December 10th-December 14th

A Note From Miss Boron

We have accomplished much this week, and I look forward to our doing the same next week (meaning December 10th-December 14th).

Fifth Grade This Week

Religion.  With our Advent activities taking a bit more time than I anticipated, we will be spending time this week on the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  Also, we sill learn about St. Alphonsus Liguori.

Reading.  Having just begun the novel, Shiloh, we will be working on that until the end of January.  We are doing in-class comprehension activities to accompany each chapter.

English.  A test will be given on Tuesday, December 11th.  The students have written in their agendas the pages in their textbooks that they need to be studying.  Each skill that will be tested has been presented in class, teacher-driven notes have been taken on that skill, and written or oral practice has been done to reinforce the objective.  Now, all that remains is your child’s studying.

Sixth Grade This Week

Religion.  The students will have a test on Monday on the Advent words and definitions that we have been reviewing.  We will spend the remainder of the week studying about people and symbols important to Advent (for example, Mary, Joseph, John the Baptist, the Jesse Tree, and the Advent candle colors).

Reading.    Our week begins by doing some reading skills that are also connected to the subject of English.  One of them is the correct use of time order words to make one’s writing more sensible; for example, if time order words were not used, we would not know what happened when.  Some examples of these words:  meanwhile, immediately, morning…)  Also, we will continue our oral reading and discussion of the story, “The People on the Beach”.

English.  We are getting into some of the more complex types of verbs that sixth grade students need to recognize and correctly identify and use.  This week we will study some verbs that cause trouble because of their misuse:  lie/lay  sit/set  rise/raise  let/leave  and teach/learn.  We will define them clearly and have ample opportunities to practice their correct usage.  Also, we will be practicing transitive verbs (those verbs that show the action of passing from a doer to a receiver).

In closing, I know just how busy and harried this time of the year can get.  I hope that you are able to have some relaxing moments to relish in the beauty that this season always offers.  May God’s blessings remind you of His love…


Miss L. Boron