December 3-7, 2018

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A Note from Mrs. Ronald

As this is the first week of Advent, we are all focusing on strengthening our relationships with God. This will be a busy week for 4th grade. Tomorrow, December 4th, progress reports will go home in the Tuesday folder. Please review these with your child and discuss their goals for improvement. We will also have a field trip to the Koger Center for the ballet on Friday, December 7th. Please make sure your child is at school promptly at 8am. Have a great week!

This Week in Class


This week we will continue our study of the Liturgical calendar with the beginning of the season of Advent. Students will explore different ways in which we can prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, and how we can share his light with those around us. Also this week, we will celebrate the feast day of St. Nicholas and explore why we celebrate the Immaculate conception of Mary.


The final projects for The One and Only Ivan are due Monday, December 3, 2018.  Students will present these to the class, and then we will spend the rest of our week studying the different aspects of poetry including rhyme scheme, meter, and line.


This week we will participate in a review of all the Unit 1 Vocabulary. This includes all the words for word sorts 1-5. We will practice writing these words, reviewing how suffixes can change the part of speech of the word, and how prefixes change the meaning of the word. Students will also practice finding and using synonyms and antonyms of these words as well as using the words correctly in context. Students will review these words and take a review test on Wednesday, December 12, 2018.

Word Sort 1: kinder, kindest, earlier, earliest, stranger, strangest, emptier, emptiest, cleaner, cleanest, quieter, quietest, trickier, trickiest, crummier, crummiest, harsher, harshest, shinier, shiniest, murkier, murkiest, fancier, fanciest

Word Sort 2: swampy, silently, merrily, squirmy, velvety, rapidly, secretly, greedily, squeaky, seriously, fluently, hastily, wealthy, skinny, eagerly, readily, scratchy, generously, shaggy, politely, silvery, briefly, spotty, bravely

Word Sort 3: payment, breathless, laziness, powerlessness, replacement, priceless, blindness, flawless, employment, punishment, dizziness, thoughtless, tactless, agreement, friendliness, politeness, fruitless, amusement, government, emptiness, saltiness, colorless, fearlessness, recklessness

Word Sort 4: disease, informal, untidy, disrespect, indirect, misbehave, undress, invisible, mistrust, dishonest, insincere, disorder, misspell, uneasy, discourage, misleading, infrequent, unaware, disbelief, misfortune, unknown, unfasten, inexpensive, disconnect.

Word Sort 5: posttest, retaken, afternoon, prehistoric, reconsider, foreman, foretell, prefix, react, postdate, aftertaste, prewar, forefathers, reclaim, prepositions, postwar, postseason, reruns, forethought, return, preseason, replay, foresight, afterthought, reappear

We will continue to develop our knowledge of the of sentences by learning how to build stronger sentences using nouns of differing types.


This week we will review vocabulary associated with division. Students will practice working with factors in prime and composite numbers.

For additional practice, please visit

Social Studies

This week we will complete and present our state profile projects and posters. These are due Friday, December 7, 2018. Also, please continue to work with your student on the location of each state and its capital. There will be a final regional test on regions, states, and capitals on Tuesday, December 11, 2018. To assist your child with this, they have been given lyrics to “Wakko’s America” which includes a song about the 50 states and their capitals.   Here is the link:


This week we will take our final test on Energy sources. We will review this week and the final test will be on Friday, December 7, 2018.

Reminders & Important Dates

December 4th        Progress Reports go home in the Tuesday folder

December 7th Field Trip to see Scrooge at the Koger Center at 8am

December 8th      Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 10th    Field trip to see Pinocchio, Jr. at Cardinal Newman and 2pm dismissal

December 17th        1:30pm Strength and Movement Presentation in Neglia Hall

December 18th      Christmas Music Program in the Church at 7pm. Students must report to Neglia Hall by 6:30pm

December 20th    11:30am dismissal

December 21-January 2 Christmas Break

January 3rd          School resumes