April 9-13

A Note From Ms. Gurn

Happy Easter! Can you believe we only have 9 more weeks of school left? Time has sure flown by. This week promises to be a busy one, as we finish old units and begin new lessons. I know many of us already have Spring fever. It is important that all of us stay focused and determined to finish this school year strong. I know we can do it!

*Report Cards go home Tuesday. Please review and sign.

contact: agurn@stpeterscatholicschool.org

This Week In Class

Reading/Writing Workshop: This week the students will finish their research papers. I look forward to seeing how much their writing has grown. Next, the whole month of April will be dedicated to learning characteristics of poetry while also creating a new poem per day.

Spelling Words: The spelling/vocabulary words this week will be new poetry terms! consonance, exaggeration, haiku, hyperbole, line, meter, nursery rhyme, assonance, alliteration, cinquain, epitaph, homonym, homophone, imagery, metaphor, narrative poem, ballad, acrostic, couplet and accent.

Science:  This week, the students will finish their independent studies on invasive species and create a WANTED poster for the species. Next, we will start a new unit on rocks and minerals.

Social Studies:  This week we will finish up our Civil Rights unit by learning about the 14th and 15th amendments. We will close our unit by researching famous African Americans that overcame obstacles to see the success of the Civil Rights movement. Test Thursday.

Theology: This week we will learn about the order of the Mass in full detail, while acknowledging all of the sacramentals the priest uses. We will also learn why we call church “Mass” in the first place!

4th Grade Social Studies:  This week we will begin the Civil War. What were some of the main causes of the Civil War? What were the differences between the Union and the Confederacy? Quiz NEXT Thursday.

6th Grade Social Studies: This week we will study the Crusades from all perspectives, looking specifically at the Catholic response to the Crusades. We will then discuss the causes and effects of the Bubonic Plague, otherwise known as, the Black Death.

Reminders & Important Events:

Monday, April 9th- Classes resume

Tuesday, April 10th- Report Cards issued

Wednesday, April 11th- Class picture day

Thursday, April 12th- Field trip to State House read-in (more info to come)

Monday, April 23rd- 2:00 dismissal

Thursday, April 26th- PTO Meeting

Friday, April 27th- USC Field Trip

Saturday April 28th- First Holy Communion 5:30pm

Monday April 30th – Friday, May 4th- MAP Testing