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A Note from Mrs. Preston

Dear Parents and Friends of St. Peter’s School,

The children were bursting with excitement! Invitations had been sent, the room had been prepared, cards had been written, simple refreshments of doughnuts, coffee and juice were on the table.

In the adult world it is easy to forget what a special event “Doughnuts with Dad’s” can be to a young child. I watched as the kindergarten students physically reacted with joy-smiling, jumping, and hugging, as their fathers joined them in their classrooms, huddled around the small tables for juice and doughnuts.

I watched as one small student anxiously looked toward the classroom door, waiting expectantly for his father to arrive. Holding back tears and then breaking into a beautiful smile when his father appeared. I was filled with a sense of gratitude to all of these men who took the time to be with their child for a few moments on this Friday morning. And I prayed that they really understood how important their presence is to their child.

Recently, when speaking with parents, they humbly admitted that they wished there was some kind of handbook that went along with parenting. I remember feeling the same way when my children were young. More is required of us to get a driver’s license than to be a parent!

In Parenting with Love and Leadership, by John Rosemond, he states the following:

“In the proper raising of a child, both unconditional love and unequivocal discipline are undeniably necessary. Furthermore, love and discipline are not two different things; rather they are complements. Love is necessary to the proper discipline of a child and proper discipline is necessary to properly loving a child. Proper parenting is an exercise in leadership.”

I have also found that this most important responsibility is considerably more enjoyable when shared with others going through the same self-doubts, frustrations, and joy! This month our Assistant Principal, Mrs. Ellie Russell, and our Parochial Vicar, Fr. Andrew Fryml, are offering a special series titled “Faith-based Parenting” on Sunday mornings, from 10:15 to 11:30,in Neglia Hall. This is an opportunity for parents to learn, share, commiserate, and build a community of support and friendship. I hope you will consider joining us. To register for this free program email erussell@stpeterscatholicschool.org, or frfryml@visitstpeters.org

I smiled as I read what our K5 students had written and posted in the front of the classroom: “My Dad is as awesome as – “a popstar”, “cupcakes”, Disney World”, “dogs and goosebumps”, and “HUGS”

Let us continue to love and lead our children with God’s grace and blessings.

Kathy Preston