February 12-16

A Note From Ms. Gurn

I enjoyed seeing some of you at the Angels in the Vista Auction last Friday night. What a fun night celebrating St. Peter’s! Now, we will begin a more somber time at school, as we prepare this week for Ash Wednesday; the beginning of our Lenten journey.

This week, there is an early dismissal on Monday at 2:00 pm with the After School Program available. There will be no school on Friday due to a Teacher In-Service Day. Enrichment Day will be available on Friday to those who signed up, however.

Have a blessed week. See lesson topics below.

contact: agurn@stpeterscatholicschool.org


This Week In Class

Reading/Writing Workshop: This week we will be learning how to evaluate. The students will choose a character from Number the Stars to analyze. They will form an opinion about the character and provide textual evidence to support their opinions. This practice will lay the foundation for our first literary analysis paper. Reading t test Wednesday.

Spelling Words: The spelling words come from our novel, Number The Stars. The words are: lanky, stern, glare, sneer, defiantly, obstinate, incident, sabotage, impassive, suitable, jubilee, intricate, ration, hesitate, sarcastic, reassure, torment, disdainfully, and scoff. Test this THURSDAY. (no school Friday)

Science:  This week we we will be learning about the different lunar phases of the moon. We will be able to see the lunar phases using a hands-on approach with Oreos! What is the moon made of? In addition, we will also be integrating history by studying the first moon landing in 1969! See video below.

Social Studies:  This week we will be learning about the Great Depression. What is the Stock Market? Why did it crash? How did Americans survive the Great Depression?

Theology: This week, we will learn about the season of Lent; beginning with Ash Wednesday. Why do we receive ashes on our forehead? What do the ashes remind us of? We will also set our Lenten promises and sacrifices. During the Lenten season, we will be participating in the Stations of the Cross weekly in the church with 4th and 6th grade. Quiz Thursday on Lent.

4th Grade Social Studies:  This week, we will be studying the Declaration of Independence. What are the different parts of the Declaration? Which founding fathers signed the Declaration? Who is John Locke and why is he an important figure to this document?

6th Grade Social Studies: Thank you to all who attended the Greek Fair. I was so impressed by the students’ creativity and knowledge of their Greek projects. This week, we will be starting Ancient Rome! We will start by discussing how Rome was divided into two main classes; patricians and plebeians.

Reminders & Important Events:

February 12- 2:00 pm Early Dismissal
February 13- 12:00 pm Information Session
February 14- Valentine’s Day/Ash Wednesday Mass at 8:30 am
February 16- In-Service Day/No school
February 19- Presidents’ Day/No School
February 20- Progress Reports go home
February 27- Progress Reports returned to school