April 16-20

A Note From Mrs. Marsha

Dear Families,

Happy Earth week! This week the students will continue our space unit and extend further with learning about the Earth and the special gift it is from God. The students will also continue the measurement unit. Please make sure your child is being responsible for their spelling journal to practice their spelling words, a spelling choice board link is below. Have a wonderful week!

Spelling Menu

In Class This Week

Religion- God’s creations

Language Arts-

Spelling words- me, be, tree, mean, these, read, see, feet, keep, sea,

High frequency words- these, are, too, this, may, she, his

Phonics skills- long e, ee, ea

Comprehension- main idea, author’s purpose

Grammar- punctuation , questions words

Vocabulary- moon, stars, earth, planet, landform, resource, pollution, reduce, reuse, recycle

Math- Students will apply measurement tools to figure out measurement in inches, centimeters, and capacity.

Science- Students will identify how to care for the earth and its resources.

Homework- practice spelling words every night and read leveled reader

Important Dates & Reminders

April 23rd- 2 p.m. Dismissal

April 26th- PTO Meeting, 5:30 p.m. in Neglia Hall

April 30th-May 11th- MAP Testing