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End of the School Year Newsletter 2019 – 2020

Dear Parents, First, we would like to say how grateful we are, that all of our students, their families, our co-workers and their families are still with us during this epidemic. Some families have lost loved ones for various reasons unrelated to the epidemic and we will remember them in our prayers. These past ten […]

K4 May Newsletter 2020

Dear Parents, WOW!  Time flies.  It is now the month of May and it is our last month of the school year 2019 – 2020.  Can you tell?  It seems as if one day rolls into the next and we are caught in this new life style of “Social Distancing”.  Rest assured that we shall […]

April K-4 Newsletter

Dear Parents, As I was reviewing the class’s progress so that I could better prepare each child’s lesson plan during this period of home study.  I found that the class’s progress was very much on track as to where they should be at this time in the school year. I truly believe that with your […]

K4 March Newsletter 2020

Dear Parents, Our unit about Discovering God’s Gifts of Animals, Birds, Fish, Flowers, Trees,  Light, Water, and Air/Wind, would not be complete without a focus on Families      and Friends. It is within the family that most young children experience their first exposure to love. Children need to feel loved and wanted by people around them […]

K4 February Newsletter

Dear Parents, Religious Education: The children will discover God’s gifts: Water, Light and Air. In these lessons we will help the children to be aware and appreciative of God’s gifts.  We will let children express their thankfulness for God’s gifts through Scripture, music and prayer. Science: We are celebrating National Dental Health Month. The children […]

K4 January 2020

Dear Parents, Happy New Year! We hope that you and your family enjoyed the Christmas Break and the pleasure of being with family and friends. In Religious Education, the children will develop a greater awareness of God’s gift of animals, birds and fish. The children will try to learn the names of various animals, birds […]

K4 December Newsletter

Dear Parents, The children will be learning about the Advent season and Christmas. Advent is a time of waiting and preparation for the celebration of the Nativity of Jesus at Christmas. Waiting is difficult for young children, the Advent season is a good time for them to learn about patience and preparing. Reading and listening […]

Kindergarten 4 November Newsletter

Dear Parents, Thank you for sharing your time with us during the Parent/Teacher conferences last Friday.  We were happy to be able to meet all of you. The first quarter went by so quickly.  Attending to children’s needs requires that we, as teachers, explore all areas of your child’s development. As we work to identify […]

K4 October Newsletter

Dear Parents, The children have been working on “Following Directions” three to four step directions. They will continue to master these skills (Listen, Ask, Repeat and Get ready to follow the directions). Religion: “God Made Me” We will be finishing Unit One “God Made Me” for our Religion studies. The lessons promote the children’s feelings […]

September K4 Newsletter

Dear Parents, We would like to thank all the parents for attending the Back to School Night. It shows that you are all interested and committed to your child’s education. The first two weeks were a good, positive beginning. The K-4 children are trying to get to know each other, know where to look for […]