End of the School Year Newsletter 2019 – 2020

Dear Parents,

First, we would like to say how grateful we are, that all of our students, their families, our co-workers and their families are still with us during this epidemic. Some families have lost loved ones for various reasons unrelated to the epidemic and we will remember them in our prayers.

These past ten weeks have been a mixture of confusion, disruption, stress, and traumatic moments filled with visions of awe and inspiration. You, as parents, have persevered through it all; safeguarding and nurturing your children. Bless You All!

Through you, your children have been able to continue their education and growth in a much broader sense then we could have ever imagined three months ago. The greatest gifts we can give our children are life, love, an understanding of God, and an ever growing potential for success in their future.

Given what has been happening recently, we want to thank all of our St. Peter’s Catholic School Kindergarten 4 families for being so involved and persevering to finishing the year successfully. The last ten weeks have brought us, your children and you, the parents; so much closer as a group.  Thank you!

This school year has been full of new experiences for the children: meeting new friends, learning about the world around them and entering the new world of “School”. We have been very gratified and pleased to be a part of this important step in preparing your child for success in their future school years.  We have enjoyed watching each child grow physically, mentally and emotionally. The children are very much ready to move on. Your loving children will be fondly remembered!

Do not be surprised if your child experiences some anxiety over entering K5.  This is only natural.  You can start by talking about all the wonderful things they have learned in K4 and what your child and their classmates have done together and what the next year will be like for them. By the time summer is over you will be more aware of how the new school year will be like and your children will be more ready to move on to the K5 activities and accept new responsibilities.

The support, participation and generosity that we have experienced during the fourth quarter and throughout the school year have been deeply appreciated. Thank you for entrusting your precious children to our safe and nurturing care!

We wish you all a healthy, safe and enjoyable summer!


Sincerely yours,


Mrs. Pasco & Mrs. Robinson



Suggestions for Summer Activities


Continue to review letters, numbers, counting, name writing, etc.

so that your child will retain it during the summer months.


*Practice writing first and last name. (3 times a week)


*Write uppercase and lowercase letters.

(Once a week on a Kindergarten wide lined paper.)



  • Identifying uppercase and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
  • Identifying the sounds of letters


*Continue reading books to your child and ask question for comprehension.

Have your child draw their favorite scene in the story.

(Check out books at the library or online.)


*Draw pictures of their favorite activity of the week. (Once a week.)


*Play Rhyming Word, Opposite Words or Matching Game.


*Practice reading Sight Words or High Frequency Words.


*Review some Nursery Rhymes. (Nursery rhymes are important for increasing reading ability. Read Out Loud while swiping your finger across the words as you read them.)


*Practice writing numbers. (Once a week 1 thru 20, 50 or more)


*A counting game for your child to play & practice counting.


*Sorting Objects by colors, shapes or groups.


*Comparing Numbers (more/fewer or greater/less or equal)


*Making Patterns or a Spy Game

(AB pattern, ABC Pattern, ABB pattern, etc.)


*Review Color Words by singing the Color Songs (online)