Classroom News March 11th- 15th

Math: Students will continue to identify shapes and their characteristics.

Spelling: words for this week: frost, brown, free, crib, crab, brick, black, flag, frozen, break.

Reading/Writing: Students will identify base words and endings (es, s, ing, ed, er, est). Students will discuss headings, subheadings, print styles. Students will also continue to practice writing in complete sentences (capital letters, finger spacing, punctuation, details will be discussed).

Religion: Lent is a season of repentance. Students will discuss different ways to help one another and to pray.

Science: Students will observe and identify different forces (friction, push, pull).

Social Studies: Students will continue to discuss different features of a globe. Students will identify different areas using cardinal directions. Students will read and discuss the North and South Poles.

Note to parents: This Thursday, students will be creating leprechaun traps in celebration of Saint Patrick’s Day. Students are encouraged to bring in materials to construct their own traps. We will be using this time to discuss characteristics of shapes and how friction and gravity influence motion.

Object ideas include: tissue boxes, Popsicle sticks, toilet paper rolls, stickers, string, Dixie cups.