April and May in the Art Room

A Note From Mrs. Wyrick

I hope this finds you all enjoying a nice summer day!  Our last couple of months in the art room were really packed with activity.  The annual art show was held on May 8th, here at school.  So many students and their families came to see the beautiful art that their students worked on all year.  Thanks so much to all of you that took the time to come and show your support!  I am so proud of each and every one of you!  Summer will fly by and I will see you all in August!



I missed several weeks with the K-class due to activities at the school, but we were still able class and make some soda bottle fish and some plastic egg aliens!  They did a great job but I failed to take pictures of either of these projects!  Sorry, they were really cute though!



The K-5 class read the book “If the dinosaurs Came Back” and imagined what that might look like.  They did a great job drawing pictures of it!  We also used white circle stickers to make eyes on any type of animal, creature or person of their choice!  These guys have great imaginations!


1st Grade

After traveling home with the first graders all year long, Vincent Van Gogh finally made it back to the art room for the summer.  He had so many great adventures with this first grade class.  Thanks to you all for taking such good care of him!  The first grade had fun using marshmallows dipped in paint to make these beauiful peacock paintings!


2nd Grade

The second grade learned about reflections and made a reflection city by imagining and then drawing a city of their dreams.  We used water based markers on a half sheet of paper and then we down the other half and folded it over to make a watery reflection of our city!  They invented some fabulous cities!  Then we got ready for summer by learning about 1960’s well known pool artist David Hockney.  We drew ourselves in the pool using water colors and oil pastels.



3rd Grade

The third grade learned about the self taught French artist Henri Rousseau and his dreamt up jungle paintings.  We then dreamt up our own jungles and drew them.  These look like places I’d love to visit!  Good job 3rd Grade!  We also got in the mood for summer by making under water scuba self portraits!


4th Grade

The fourth grade learned about the color wheel and mixed all of the 9 colors that are not primary colors.  We made our own wheel of sorts and turned it into a colorful peacock!  They always love the act of watching colors change right before their eyes!


5th Grade

The fifth grade learned about optical illusion artist Escher.  We then created repeating patterns called tessalations.  These aren’t easy, but they did a great job!  We then practiced our drawing skills by cutting a magazine picture in half and then reproducing the other half in colored pencil.  I think they did an amazing job!