December 11-15, 2017

A Note from Miss Geene

As this is the second week of Advent, we will continue to focus on strengthening our relationship with God. This week will also be another busy week for the sixth grade. On Monday, we have a 2pm dismissal. Tuesday and Thursday we have practice for our Christmas Music Program which is on Thursday, December 14th. On December 13th, the students will have Mass with Bishop Guglielmone. I hope to see you all at the Christmas music program!

Please remember to check the list for your child’s week to be our Snack Shack managers. This week our Snack Shack managers are Harrison Reagan and Aidan Dong. Snacks and the receipts must be brought in on Monday, December 11th. Receipts for reimbursement can be brought to Mrs. Davis in the office with a note detailing it is for Snack Shack. The letter for next semester will go home in the Tuesday folder on December 12th. Thank you for supporting the sixth grade in their business endeavor.

Below is a list of the students who are on Honor Guard this week. If your student is participating, they must stay until the end. Please do not pick them up during car line unless I have been given a note. Thank you for your support!

Honor Guard Schedule

This Week in Class

4th Grade Math:  We will continue discussing fractions and comparing and ordering fractions. Students can use the review games and math videos below to practice math skills by playing fun math games and watching short lessons on math skills.

Math Practice Games

5th Grade Math: We will continue discussing ratios, rates, and proportions. Students can use the review games and math videos above to practice math skills by playing fun math games and watching short lessons on math skills.

6th Grade Reading:   This week we will finish reading our second novel, The Shakespeare Stealer. We will discuss the Globe Theater, William Shakespeare, and what was going on in England during Shakespeare’s time. The students will discuss the precise language and figurative language the author uses to determine the author’s purpose and comprehend the plot. We will also discuss and practice writing in iambic pentameter.

Our next novel will be A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. Please borrow this book from the library or purchase this novel by Wednesday, January 3rd.

The Spelling and Vocabulary test will be given on Friday, December 15th. The words are listed in the document below.


6th Grade Religion: We will continue to discuss the liturgical season of Advent.

This week our quotes for our “Quote of the Day” writing assignment are:

Monday: “When freedom does not have a purpose, when it does not wish to know anything about the rule of law engraved in the hearts of men and women, when it does not listen to the voice of conscience, it turns against humanity and society.”     ~Pope John Paul II

Tuesday: “Justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to create.”     ~Pope John Paul II

Wednesday: “God endowed [the human race] with capacity to attain to the inaccessible and invisible Supreme Good and behold it face to face.”     ~Pope John Paul II

Thursday: “God is not solitude, but perfect communion. For this reason the human person, the image of God, realizes himself or herself in love, which is a sincere gift of self.” ~Pope Benedict XVI

Friday: “Anger is as a stone cast into a wasp’s nest.”       ~Pope Paul VI

6th Grade Science: We will continue discussing the atmosphere and its effects on earth’s winds. Students can use the video below to study.

6th Math: We will be continue discussing ratios, rates, and proportions. We will apply proportions to solving for similar figures and for scale drawings. The students will complete the proportions quiz on Thursday, December 14th.

Reminders & Important Dates

December 11, 2017       2pm dismissal

December 13, 2017        School Mass  (Dress Uniforms)

December 14, 2017       Christmas Music Program at 7pm. Student must report at 6:30pm in Neglia Hall.

December 20, 2017     11:30 dismissal

Please share the video below with your student.