Elizabeth Pasco
Kindergarten 4 Teacher
B.A., University of Nuevas Caceres, Philippines

Mrs. Pasco has more than 17 years of teaching experience, including pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. She teaches with a strong focus on reading, but also believes each child should have a solid foundation that enhances their social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills.
Pamela Robinson
Kindergarten 4 Assistant

Ms. Robinson is our resident Saint and has been at St. Peter‘s School for 24 years. She enjoys watching the children grow in love and faith. Mrs. Robinson invites graduates of St. Peter’s to visit and check in with her because she keeps every student in her heart and loves to hear from all of her former K4 students.
Tara Gilliam
Kindergarten Teacher
B.S., Longwood University

Ms. Gilliam has taught for 8 years at a Catholic school in Virginia and is a product of Catholic education herself. She has seen firsthand the vital role it has in developing the spiritual and academic well being of a child. She enjoys using hands-on STEM activities to enhance curriculum and strengthen communication skills and relationship building within the classroom.  In her spare time she enjoys spending time with family and going to the beach!
Anabel Cordoba
Kindergarten Assistant and Spanish Teacher

Anna Scott Seals
First Grade Teacher
B.S., Auburn University

Mrs. Seals recently moved to Columbia, S.C. with her husband from Georgia where she was a full-time elementary teacher and a teacher of the year nominee.  Mrs. Seals loves working with people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures and is a self-proclaimed workaholic. She has an upbeat personality and is full of life and we are thrilled to welcome Mrs. Seals to the St. Peter’s Family.
Ellie Russell
Second Grade Teacher
B.A., University of Dallas
M.A.T., Oakland University

As a mission-oriented educator, Mrs. Ellie Russell has served the Catholic Church and schools for 32 years including international consultant work in Haiti and Belize. She brings a wealth of educational experience to her role as lead second-grade teacher and embodies the spirit of St. Peter’s School.
Marie Phillips
Third Grade Teacher
B.S., Elizabethtown College

Mrs. Phillips has more than 13 years of teaching experience and brings a lot of creativity to her classroom. In 2018 she was named a Master Lego Educator by Lego Education. She believes in hands-on teaching and creates an atmosphere that is not only academically rigorous but is morally and spiritually guided to provide the best educational experience for each student.
Shannon Ronald
Fourth Grade Teacher
B.A. University of Notre Dame
M.A.T. University of Notre Dame

Mrs. Ronald recently moved to South Carolina from Colorado Springs, Colorado where she taught at Corpus Christi Catholic School. She has been teaching since 2005 and is strong in her Catholic Faith. She brings many skills with her, including fluency in Spanish and French.
Linda Boron
Fifth Grade Teacher
B.S., Bowling Green State University

Miss Linda Boron has over 40 years of experience in Catholic education and has dedicated 10 years to the success of our students at St. Peter’s. Miss Boron is strong in her Catholic faith and leads by example. Her high standards are consistently enforced, and students thrive academically, behaviorally, and spiritually under her guidance.
Rachel Grant
Sixth Grade Teacher
B.A., Clemson University
M.S., Walden University

Mrs. Grant has been teaching for more than seven years at St. Peter‘s Catholic School. She cares for all of her students immensely and strives to find interesting ways to immerse them in learning. She loves working at St. Peter’s because she can help students strengthen their relationship with God.
Jennifer Priester
B.S., University of South Carolina

Ms. Priester prepares students to use technology in their academic and adult careers. She teaches students how to use computers, but also about coding. Her goal is to create an atmosphere of excitement where students are eager to learn about the many ways technology can help them achieve.
Elizabeth Abramson
B.A. History & English from Baylor University
M.A. Teaching from The University of South Carolina

Mrs. Elizabeth Abramson is a seasoned educator with experience in both Catholic and public education. She prioritizes relationship building, creative problem solving and has a commitment to fostering a love of reading and learning in her students.

Dr. Wendy Valerio
Director, St. Peter’s Music Education Program
B.M. Ed., Baker University
M.M. Ed., Temple University
Ph.D. Music Ed., Temple University

As Associate Professor of Music Education and Director of the Children’s Music Development Center (CMDC) at the University of South Carolina, Dr. Valerio teaches graduate and undergraduate music education courses and conducts early childhood music development research. Through USC CMDC, she and her graduate music education students provide weekly music education classes for children at St. Peter’s Catholic School. Her scholarly work has been featured in the Journal for Research in Music Education, Learning from Young Children: Research in Early Childhood Music and many other national publications.