April 1-5, 2019

A Note from Mrs. Ronald

This week, as we continue our Lenten journey, we will continue to discuss how we can practice prayer, almsgiving, and penance.

We will also have our third Junior Achievement class on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 at 1pm. Junior Achievement uses hands-on activities to help students understand how a business is run and how businesses in the United States affect the economy of the country and the world.  

This Week in Class


This week we will continue to explore the liturgical seasons in the Church. We will discuss the significance almsgiving, prayer and penance during the season on Lent. Additionally we shall prepare for our turn to lead Stations of the Cross. We will lead the fourth through sixth grades in Stations on Friday, April 5, 2019 at 1pm in the Basilica.


Students are doing extremely well in their reading groups. This week we will continue reading our novels and journaling about our thoughts to different events in them.

Also, just a reminder that Reading Log #2, which focuses upon character traits for the fiction side and facts vs. opinions for the nonfiction side, will be due Friday, April 5, 2019.


This week we will continue our unit on vivid verbs. Students have already made excellent lists of vivid verbs to use instead of walk or said. Students will begin our chapter on verbs in the Voyages textbook. Along with learning how to use verbs more effectively, they will continue practicing diagramming sentences with direct objects and subject complements.

Also this week we will continue our Unit 2 vocabulary with Word Sort 11. This week we will submit our definitions and parts of speech in our ELA notebooks. On a separate sheet of paper they will find 12 antonyms to go with the words, and we will write 12 sentences that use the vocabulary words correctly in context. These sentences must be equally divided amongst the 4 types of sentences: 3 exclamatory sentences, 3 imperative sentences, 3 declarative sentences, and 3 interrogative sentences.  The spelling test for word sort 11 is scheduled for Thursday, April 4, 2019, and the vocabulary test for word sort 10 is scheduled for Friday, April 5.

Word Sort 11:

frighten, classify, straighten, diversify, capitalize, civilize, purify, symbolize, dampen, falsify, sharpen, beautify, sweeten, idolize, lengthen, simplify, energize, harmonize, memorize, apologize, analyze, visualize, summarize, paralyze


This week we will complete our study of chapter 13 in our textbook. We will practice multiplying and dividing and apply it to working with decimals. We will also work on story problems and reviewing what we learned in this chapter using the Critical Thinking Workbook. The test for Chapter 13 will be on Friday, April 5, 2019.

For additional practice, please visit


Social Studies

This week we will explore and discuss the American Declaration of Independence. Students will complete their scavenger hunts and participate in a class discussion of the Declaration. Students will also determine the critical parts of the declaration and create their own versions.


This week we will complete Chapter 12 on Conductors & Insulators. Students compare the two to see what they have in common, and to see what differentiates the two.

For more information on insulators and conductors, please view the following video:

We will then review what we have learned about static electricity, conductors and insulators in order to take a test. We will review on Friday, April 5, and the test will take place on Monday, April 8, 2019.

Reminders & Important Dates

April 8          2pm dismissal

April 9         PTO meeting in Neglia Hall at 5:30pm

April 12       11:30am dismissal   Lenten Retreat Day!

April 13-22 Spring Break

April 30       4th quarter Progress Reports go home in the Tuesday Folder