Religion Curriculum

Our students prepare for Christmas by lighting the Advent candles.

Our students prepare for Christmas by lighting the Advent candles.

Academics alone won’t guide a child through the turbulent years of adolescence and the challenges of adult life. The Catholic faith provides every child with a solid foundation based on authentic Gospel values. We nurture the spiritual development of our students through daily prayer, weekly Mass and direct instruction in Catholic teachings. Self-discipline and humility, self-respect and respect for others are modeled and taught in a loving environment.

Our students come to know and love their Creator.  They come to understand they are made in the image and likeness of God.  Being a child of God encourages them to use their talents and abilities responsibly.  At St. Peter’s, faith is a lived experience with service to others integrated into daily school life. All students participate in community service projects, giving them the opportunity to serve those in need.

A young person of exceptionally good character is the hallmark of the Catholic school graduate. Not surprisingly, the Catholic School environment has produced many outstanding church, civic and business leaders, well-known authors, scientists, and philanthropists.

For a complete outline of the religion curriculum, please see the Catholic Diocese of Charleston website.

Religious and Cultural Diversity

Optimized-harvest hope food bank in office best okd for websiteOur student body is a beautiful representation of our country, with its diversity of ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds.  Our students come not only from around Columbia, but also from around the world.  Students from Asia, Africa, South America, Mexico, Australia and other countries have recently been enrolled in our school.

In addition to Catholicism, students come from 11 other religious backgrounds.  Our school mission is based on the Gospel, proclaiming God’s love to all and extending a warm welcome to all who enter our doors.