Entries by Marie Phillips

May 15th – 19th

  A Note From Mrs. Phillips So much to do, so little time left!  I am enjoying celebrating the last few learning days with your children.  It’s been simply “poprific”!  (Ask they about the balloons!)  As I look back on this year, I see how far they have all come and it amazes me!  I […]

May 1st – 5th

A Note From Mrs. Phillips Congratulations to Micah for making his First Holy Communion on Saturday!  I am so proud of all he has accomplished this year to be ready for this special day. This month, we celebrate Mary!  The Rosary and May Crowning will be on Monday, May 15th, and I encourage everyone to […]

April 24th – 28th

  A Note From Mrs. Phillips He is risen!!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter and are feeling refreshed after a week off!  I was eager to return and begin teaching again.  With only 29 more days to learn, we have a lot to pack in to the end of third grade! In blue folders […]

April 10th – 12th

This week is a short, but full week for our class.  So, instead of writing each subject area, I will tell you about each day.  During this week, we will continue to look at ourselves and how our Lenten journey is coming along.  We are almost to the end and I know each student has […]

April 3rd – 7th

A Note From Mrs. Phillips Wow!  Only 36 more days of learning!  The class has a count down until they become fourth graders!  So much more to learn in those 36 days.  And a few more field trips to take.  On Tuesday, April 11th, the class will visit the University of South Carolina’s Horseshoe and […]

March 27th 31st

A Note From Mrs. Phillips I apologize for the late posting.  The internet in our home stopped working mid of last week and we are waiting on it to be fixed.  I am sure you can all appreciate that.  Also, our school internet had troubles the first part of this week.  I guess I was […]

March 20th – 24th

A Note From Mrs. Phillips Happy Spring!  Monday begins the new season of renewal and life.  Such a beautiful season to celebrate Easter in.  The class has been traveling on our Lenten journey for several days now with our final destination being Easter Sunday and Jesus’ resurrection.  I am proud of the way our students […]

March 20th – 24th

Classroom News Religion: The children will understand that Jesus taught us to Share. We will explore ways that we can share Jesus’ love with others. We will relate these ideas to our Lenten discipline of Giving Alms. Language Arts: The children will:    Practice high frequency words: first, food, ground, right, sometimes, these, under, your […]

March 13th – 17th

  A Note From Mrs. Phillips Thank you for all your well wishes and prayers while I was out sick last week.  I continue to be on the mend and am glad to have a solid week to teach this week.  I look forward to getting a lot done!  On a separate note, the class […]