December in the Art Room

Merry Christmas everyone!  It’s just about here!  I hope everybody has a peaceful and happy holiday season and I look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

We only had a few classes in December due to the music practices and field trips, but boy did we get a lot done!

K – 4

The K-4 artists made a big paper J for Jesus and colored it to look like a candy cane, then we made a little manger with Jesus in it, these are always so sweet!  We also made some finger print ornaments, these went home and hopefully found a place on your tree!


K – 5

We learned about the drawings and paintings of Pablo Picasso, specifically about his famous drawing of a hand holding flowers.  They then drew or traced their hands and painted flowers like Picasso did.  Picasso would be proud of these!

1st Grade

After we finished our free paint expressive pieces, we started working on our paper penguin collages.  We have the penguin bodies ready to go, and next we will give them details, clothes and a nice icy place to live!

2nd Grade

We started learning about the color wheel, complementary colors, analogous colors and of course primary colors.  We are mixing paint colors and making some fun birds to show what we learned.

3rd Grade

The third grade is working on some big eyed animal paintings!  We are just getting started so I don’t have anything to show you yet, but next month look for some really fun animal paintings!

4th Grade

We started working on our 3D robots made from recycled objects.  The students came up with ideas for what a robot could do to help them and they are now making these robots out of a big table full of all sorts of recycled items!  They are really using their imaginations on this project!

5th Grade

After we finished up our Van Gogh Chairs, we started working on a Chihully  glass project, with recycled water bottles replacing the glass.  I can’t wait to see this one all done!

6th Grade

We learned about the inventions of Leonardo DaVinci and the thousands of notebooks that he kept his ideas in.  The students are coming up with their own inventions and drawing them out to look like the pages of DaVinci!  This is such a creative class, I can’t wait to see what they come up with!