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Technology September

K4: Desktop/Mouse Introduction, Mouse Control, Drag and Drop Skills K5: Drag and Drop Skills, Right/Left Click, Mouse Speed First Grade: Mouse Accuracy, Computer Parts Review, Home Row Keys Second Grade: Mouse Accuracy, Computer Parts Review, Search Engines Third Grade: Hardware vs. Software, What is WiFi?, Keyboarding Practice Fourth Grade: Hardware vs. Software, What is WiFi?, […]

Technology: April

First Grade: Kodable Logins/Accounts, Tynker Second Grade: Kodable Logins/Accounts, Formatting in Microsoft Word Third Grade: Kodable Logins/Accounts, Multiplication Resources Fourth Grade: Monty Hall Dilemma, Microsoft Publisher Fifth Grade: Microsoft Publisher, Graphics Sixth Grade: Scratch Project, Graphics   Link to St. Peter’s Technology Blog: http://www.stpeterstech.edublogs.org

Technology: February

St. Peter’s Technology Class Blog: www.stpeterstech.edublogs.org First Grade: Sight Word Recognition Activities, Typing Valentines Letters, Tangrams Second Grade: Learning Coins Activities, Computer Vocabulary, Robot Islands Third Grade: Google Earth, States of Matter, Typing Rocket Fourth Grade: Excel Pixel Art, Letter Creator Fifth Grade: Google Sheets Pixel Art, Ghost Typing, Hydro Logic Sixth Grade: Google Sheets […]

Technology: January

Here is the link to our Technology Class Blog: www.stpeterstech.edublogs.org First Grade: Dragging/Dropping Review, Story Maker, Google Earth Second Grade: Microsoft PowerPoint: Clip Art, Text Box, Animation Third Grade: The Technology in a GPS, Satellites Fourth Grade: Typing Test #3, How Technology is used in Meteorology Fifth Grade: Isaac Newton Interactive Activity, How Technology is […]

Technology: November

On our St. Peter’s Technology blog, you can find details about our lessons and direct links to the websites we use in class: Tech Blog First Grade: These students are working to combine their computer skills such as typing, mouse control, and website navigation. In November, they will be writing their own stories using a […]

Technology: October

St. Peter’s Technology Class Blog: http://www.stpeterstech.edublogs.org First Grade: We are working on becoming comfortable with mouse skills. These are the specific skills we are focusing on: mouse control, left clicking, right clicking, double clicking, scrolling, dragging and dropping, and text selection/highlighting words. Here is a helpful link for practice: http://www.mouseprogram.com/practice.html Second Grade: We have finished […]

Technology: August/September

  Computer Lab Schedule 2017-2018 Tuesday Second Grade 8:15 until 9:45 First Grade 9:55 until 11:25 Fourth Grade 1:15 until 2:45 Wednesday Sixth Grade 1:15 until 2:45 Thursday Third Grade 10:00 until 11:30 Fifth Grade 1:50 until 3:05 Technology classes are off to a great start this year! Our first classes in August focused on computer […]

Technology: January

Our Technology class blog: http://www.stpeterstech.edublogs.org Here are the January topics for Technology classes: First: Typing Basics, Fonts, and Printing Second: Home Row Keys Third: Formatting in Microsoft Word Fourth: Keyboarding/Careers in Tech Fifth: Keyboarding/Careers in Tech Sixth: Keyboarding/Careers in Tech Each week, grades 4 through 6 will be learning about a different career path that […]