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Week of April 20th-April 24th

Dear Parents of 5th and 6th Grade Students, I always enjoy seeing the students after Christmas and Spring breaks…and they always seem to have grown taller in their time away from school.  Having not seen them for four weeks now, I can just imagine how wonderful it would be to see them today…our first day […]

Fifth Grade News for the week of December 16th-20th

Dear Parents, …..and now the hustle-bustle begins….. Please note the extra activities that will occur this week. Monday, December 16th. In the morning, the students will have a dress rehearsal for their performance in the afternoon. Their presentation to parents and guests will be at 1:00. Thursday, December 17th. The children will spend most of […]

Saint Peter’s Announces Appointment of New Principal

After a long search process involving multiple candidates from across the nation, Fr. Gary Linsky, Pastor of Saint Peter’s, and members of the Principal Search Committee are pleased to announce the selection of Ms. Aubrey Herkert as the new principal of Saint Peter’s Catholic School. She begins her tenure at Saint Peter’s on June 13th […]

Week of December 4 – 8 Newsletter

Dear K5 Parents,  I would like to thank each of you for welcoming me to St. Peter’s with open arms! My first week with K5 was without a doubt a week to remember!  I appreciate all the support that each of you have put forth in ensuring your child receives the education they deserve. I […]

School Bulletin News: Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation By: Ms. Allison Gurn, 5th Grade Teacher “For our heart to be open to supreme reality we require the simplicity of a child to sit still in the presence of God and to remain open.”- John Main OSB The back to school buzz can be a hectic time for both students and teachers.  […]

PE Program – Strength and Movement

From September through December, St. Peter’s Catholic School participates in a dynamic partnership with the Columbia Conservatory of Dance. The ‘Strength and Movement’ class was developed 7 years ago after Mr. William Starrett, Ms. Mariclare Miranda , founding directors and principal instructors of the Conservatory, met with Principal, Kathy Preston. Mrs. Preston was interested in […]

Summer Reading

Fourth Grade Reading List 2017-2018 The Cricket in Times Square.  The author is George Selden. This Newbery Award winning novel will introduce you to Tucker mouse, Harry the cat, and Chester Cricket.  We will reread and study this book in September, so please have your own copy and take very good care of it.  However, […]

Kindergarten 4 Summer 2017

Kindergarten 4 Reading List Many parents ask what they can do to keep their child’s skills fresh over the summer. Here are my recommendations: 1. Practice writing first names with lowercase letters (Kelly not KELLY) within three lines (one solid line at the bottom, dotted line in the middle, solid line at the top) 2. […]