Classroom News January 22nd- 25th

Spelling: Students will be taking their spelling test this Friday.  Please continue to review the words that were provided last week (hi, my, fly, by, cry, I, like, nine, sky, try).

Reading/Writing: Students will learn about the writing process and begin to form personal narratives in class.   Students will also practice using consonant diagraphs: sh, th, ch.

Religion: Students will review David and Goliath to discuss David’s faith in God.  Students will also read and discuss Daniel in the Lion’s Den (Dn 6:2-29).

Math: Students  will find the range, mode, and median for a set of data.

Science: Students will identify and compare physical properties of solids, liquids, and gasses.

Social Studies: Students will identify a compass rose and cardinal directions on a map.


Have a wonderful week!