safe with kind teachers and a loving principal. St. Peter’s is the best Catholic school in South Carolina and deserves all the compliments it gets.” Fifth-grade student

“I love St. Peter’s because we are challenged to go above and beyond. There’s always a lot of fun, and there’s always a lot of learning. ‘B+?’ our teachers will say, ‘an okay grade, yes, but you’re all capable of an A.'”Sixth-grade student

“I love St. Peter’s because the teachers and Mrs. Preston are kind, caring, and always here, looking out for me.” Fifth-grade student

“St. Peter’s gave me a sense of structure and discipline that a lot of my current peers never got. It becomes very clear in middle school and high school who had structure and discipline growing up, as those who didn’t begin to fall by the wayside. At St. Peter’s, the focus is on both academics and learning to be a good person.” Sim Harmon, alumnus, who now works in finance in New York City.