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Work for Sixth Grade, April 1st-April 8th

Dear Parents and Grandparents of Sixth Grade Students, It was nice getting to speak with some of you yesterday, and to those who were not available when I called, I left you a voice message just to let you know that I am keeping you and your children close in thought. The work that I […]

Work for April 1st-April 8th

Dear Parents and Grandparents, My fifth grade students will be receiving a packet of work that I am sending out to each of them in the old-fashioned way–the mail!  If I planned this correctly, they should receive it by the middle of next week; if they do not receive it by April 4th, please e-mail […]

Work for March 25th-March 31st

Hello Parents, Grandparents, and Students of mine, I hope this finds all of you healthy, resilient, and optimistic during this time of separation from our daily routines.  I have decided to give my students an early preview of the assignments they will be doing starting on March 25th.  They should be done by March 31st.   […]

Additional information from Miss Boron

Hi Parents, I just received an e-mail about free learning workbooks that are available for you use while school is closed.  The link is         worksheets.edhelper.com I took a look at them, and they have them posted for March 16th-March 20th. Should you be looking for anything supplemental for your child, these would […]

March 16th

Dear Parents and Guardians of 5th and 6th grade students, With the recent decision to close our school until March 31st, please be assured that your child was provided with packets of work and instructions to keep their learning current, relevant, and supported by these activities. Each assignment was written in the back of your […]

Week of March 16th-March 20th

Dear Parents and Guardians, Happy Weekend.  As you are well aware, there is much speculation and concern about the present situation with the Corona Virus.  With that said, please know that I have armed your 5th and 6th grade students with approximately five to seven days of assignments that they should  do in the event […]

March 9th-March 13th

Happy almost Springtime, Parents, It makes me sooooo happy to say that word “Springtime”.  We have been referring it to often in our fifth grade classroom in our Lenten journey discussions.  We are comparing this time of preparation for Jesus’ Resurrection as a Spring cleaning for our souls. Next week contains a special day for […]

Week of March 2nd-March 6th

To the parents and guardians of fifth and sixth graders, On this first Friday of Lent,  may your sacrifices and extra things that you are resolved to do bring you much joy. Below, please find my planned lessons. Fifth Grade Next Week Religion.   “Lent is a time of change” will be the theme of my […]

February 24th-February 29th

Dear Parents and Guardians, This upcoming new week is such an important one.  Lent begins on Ash Wednesday; my class and I have spent much time talking about its meaning, and how we should view this time as extremely valuable to our faith life.  As tradition repeats itself for Miss Boron’s students, my students will  […]

February 17th-February 21st

Dear Parents and Grandparents of 5th and sixth grade students,   I hope this finds you doing well.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, and I know my class is looking forward to our little celebration that includes decorated “mailbags”, sharing of cards and of course, treats!  With Lent very close, we will happily take Father’s advice […]