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Classroom News May 13th- 17th

Students have completed their MAP (reading and math) testing. This week, students will be completing F&P testing. Due to the testing throughout the week there will not be a spelling test this Friday. Please continue to review previously tested spelling words at home. Reading/Writing: Students will be writing a personal narrative (small moment) while using […]

Classroom News May 6th – 10th

Spelling: Due to MAP and F&P Testing this week, students will not be taking a spelling test. Please review spelling words from previous tests for extra practice. Reading/writing: Students will discuss story details and review the following: point of view and the 5w’s. Students will also continue to practice writing letters. Math: Students will review […]

Classroom News April 29th – May 3rd

Spelling: words to know for this week: rain, day, aim, may, way, lay, tea, green, train, stay. Students will use these words throughout the week to form complete sentences. Reading/writing: Students will continue practicing forming letters on lined paper while using good writing posture. Students will also work on breaking words into syllables while clapping. […]

Classroom News April 23rd- 26th

Math: Students will identify the penny, nickel, quarter, dime, and its value. Students will also compare the number of coins. Science: Students will use units to measure length (shortest/longest) and quantity while estimating. Students will also discuss the meaning of perimeter. Social Studies: Students will identify the basic value of American democracy. Spelling: Students will […]

Classroom News April 8th- 12th

Spelling: Students will be participating in a Spelling Bee this Friday. Throughout the week, students will be practicing these review words in interactive games. Spelling Bee words: an, man, can, ran, fan, ten, pen, hen, land, cut, nut, hut, but, gut, bug, mug, dug, mutt, far, jar, car, star, her, fur, hurt, purr, start, am, […]

April 1st – April 5th Classroom News

Math: Students will be able to tell time by the hour and half hour. Students will discuss the similarities and differences between analog and digital clocks. Spelling: your, many, two, into, been, who, press, grade, their, would. Students will discuss and review -ir, -ur, -er words while using them in complete sentences with capital letters, […]

Classroom News March 25th-29th

Math: Students will compare digital and analog clocks as forms of time measurement. Students will identify parts of a clock and time to the hour. Reading/Writing: Students will review print handwriting skills. Students will provide finger spaces and form letters neatly on dotted and bold lines. Students will analyze a narrative text to determine a […]

Classroom News March 18th- 22nd

Spelling words: trip, print, grade, trap, gram, press, play, sled, prince, princess. The spelling test will be this Friday. Reading/Writing: Students will discuss base words and their endings (er, est, ed, ing, es, s). Students will use appropriate voice level and intonation when speaking and reading aloud. Students will continue to discuss personal narratives in […]

Classroom News March 11th- 15th

Math: Students will continue to identify shapes and their characteristics. Spelling: words for this week: frost, brown, free, crib, crab, brick, black, flag, frozen, break. Reading/Writing: Students will identify base words and endings (es, s, ing, ed, er, est). Students will discuss headings, subheadings, print styles. Students will also continue to practice writing in complete […]

Classroom News March 4th-7th

Spelling: Due to the shortened school week, students will be tested on review spelling words (poke, am, said, all, he, of, come, clap, glass, then). Math: Students will identify closed and opened figures. Students will also describe characteristics of shapes. Religion: Students will discuss Ash Wednesday. We will continue to discuss how the Church is […]