Classroom News May 20th- 24th

Please don’t forget about the Birthright Fundraiser.  St. Peter’s is collecting baby and maternity items to assist in Birthright’s Mission to support women and their new born babies. All items are due by Friday, May 24th  when the Director will be coming around the classrooms collecting items. Thank you for your assistance.

Students will be completing their final F&P testing for the school year!

Math: All year review (emphasis will be placed on coins and their values).

Reading/writing: Students will search for story details to answer questions about fiction and non fiction stories. Students will continue to work on writing neatly on lined paper.

Science: Students will be planting May flowers; we will review the needs of living things.

Social Studies: Students will discuss wants and needs in our lives.

Religion: Students will discuss the importance of celebrating Jesus (review the Last Supper).